What’s Your “Thing”? 8 Examples of Defining Your Blog


What's your ‘thing'?

A clear definition of what my blog's about is something that's always on my mind, and as bloggers, probably yours too. It might take awhile, but defining your blog makes your life, your readers' lives, and the lives of brands who want to work with you a million times easier. There's a universe of blogs just within the category of fashion, and those who truly stand out are those with a crystal-clear idea of who they are, and what their blog stands for. Those are the blogs who you instantly relate to (or don't) in some way, because as soon as you land on their home page, you know exactly what they're about. For brands, the bloggers with a defined blog make it simple for them to choose the right ones to work with – those who align with their brand's values and could potentially represent their customer.

Crosby shared some tips on finding your blog's “brand essence” last month, and that's a great start in helping you define what your “thing” is. I chose some of my fellow Seattle style bloggers to give you more stellar examples of ways to define your blog.

All Things Kate's Thing: Polka Dots & Dresses

Polka dots & dresses are two of Kate Retherford's favorite things, and you can see that straight away on her blog, All Things Kate. From the design of her blog (polka dot party!) to her regular outfit posts in – you guessed it – dresses of all colors, vintage and new. Yes, Kate blogs about more than just those two things, but they are clear drivers of who she is as a blogger. Sometimes defining your blog doesn't have to be as difficult or far-fetched as it might seem.

The Chic Curve's Thing: Dressing with Confidence

From Natasha's blog, The Chic Curve, to her social media profiles, it's clear this is a girl full of confidence and wit. She blogs not just to show her personality, but to share those same qualities with her readers. Natasha mixes vintage, thrifted, trendy and classic pieces in hopes of inspiring others to have confidence when approaching their wardrobe.

Hey Pretty Thing's…Thing: Stellar Photography

From her blog, you can easily tell that Carolyn of Hey Pretty Thing eats good food regularly and has great style – simple designer pieces that seem effortlessly put together. Hey Pretty Thing stands out with its amazing photography – courtesy of her husband Miguel. Together they traipse the Emerald City and the globe, and her readers are treated to visually-stunning pictorials of her city, world & style adventures.

AlixRose's Thing: Quirky, Curated Editorials

Read through just one or two of AlixRose‘s latest posts and you can almost read how her mind works – using her blog as almost a running vision board of her style inspirations and aspirations. Her posts are rich with carefully curated pieces from her own favorite fashion blogs and shopping sites, neatly packaged in editorials on a particular trend, color or item of clothing.

Crushing on Clothes' Thing: Quality & Consistency

When you visit Crushing on Clothes, you know you'll see great, high-quality photos and well-edited videos highlighting Alyson's latest outfits, beauty hauls and hairstyles. Most of all, you'll see a consistency in her style: a fresh combo of trendy and classic with pops of color and her signature – a fabulous designer handbag.

Lover of Clothes' Thing: Well-Rounded Life & Style

Some fashion bloggers don't want to just blog about fashion, and at Lover of Clothes, you'll get a good look at Delaney's other interests. Fun outfit posts detailing Delaney's Seattle style are intermixed with her love for baking, books and adventure.

Seattle Boutique Blogspot's Thing: The Best in Seattle Fashion Events

While most of the bloggers listed post about their personal style, Sydney of Seattle Boutique Blogspot blogs to share her love of the biz – Seattle fashion business, to be precise. Readers know to follow Sydney to be in-the-know on the latest and greatest in Seattle fashion events, boutique openings, sales and closings, and independent designers representing the Emerald City.

SkinnyPurse's Thing: Shopping the Latest Trends

SkinnyPurse is all about shopping, period. Whether it's her favorite beauty items or five ways to wear fall's hottest trench coat, SkinnyPurse's always comes back to shopping, making it super easy for her readers to find every single item she writes about.


So, what's your thing?

Image credit: Hey Pretty Thing

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29 Responses

  1. Peach Black

    oh wow. I had such a great time reading this post, but it makes me so nervous that since I have read Crosby’s post I still haven’t figured what my blog’s essence is. I have been blogging since May, but there are so many different things that come into my mind that I would love to post on my blog. So this is a major problem of mine. I have this hyperactive mind that can’t stay on one subject and it’s making it difficult for me to figure out my blog’s essence and be consistent. I don’t know what to do anymore about this question. Should I meditate on it or something. SOS 🙁

  2. Cortne Morgan

    thats hard to decide sometimes, especially after you have already curated a following on a blog name that you may want to change to something more suiting. But I like the idea of being in a group. Although it can be hindering if you want to expand. I would just say my blog is fashion. I cant really put it anywhere other than that! Fashion and all that revolves around it ; outfits, inspirations and trends /runway reviews.

    Maybe i should try to narrow down just a bit!
    great post! xo


  3. Oh K

    I wish my thing was stellar photography! I really need a better camera but my coolpix does the job. But I don’t really think I have a thing just yet, I’m still figuring things out. If I did, it would be putting my personality into my outfits. Also supplying varied content! 🙂


  4. Ashley S.

    Love this !
    Naturallychicxoxo is about finding celebrity looks for a lot less then what they pay for it . It’s funny because anytime I’m watching tv I alway think to myself “where could I find the same look at a much less price tag .

  5. Erica Laudon

    So great to remember it is all about us being unique individuals. I think the best blogs seek out to solve a problem or look to highlight an overlooked segment of people. In my case, getting married helped me see how mothers of the bride and groom are millions of overlooked women here in the US who are thirsting for advice on style, fashion, beauty, etiquette, budgeting and planning!

  6. Paula shoe fiend

    I’d like to think my ‘thing’ is introducing readers to new things – taking them with me on my travels, shopping with me, my Sunday baking exploits. I don’t pretend to be interesting, I just wear a uniform in my work and don’t feel I get to showcase all my sparkly!
    I think it is important to have a focus for your blog, it has taken time to find mine 🙂

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  7. Ashley Taylor

    I think my thing is the edge in my style, and not the typical studded-valentinos-edge that’s so fake. I have a true-to-me style that I own and I think that’s what makes me and my blog unique. That, and I don’t care to share whatever opinion I have (respectably, mind you).

    xo Ashley

  8. Jeanine Marie

    I am still figuring out what I want my blog to be. Due to a long illness I am not ready to take daily outfit pictures so I just post the things/products that I like.

    The examples given here are excellent and give me a better understanding of the different types of blogs out there.

  9. Carolyn

    hey Jess! thank you for the feature! I think this article is really necessary, as we do need to evaluate what our blog can offer our readers. it’s awesome you’re writing for IFB! excited for all the opportunities you’re getting 🙂


  10. Holidae

    I’d get a kick out of the chance to think my “thing” is acquainting book lovers with new things – bringing them with me on my ventures, shopping with me, my Sunday preparing endeavors. I don’t profess to be intriguing, I just wear an uniform in my work and don’t feel I get to showcase al

  11. Onianwah

    Uhm, my blog is about affordable and everyday beauty. I hope that sums it up but that is pretty much how I am – my looks, the products I review and even the guest & contributor articles I write online and offline.

    Lagos, Nigeria

  12. Adela

    My thing is all things pink 🙂 I am the ultimate Miss Pink! I always wear something pink anyway (at least a piece of jewellery), but now I make even more effort. Lot of people commented, that they like the pop of pink in my outfits and I thing it’s being recognised as my thing 🙂
    Adela x


  13. Liza

    I’m from Siberia and usually people are surprised about it. So, I’m trying to prove that Siberia is actually a normal place to live (we do have -45 degrees during winter, but it’s another story haha) and we have a fashion industry, our own fashion week and etc. I want to share our unique culture&style and show that it doesn’t matter where you live – fashion exists everywhere!
    Proud to be Siberian 😉

  14. Elkee Sandoval

    I think this is a great topic and I love the way you have described other blogs. What I am a bit more interested in however is how to pitch your “thing” once you have narrowed it down and summarized it as you all have.

  15. Adrian

    Great post. Defining your blog can be a daunting process, but it’s worth it in the end. This was very helpful and the bloggers listed are great examples.

  16. Two Kids NYC

    Our blog focuses on vintage and thrifted clothes. We take old items, pair them with modern clothes and create outfits geared towards modern day trends. We love taking old garments and bringing them back to life in today’s fashion world! The vintage pieces are also available for purchase in our Etsy shop.
    Check us out at http://www.twokidsnyc.com!

    Emily and Dayana– Two Kids

  17. moiminnie

    Oh man, how did I miss this post? Thanks for sharing it again on Twitter, guys 🙂
    I’ve been blogging for almost 3 years now (it’s my blog’s birthday in October haha), and I honestly never thought about this. I guess that it all becomes crystal clear after a while. Right now, I would say that my thing is killer photography (according to my readers) and making thrifted clothes look like a million bucks. And I’m always keeping it real with my readers – whether I’m annoyed, sad or happy, they can see that in my writing.
    If you happen to visit my blog and any thoughts about describing it come to mind – please let me know!

    xx, minnie @ http://moiminnie.blogspot.com

  18. Ahhhsoneo

    When I first started blogging, I really wanted to keep my blogging life separate from my “real” life, but now I’ve grown more comfortable with me showcasing this part of my life.

    My blog is mainly about beauty – highend and drugstore – for women of colour, but with a twist. I also throw in a few motivational things along the way, and a bit of my life in general. It’s a work in progress, and I’m really here to enjoy the journey.