Top-Notch TweetChatting: Tips for Live Group Chats on Twitter


Networking is a prevalent theme here on IFB. Like any industry, networking is a crucial part of the blogging process. We need it to learn about new resources or ways of doing things; for getting or vetting ideas; and of course, to promote and hopefully attract readers to our blogs. Some of the most frequent comments I see on IFB are “I don't have time to network;” or “I don't live in a place where there are lots of other bloggers.” Still others are very shy or reserved in real life, and going to blogger meet ups or events is not something they gravitate towards. So how can we make these connections – to bloggers, brands and resources – in these circumstances? This is where social media can be your friend rather than a distracting foe.

What are Tweet Chats?

Twitter has been particularly helpful for me when it comes to meeting new connections, and that's the reason I spend most of my social media time there. When I first started tweeting (circa 2008-9), tweet chats started to pop up more and more. Tweet chats are essentially live group chats with Twitter as the main platform. You can view tweet chats in other third-party sites, but you always have to log into Twitter to participate, and your tweets are your mode of communication in them. Tweet chats are usually a half-hour to an hour long, and centered around a specific topic. There are tweet chats happening on fashion, style, travel, marketing, blogging, wine and so much more! Some of these are so popular, they occur on a regular basis – weekly for the most part. A host and/or moderator will prep 5-10 questions to ask the group throughout the chat, and we're encouraged to tweet our answers to each one. We're also encouraged to tweet at others participating in the tweet chat. Get the hang of it? By the time a couple of questions have gone by, the hour is over and you've most likely tweeted at least three new people! (Remember that “tweet 3 new people every day” challenge? :))

Tweet chats are also an excellent way to share your expertise and help build ‘street cred' around your knowledge of fashion, styling, blogging, photography or whatever else lights your fire.

For those who are new or not very active on Twitter, tweet chats are a simple and quick way to jump into the swing of things, with a group of people who are interested in things that you're interested in. Tweet chats are also an excellent way to share your expertise and help build ‘street cred' around your knowledge of fashion, styling, blogging, photography or whatever else lights your fire. These days, it's not uncommon to see a tweet chat hosted or sponsored by a brand or community site. Who knows whose eye you might catch, and if your tweet chat participation might lead to a brand partnership or something more!

With that said, here are a few general tips for top-notch tweet chatting, followed by a short list of regular tweet chats I've seen.

Be on time.

As mentioned, tweet chats are usually no more than an hour, so to get the most out of it, add it to your calendar and make it a priority to be online and tweeting during that hour. Almost every tweet chat begins with an “Introduce yourself” type of question, so that's when you'll learn about who the others are that are participating.

Be helpful.

Don't be shy about helping others out. Ever. Tweet chats are a power hour of info-sharing and resource-referring, so if you have an answer to a question someone else is asking, be proactive and answer them! Don't just leave it to the host to lead.

Always use the hashtag.

The only way others in the tweet chat can see your answers or other tweets related to that chat is if you use the appropriate hashtag. That also means special attention to how you say things, since you've only got 140 characters to work with!

Follow that hashtag.

The only way you can follow the tweet chat is if you're following that hashtag. Sites like TweetChatTwitterFall & Twubs make it easy for you to do that, or you can add a stream in your Tweetdeck or HootSuite if those sites suit your fancy.

Make a friend.

I gotta throw this in there because it's almost impossible to not talk to anyone new if you're actively participating in a tweet chat. If someone said something you vibe with, follow them and keep tweeting with them after that tweet chat is over.



#BlogChat discusses professional, business and personal blogging topics. Sunday, 8 – 9 p.m. CST

#BlogTrends focuses on personal and professional blogging. Monday, 6 – 7 PST

#InspireChat is about self-growth, love, kindness and other topics that foster more balanced lives. Thursday, 11am – noon EST.

#MyBlogGuest covers essential blog topics like SEO challenges and content marketing. Thursday, 11am – noon EST.

#StyleChat covers fashion & beauty trends, personal style and more. Wednesday, 3 – 4pm EST.

#IFBChat happens on special occasions, on blogging and personal style.


If you've got any more tips or tweet chats to add, please share!


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15 Responses

  1. Erin

    I recently started participating in the Chicago Blogger Network chat which is #CBNChat from @ChicagoBlogNet. It happens every few weeks from noon to 1 Central Time. It’s a great way to get to know other Chicago bloggers!

  2. Tatiana

    What a coincidence! I participated in my first fashion/blogging tweet chat yesterday. Great way to get quick advice, speak to people who inspire me, and definitely meet new people. Apparently it happens in variation every Tuesday at 10am PST, or 1pm for EST like me. Its on fashion inspiration with #bloggerschat.

    Great article and suggestions. Surely checking out the chats mentioned. Thanks!

  3. Becky Bedbug

    #blogbrunch is the first Saturday of each month, although I can’t remember the time.

    #bbloggers is Sunday and Wednesdays 8-9pm GMT
    For beauty bloggers

    #fbloggers is Monday and Thursday 8-9pm GMT
    For fashion bloggers

    #fblchat is Tuesday 8-9pm GMT
    For fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers

    #lbloggers is Sunday 7-8pm GMT
    For lifestyle bloggers

    #psbloggerschat is Sunday 9-10pm GMT
    For plus size bloggers

    #wbloggers is Monday 9-10pm GMT
    For wedding bloggers


  4. Nancy

    Awesome post. I’ve never thought about doing a tweet chat before. I will definitely be trying this. How do you join them? Can you just start tweeting?

  5. Serena

    Lots of great info, I didn’t realise these twitter chats existed. Going to definatly start joining them.
    And thank you Becky for the chat info and GMT times.

  6. Lexie

    That’s great I just launched my blog a month ago so I’m looking for blogger friends and chats seems to be a great occasion 😉 thanks

  7. Paul Graves

    11 o clock is a traditional time for a quick break from work, to grab a coffee and a snack, and have a bit of a chat. But if there’s no one to chat to, if you’re a homeworker, or a stay at home parent, or just in a quiet office, feel free to join us for an #elevensestime twitter chat.

    Most of us are UK based, so we are chatting at 11 in the morning British time, but we have people from France, Italy, and beyond joining in. We even occasionally do 11 in the evening during special occasions, such as the Olympic games opening ceremony!

  8. Onianwah

    I have hosted a Twitter chat before and it was fun. The only reason why I stopped was because the brand owners in the niche I was covering know nothing about Social Media and how to use it. The chat was(is) actually about Nigerian beauty brands and getting people to ask them questions they have been wanting to ask.
    The first was a hit so I know that Twitter chats do work.

    Lagos, Nigeria