IFB Project Roundup #111: Feline Inspired Fashion

This project was so much fun. Yes, I mostly because I loove cats & fashion, and pretty much anything cat related so much I could easily become a crazy cat lady or the old woman who lives in her shoe. That said it was WONDERFUL to see everyone's take on cats & fashion. Some were sultry, others were as hilarious as Nyan Cat, and yet all of them were done with love for our surprisingly quirky furry friends. Since this week we've partnered with Fancy Feast and are giving 5 Brian Lichenberg “Feline” sweatshirts and 10 “Fancy” Bracelets, here are the winners of the project!




Don’t forget to chime in on our Feline Fashion Twitter Fete with hashtag #FancyNYFW on September 9th, 8pm EST!

IFB Project Roundup #111

Here are the winners of the “Féline” sweatshirts:

The Fashionable Unicorn:



Style Context:


Kiki's Parlour: kikisparlour

Trend Survivor:  trendsurvivor

Kelly Dillon: kelly-dillon

Winners of the “Fancy” Bracelet:

Under a Veil:

underaveil 4

Knocked Up Fabulous:


What Dress Code?:


Madame Ostrich: madamostritch

Pocket Money Princess:   pocketmoneyprincess

Nichole Alabi: nicholealabi

Mr. Rebel in Town!:fahadscale

The Daily Savant:dailysavant

The Ruby Zipper:


100% Nerd:


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  1. Carmen

    Thanks so much for including me in the roundup! Very proud to be amongst such creative and furr-ocious fashionistas!