How to Follow NYFW From Home – And Why I Chose Not to Go


Last week, I canceled my flight & plans for my sixth New York Fashion Week. Fresh off a week in Vegas as part of the WWDMAGIC official blogger team, I just didn't have it in me to pull together a full itinerary to fill my week out in NYC, and that got the mental ball rolling towards a slew of other reasons I shouldn't go. I know you probably think I'm nuts, but bear with me. Despite the press passes & invites filling my inbox, the allure just wasn't enough this time. Here's why:

I'm a lifestyle blogger. It doesn't take long analyzing my blog traffic to see that my readers care very little about my personal NYFW coverage. In fact, they were more interested in the other things I was doing in NYC, which brings me to my next reason:

I'd come to NYC not just for fashion week. Attending IFBcon and other fashion blogger conferences was a huge pull for me to come out for NYFW. I could enjoy the shows, but I knew I'd be meeting new bloggers and brands while hopefully getting my learn on too! Being from Seattle, I also like to soak up every minute and square foot of New York I can get, and that often meant skipping the tents in favor of restaurants, cultural events and friends I wanted to see.

Being protective of my time. As an entrepreneur and (almost) full-time blogger, I have to be hyper-aware of how I'm spending my time. Having been to NYFW before, it's pretty much the same experience each time – and you'll probably see better images online than I would at the show.

The itch for something different. With tons of follow-up and reflection after the MAGIC tradeshow, I felt like the fashion week events here on the West Coast might appeal more to my personal style and to my readers. There are a lot of amazing things going on in L.A., Vancouver, Portland and Seattle with their own respective fashion weeks, and supporting local designers and businesses has always been very important to me and my readers.

I'm detoxing. I'm gonna be real; when I'm out in New York, I want to experience as much of that world-class cuisine out there as possible. I'm in the middle of a two-week superfood detox and well, I don't need to make things more miserable than they already are 🙂

You might still think I'm nuts, and that's okay. What I want you to know is that NYFW is an incredible experience, but being realistic about your goals and responsibilities might mean it's not in the cards for you. It wasn't for me, at least this season!

That being said, here are some of the resources I'll be using to follow all of the action this coming Fashion Week:


The official Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week site has equally strong social media profiles. They'll be updating live from the tents via YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. Find a schedule of all the happenings at MBFW here.

MADE Fashion Week

Over at Milk Studios, MADE will also be live streaming select shows. Check out the MADE show schedule here.

Pinterest Does Fashion Week

As fashionistas everywhere will be pinning their favorite looks and inspirations from the runways this season, follow Pinterest's official Fashion Week page for boards from some of your favorite fashion sites and bloggers.

Photo Recaps

Head to your favorite fashion magazine's site and they're sure to have a gallery for each designer. My personal favorite is Vogue, but Elle, Fashionista and The Cut have excellent roundups as well.

Faces of NYFW

I'm always one for a unique look at NYFW. Faces of NYFW  is a simple and beautiful site that curates Instagrams from behind the runway and more.

Four Pins

Check out Four Pins for NYFW from a guy's perspective, with a lot of humor and sarcasm to boot.

[Image credit: Nando Alvarez]


Which sites will you be following New York Fashion Week on?

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  1. Jamie

    I used to go all out for Fashion Week, going backstage at over 20 shows in a 3-4 day period. But you know what? All it did was stress me out and I didn’t really see a huge jump in traffic or engagement with my followers and readers from it. I’ve stopped going in the past couple seasons and, honestly, it just makes me happier. So I’m in total support of you not going this season!

    • Eva

      Thank you for a great article! I feel so much better after deciding I too will skip fashion wk this year. I have decided to move back to the city so there would be no point in me flying in from Miami this year. Yes my readers are also more interested in personal style then the runway shows so I just go for myself and to meet new contacts.

  2. Jane {torontoshopoholic}

    I always toy with whether I should be going to NYFW. But then I look back at my experiences covering fashion week here in Toronto and I know that my traffic/followers could really care less about the shows. They want shop for specific items now not look at what is coming up next season (or so when you think the level the rest of us shop at).

    I know it would be a fun experience and a great networking opportunity but it is not for me right now.

    • CynthiaCM

      The thing with the SS 2014 shows in New York is that they always clash with TIFF! I’m not an entertainment blog, but I usually get one or two invites to TIFF-related events, and being a Toronto-based site, a the film festival takes priority! I will watch one or two NYFW shows online, though!

  3. New Found Lust

    Great point. What are readers really looking for? When every blog and fashion site (VOGUE and other sites have done years before blogging existed) is covering the same runway shows what is it good for? Getting a different angle or different Instagram filter of the same runway look? I find it’s much interesting for a blog to interpret/talk/analyze the fashion or design behind that show than post pictures of something the official photographers are already doing since runways exist.

  4. Ashley Robison

    Hear, hear!
    I’ve never been. And I haven’t ever really covered the seasons (unless something REALLY speaks to me). I don’t think my readers miss it, because they can get it elsewhere. I don’t miss it, because I’m far too stressed/introverted to enjoy myself at it. So I review everything at the end of the season… and I’m okay with that!

  5. Polly

    I’ve been to bits of LFW, but in my experience readers of blogs would much rather know about what bloggers are doing rather than catwalk coverage (as you mentioned.) I feel like it’s better to leave show reviews to websites like!
    Nothing like going to a really good show, mind you.

  6. Irina Dorn

    It’s true, a post called “My week in NYC” will get more traffic than “Covering NYFW”. So it’s just not worth the effort.

    This year, without FNO, it doesn’t even feel like Fashion week in New York 🙁

  7. Melanie

    I have been to NYFW about 16 times over the years. My sister in law is a head designer of a well-known line & I was lucky enough to attend some of the best shows long before I became a blogger. Last Fall I decided, as a writer, that it was just not worth it. Granted I had a few place to stay in the city & good contacts,
    I felt so rushed to provide content, my images were blurry due to the competition of the cameras & I had zero fun attending the shows.
    This year I will be following Pinterest & sharing with my readers from the comforts of my office and/or the sofa. Let’s do some sharing! Follow me at, I will be giving away some official Pinterest prizes! And enjoying a few snuggles from my Shih Tzu, Louis! Godspeed fellow bloggers! Enjoy!

  8. Sarah Lee

    I think it’s so smart to be honest with yourself about whether or not you really want to go, and if so, why. I’ve been dreaming of going to NYFW for years, and I love the idea of covering it on my blog in a way that’s consistent with my voice. I don’t wear top designers (unless I can find them on ebay!), but I love to use them as inspiration and find ways to make their style mine. I’ve seen some bloggers take a similar vantage point, and I find those type of posts much more compelling and relatable than mere regurgitation of FW images.

    Have a good time resting up!

    🙂 Sarah

  9. Tracy Iglesias

    I feel this way about all events in general not just NYFW, as a Lifestyle Blogger almost every conference, tradeshow and major event here in NYC can apply to my blog, and as a Social Media Consultant and Career/Life Coach, there is only a limited number of hours in the day and I can’t attend every single event I am invited to either, so I can truly relate to this post!

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  10. Liza

    What a great article! You totally have the right point and there is no reason of thinking you are nuts.
    Also, thanks for the NYFW resources. Usually I only follow some fashion magazines and a bunch of bloggers so that was very helpful.
    But when I’m thinking about myself that’s another thing. I know I mention it for too many times, but urgh I’m from Siberia. No one from my Siberian friends/readers has been to NY in general and I’m not even talking about events like NYFW, so I’m sure that they would love to see how it goes there. And another problem – 90% of information is in English while my (Russian) readers prefer to read everything in their native language. Of course some of them know English or can translate articles, but I’m sure they’d be happier with Russian content. So in my case I’d totally cover such event if I ever have a chance. And hopefully I will some day 😉

    xoxo from Russia!

  11. Rebeca Muñoz López

    You know? I would love to live a Fashion Week in New York but it’s more of a personal goal than a goal for my blog, I usually do items with trends more as I liked and I can adapt to my own style, I think readers prefer follow the impact of the event on specialized websites such as Vogue. Interesting article!

  12. ron

    I always have great fun at menswear fashion week in London and Milan/Paris. It’s great to be able to meet other people who do similar things, and work in the industry. it’s just great for the networking process in my opinion, now stat wise, you are prob right, it doesn’t do much for me either.

  13. Caz

    That’s my boo!! I think a lot of people just go because of FOMO, not because it actually makes sense. I love the ideas you presented here because they can be applied to anything in our lives that is on the table trying to carve out a piece of our valuable time. xoxo

  14. Ankita

    I absolutely agree to what you are saying. I’d rather sit in the comfort of my home and view better pictures of the runway posted online than barely manage to catch a few good ones on my own. There is anyway enough being showcased by leading magazines and websites online and there is more value I can add by sharing my perspective on the collections instead. Infact several high-profile designers will be streaming their collections on Facebook, or on their own websites – DKNY, Michael Kors, etc. You can find a schedule here:

    Thanks for sharing.

  15. Juliana

    I’m a teenager in school, so there’s really no way for me to attend NYFW, so thank you so much for sharing all those links on how to stay on top of everything during fashion week. I really want to stay up to date from afar because it’s pretty much impossible for me to attend any time soon.

    – Juliana

  16. Kylie

    I am outskirts of London so not much hassle for me to go LFW. I have decided just to request for Weekend shows. I can understand completely what you are saying though. What I have found is coverage of presentations go down really well verses catwalk. For example Orla Kiely set a whole scene and tell the story of the collection. Maybe bloggers should focus on those sorts of shows, rather than competing with Vogue, Style etc on the usual catwalk images and reviews.

  17. Noemi

    I’ve always thought that fashion weeks are basically for two kind of people: those who really work in the fashion business (buyers, journalists etc) and personal style bloggers (The Blonde Salad, Lovely Pepa etc) who go there just to post their outfits (I mean, if you look at their posts about fashion week, it’s 2-3 photos of the clothes on the runway and 20 photos of them and the hotel breakfast), peacock, and go to the parties. Because basically they can’t even recognize if a collection is inspired by the ’50s or the 60’s… and their followers are not interested in fashion week, too, in my opinion.

  18. Noemi

    I’ve always thought that fashion weeks are basically for two kind of people: those who really work in the fashion business (buyers, journalists etc) and personal style bloggers (The Blonde Salad, Lovely Pepa etc) who go there just to post their outfits (I mean, if you look at their posts about fashion week, it’s 2-3 photos of the clothes on the runway and 20 photos of them and the hotel breakfast), peacock, and go to the parties. Because basically they can’t even recognize if a collection is inspired by the ’50s or the 60’s… and their followers are not even interested in fashion week, in my opinion.

  19. Style and Paper

    I would love to attend a show in any fashion week, as a personal goal. But when i tried to analize trends is better spend the time researching on the web that attend a fashionshow.
    Honestly i would love to attend the parties during fashion week more than the shows. The people who attend the parties made that trends too, and i think reader would appreciate to see how people dress for a fashion week party, rather than a fashionshow.

  20. Brooke Hamilton

    Just wondering if anyone has tips for those of us that are new to the blogging scene… how do bloggers get invited to Fashion Weeks, and into certain shows? I always wondered… Thanks!!

  21. Chary

    Great piece, Jess!

    I have never been to NYFW and it is a dream to attend, one day, somehow! But definitely enjoy your article and thanks for sharing some times. Definitely going to follow and subscribe to the handlers you shared!

    If I went already and been immersed it in before, I’d be like “meh, whatevers” too (:

  22. Joy

    I have never been so I think you are crazy to turn such an opportunity down. If you want to give me your passes I would gladly take em.

  23. Erin

    I’m a beauty blogger based in Maryland, and I have to say that my posts (while attending fashion week or crafting content sent from press releases) gives me absolutely 0 traffic. It’s very rare that my readers care about the trends straight from the runway. I definitely think it’s more exciting for bloggers vs. readers.

  24. Jessica @ Beautify My Life

    I love this post. For the past few years, I’ve been getting a number of fashion week invites (though of course not to any major shows), and have always turned them down. While I would love to experience NYFW someday, right now it just doesn’t make sense for me in terms of time and finances. I used to cover fashion week from afar on my blog, but I also realized that my readers just don’t seem to care about it. My audience is much more “real,” in that they shop at Banana Republic and Macy’s, not Barney’s and Saks. So seeing the model that Marc Jacobs sends down the runway topless is just not something that’s going to capture their attention (at least not in the right way).

  25. Rachael @ Style Every Day

    I find this such a fascinating perspective. I’ve never attended NYFW but I plan to someday. However, I will go for the life experience and less for my blog.

    I know my readers don’t care as much about runway shows as they do about what’s on the racks right now.

    And, given that I’m not even close to a full-time blogger, the expense of a week in New York and a week off work was just too much to justify at this time.

    Instead, I did a roundup of the Instagram accounts I’m following from my desk. You might enjoy them! Thanks for sharing your perspective!

  26. Sheryl Blasnik

    HI — If anyone is interested in possibly attending some shows I have overlapping shows — Mainly in the late morning hours. Also I will help cover shows if needed. I will be at the the Empire Hotel today at 5pm — Shoot me off an e-mail – Contact form on my blog

    ALSO I am live streaming 59 shows from the tents on my blog so join me at NYFW for Free:

    Sheryl B

  27. Kimmiepooh

    I would love to attend NYFW one season for the experience, but moreso to do backstage coverage than anything else. I’ve always loved the prep that goes into putting shows and photoshoots together, so I’d love to see it at that level. However, I only cover the collections that really move me on my blog-and i get those
    Images from My readers don’t seem to care either way, so going solely to cover a show wouldn’t benefit my traffic anyway-the posts surrounding the travel and whatever else id do or discover while there would. One day I hope to be in a position to go, though.

  28. Mary

    I can’t say I have a great perspective on this being that my blog is very small and I have never been to NYFW. If I got the chance to go, I most definitely would. But of course, I think a lot of that is driven by a “first time experience.” I can’t see myself repeatedly going, especially since blogging is still a hobby for me and wouldn’t cover the expenses.

    I blog about a few different things from personal style to outfit ideas to smaller fashion shows. I love indie fashion and feel smaller shows give those designers a chance to get their names out there by featuring designs THEY love…not just because it is the forecasted trend of the season. They also tend to be much more intimate. I went to a unique show last night, and the intimate approach created an environment where nearly everyone made new friends by the end of the night. Even by watching live feeds of NYFW, I don’t feel that same intimacy with smaller shows.

    I don’t do much blogging on luxury designers. I feel there are plenty of those blogs out there who do a much better job than I ever could. And, to be frank, I can’t relate to any of it aside from fantasizing about the clothes. But if I can’t afford a $10,000 dress, I am certainly not going to blog about it and tell my readers to buy it. As a result, I don’t really cover NYFW in terms of all the going ons. What I DO blog about, though, is the fashion that comes out of it and how it can translate to more affordable and accessible wear. For example, I can’t afford the striped Oscar de la Renta evening gown that I fell in love with, nor do I have any place to wear it to. But, I found two dresses for under $100 each that I felt captured the style but in a way that I could wear it any time. That “look for less” is one of my most visited categories. So perhaps not a jump in traffic regarding NYFW in a traditional sense, but what comes out of NYFW has helped increased my traffic in other ways.

  29. Natalie

    I couldn’t agree more with this. I’m just happy a blogger came out and said it. Yeah sure it looks cool, fun, you can get samples, cocktails, and you get to see beautiful designs and what not… But being from NY and working in Manhattan, I totally agree that there are more things to satisfy my craving of seeing beauty, creativity, and well, fashion. My email box is filled with invites as well but I just. don’t. have it in me this year. These things happen! I appreciate this article from the bottom of my heart, truly!

  30. Adela

    I totally agree with this article. I’ve done London Fashion Week before both as a blogger and as a freelance writer for a magazine. It was an interesting experience, but it can be very stressful and tiring. I don’t think my readers are interested in it much, but I’ll be pinning my fave looks. I always follow on There’s so much coverage everywhere readers are looking for something unique..
    Adela x

  31. Rebecca

    ,,,I really admire that you are following your heart and intuitions. It’s important for bloggers to be true to themselves and their blogs,,,

  32. Grandy

    When I saw the title of this post In my inbox I immediately opened the email I was like Sayy Whatt who would choose not to go to Fashion Week if theyd been invited???? Because from my perspective a 16yrold fash blogger who’s wildest dream would entail getting tickets to a single show at fashion week it sounds conpletely cray cray. Ah its actually funny as Ive just put up a post on my blog detailing what I would wear to fashion week if was actually going here this actually sounds pretty sad doesnt it! Ive even entered a competition where if the person gets the most likes on their insta entry they win tickets to LFW its unlikely i’ll win but ive tried because it could mean possibly seeing one of Mary Kantranzou’s genius creations glide down the catwalk in the flesh I dont know but to me fashion week is just the and you could always send your tickets over heree please? aha great post I definately get where your coming from but I still think your a little cray

  33. Norlin

    I’m from Australia and I used to attend fashion week in both Sydney and Melbourne every year. This year though I did not attend a single one…maybe because I’ve got ‘fashion week fatigue’. Knowing what goes on and knowing that you get to see the designs showcased online much better you sort of wonder why you’d want to spend your time out there when you could be better of being home, writing your next post. Like you said, time is precious and you now know how to prioritise what’s more important. For yourself and your readers. I’d be better of sharing with my readers how they can wear the trends via the images provided by PRs than struggle to get good images while snapping and trying to watch the show.

  34. Katrina G.

    I couldn’t agree more. I started my blog 1 1/2 year ago and started to follow some of the most famous blogs. I was watching them going here and there, attending fashion weeks all over the world and wearing the most expensive clothes/accesorries/shoes just in order to be in fashion and onto this fashion world stuff, taking pictures with Iphones or Ipads (girls these are not Cameras!), and upload Runway Photos/Looks who most of us had already seen similar to them at Magazine sites Clearer and with better Quality. So, I’m fed up with all them! And I totally agree with you!

  35. TheFashionistachic

    This year’s fashion week is not in the cards for me this year because it is not in the budget. My Fashion Correspondent and I attended last year, starting our trip with Fashion Night Out. I live here in LA, trust me Fashion in NY is such a different experience from Fashion in LA. I was raised in NY, so my perspective is much different. I am totally bummed about not going, I am reluctant to catch up on NYFW coverage. LOL I know it’s immature but I am a fashion junkie, we tend to be emotionally driven. I have never attended Fall NYFW so hopefully I can attend in Feb. Accommodations are more affordable, plus I prefer fall fashion for spring. The best part of fashion week actually goes on outside of the Lincoln Center.

  36. CRA

    Fantastic article! I worked on the pr side this year for the first time in NYC. I come from LA after working in entertainment pr for six years & then taking a break to be writer! Going to shows, well, specific shows is worth it for me and for the people I rep now. But I only cover a few now. I also don’t have too much time for after parties. I’m skipping out in February. You made the right choice by not coming. There is a lot going on the West Coast! What I’d like to do now is nurture the younger talent that wants to attend. I don’t need to be there unless I have clients that are going to show their collections! Best wishes and thanks again for the insight!