Join us for the Feline Fashion Twitter Fete on September 9th

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There are two things that keep me coming back to the internet… cats and fashion. Anyone who knows me, knows I love cats, and I love fashion, so when the opportunity came up to combine the two, it had to be done!

Cats are having a moment in the fashion world. Choupette, Grumpy Cat, Lil’ Bub… Miu Miu’s cat prints, Kenzo’s tiger sweatshirt, Eugenia Kim’s Caterina hat, the Brian Lichtenberg Féline sweatshirt… That is if you’re not counting the ubiquitous leopard print, which is basically a neutral in the fashion world.

This fashion week, Fancy Feast is making its own entrance to the fashion world, they want to celebrate how much they love feline inspired fashion and that is why they are partnering withSTYLE360 for NYFW. Designer Malan Breton will be creating a collection using the Fancy Feast cat as his muse.


Join us for the Feline Fashion Twitter Fete with hashtag #FancyNYFW on September 9th, 8pm EST

Monday, September 9th at 8pm EST, IFB will host a Twitter chat dedicated to all things cat-inspired in fashion. We’ll be talking about current trends, sharing delightful internet finds that combine the best in fashion and cuteness. And heck, even adorable cat gifs! Who can resist? We’re inviting you all to share your favorite feline fashion inspiration, so if you love cats and fashion as much as I do, you won’t want to miss this!


Don't forget to enter your style submissions to this week's IFB Project… you could win some fabulous Féline prizes!

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