IFB Project Roundup: Fall Boots

So here we are, the last Friday of August. If you're Stateside, you're probably rushing off for the long weekend. While some are squeezing the last bits out of summer, the lovelies who submitted to this week's IFB Project have their eyes set on fall. We can't help it! The new boots are stomping in, and it's too hard to ignore the footwear that makes any outfit sizzling hot on cold days. I really loved seeing all the submissions, so if you hadn't had the chance, mozy on over. Below are a few highlights from the project!

Stay tuned tomorrow, I'm going to post a new project that will rock your world (aaaand there will be real prizes!!)

IFB Project Roundup: Fall Boots

Charlotte Lucy:



Madame Ostrich: madamostritch


Nichole Alabi: nicholealababi


Joyful Outfits:joyfuloutfits


Red Wing Blacksmith:

Paper Mothball Vintage:papermothballvintage


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