The NYFW Blogger’s Survival Kit


Article & photo by Michelle Christina of Hey Mishka

Much has been written on the topic of blogging at New York Fashion Week, from debates on who should rightfully occupy front row real estate to how bloggers can take new a new approach to the whole experience. Anyone prepping for the twice-per-year fashion circus is definitely also taking mental inventory of what to tote with them when headed for the tents. If you’re been to the shows before, you know you only have so much room, so much energy, and so much head space to get it right. Veterans of the tents have a pretty good idea, but we could all use a refresher! This little guide should give you some idea of the essentials.

  • A canvas tote for swag & fashion mags. Choose something neutral enough to compliment different outfits, and big enough for oversize issues of The Daily.
  • Your fully charged phone packed with all the right apps, like Speak Chic (a must for anyone unsure of how to pronounce designer names), Fashion GPS, to keep track of show invites, and obviously for the latest updates.
  • A solar powered phone charger, in case your phone dies and you're nowhere near an outlet.
  • Fresh business cards in a durable case (you'll be opening and closing it all week). Now is the time to run to the overnight printer if your catch phrase or domain are out of date.
  • A handy, chic blank book & pen for show notes and to-do's. I personally prefer jotting things down as opposed to typing them on my phone and forgetting to look back at them.
  • A laptop or iPad for blogging between shows in press lounges. No brainer, right? But don't let those hours go to waste! Book appointments with press people you've been emailing, meet up with fellow bloggers for bubbly and style chat, or do a little house keeping on your sidebar.
  • Headphones & your favorite songs, for that endless walk from the C train to Milk Studios. Haha, no but seriously.
  • A bold scarf for changing up your look before the after party. It's a shawl! It's a braid! It's a turban!
  • Aspirin for your after party hangovers and Band-Aids for your poor, poor feet. Also, a pair of flats in that aforementioned canvas bag is always a good idea, to avoid Band-Aid territory.
  • Bananas, blueberries, and a bottle of kombucha. Do your best to avoid too much sugar or caffeine, which we know causes a temporary super-blogger rush, followed by a very unpleasant crash.
  • Extra batteries for your camera, so you never miss a minute.
  • Oil blotting sheets, lip balm, and a good water proof eyeliner. Even if you don't wear makeup regularly, be sure your eyes pop and your skin looks smooth for the parade of street style photographers that are about to descend upon your super cute outfit any… second… now…
  • A cool, confident smile — represent your tribe! Blogger presence at NYFW is not always smiled upon, but by being professional and collected, we can set a new standard for our own unique type of fashion journalism.

Got more tips on what to bring? I definitely want to read ‘em below.

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2 Responses

  1. Dunia

    I love this list, I wish that it would have been up when the Copenhagen fashion week was up. I was in such a dilemma.

    Can you guys do an article on how you as a blogger can contact companies for fashion week? (You know for invites)


  2. Michelle

    This article is so spot on! Thank you for sharing this with everyone. I’m actually a model (aside from being a blogger) and thus, on the other end of things but this list translates to all the quint essentials for the madness that is NYFW.

    I’m I’m with Dunia, an article advising on how to reach out to PR firms for invites would be great!

    Thanks so much