10 Tips for Developing a Personal Presence on Your Fashion Blog


Yesterday I talked about whether personal style bloggers had more success than non personal style. I probably should have opened with my own experience having a personal style blog (The Coveted) and a non-personal style blog (IFB), while I had more attention from brands on The Coveted, it didn't quite mean that I was able to live off that attention. With IFB, I've been able to create products and services that enable me to pay the rent (and the contributors, and developers, and server….).

That said, if you decide not to go down the “personal style” route, you're in good company. Many successful blogs like, Snob Essentials, Fashion Bomb Daily, HonestlyWTF, Curvy Fashionista, PS I Made This, Lingerie Addict, all have their own spin on content that doesn't revolve around outfit posts. However, the people behind the blogs each have a personal presence that the readers can get to know.

Determine how visible you'd like to be on your blog

I have found this isn't as easy as it sounds. There have been times when I did not want a personal presence on my blog (and people would literally be surprised I founded IFB). But this is changing. I'm starting to feel like I should have more of a presence especially since The Coveted is on hiatus. Even so, when it comes to your blog, do you want people to know your name? To recognize your face? Do you want to be anonymous? Determining how visible you want to be will help you lay out the groundwork for developing that presence. Everyone has their own comfort levels, so be sure to be honest with yourself. IF you're a private person don't feel pressure to become public because you think everyone wants that.

Be honest about your motivations for your visibility

It may sound out of place here, but I've always loved this quote from Eisenhower, “Leadership consists of nothing but taking responsibility for everything that goes wrong and giving your subordinates credit for everything that goes well.”  What are your motivations for being visible? Do you want validation? Do you want to be internet famous? Do you want respect? Do you want credit? Your motivations are what powers you through the tough times. If you aren't honest about why you want visibility, you'll get frustrated and possibly burn out.

Have an unique take on your posts as much as possible

Even if you can't take photos, find a way to make your posts visually unique. Collage, write, have quirky takes. The fashion blog, Textbooks was unique because it dressed fictional characters, now it does crazy collages. Go Fug Yourself uses humor. Blogs like Fashionista publish news as fast as they can. Determine what your “thing” is and develop that.

Make appearances on your blog

Whether it be for a DIY, or reporting an event, you can make personal appearances on your blog even if your blog is not personal. You can develop your brand any way you like, so if it means making appearances when you do showroom visits or events, or doing haul posts, even using photos of yourself to illustrate more abstract posts (which I do from time to time on IFB). The sky is the limit!

Create a clear “About” page

I need to take my own advice on this one…. but I do love reading OTHER people's “About” pages. It's much easier to get to know someone if they have an about page. Make it easy for your readers to find it!

Write how you talk

If you write how you talk (and if you're friendly) you'll develop a more personal relationship with your readers than by using a more formal tone.

Use Social Media as a way to give readers access to you

I see bloggers like Tina Craig and Clare Sulmners on their Instagrams alll the time. They do a great job of showing behind the scenes using social media while being less visible on their actual blogs.

Attend events, make personal contact with other bloggers and brands

What better way to let people get to know you, than letting people get to know you. It's easier to make a presence when you build real life relationships. Get out there, and meet people!

Host Google Hangouts, Twitter Chats or Live Events

If you live far away from everyone… like, say the North Pole. You can host virtual events to get people involved. Yesterday we did a fun Twitter Chat talking about cats and fashion. I got to know several new bloggers, and we all had a great time!

Make sure it feels like there is a human running your blog

This is one of those last tips that are the most important.. Obviously a human writes posts since artificial intelligence is still science fiction for the most part. If you want to make a personal presence on your blog, make sure it feels like there is a human writing the posts. Engage with your readers, respond, add a personal story here and there. Be human. It's not only ok, it's what we want.

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    • Donna George

      I look forward to reading your post. Your work seems very genuine and real. I started my blog in late March 2013 after a new CEO replaced me and the other 2 VPs in the company. I worked and traveled 30 years for the organization, junior fast fashion. I had a major of communication and minor in journalism so I always had the love of fashion and writing. My blog is Beyond Extraordinary Days (life reflective / thought provoking, but I am launching a fashion blog 4th qtr. I am working with a web designer and plan to by ads to get traffic to my blog somehow. Your advice is timely. Thanks for your honesty.

  1. Dana

    Great article. My big takeaway here, as someone with a relatively new blog, is figuring out what my “thing” is. I kind of feel like writing about everything! I also feel like my tone changes from post to post. I’d like to make it more consistent, but I’m just not exactly sure what I’m most happy with yet. I guess it just takes some time, right? I also need to overhaul my About page.

  2. Emily Jayne Lewis

    Love this article.
    I have a personal lifestyle blog but despite being public, I’m very picky about what I post about and on. I like to have certain categories that keep me focused and the image that want to display comes from these. I use quiet a few social networking sites for different reasons too, for example, Twitter is more professional but will have status on what I’m doing, but my Facebook page (which is new) is just updates on the blog. So loads of visibility I guess. Haha.

  3. Layla

    I love this post and completely agree with you…at first I didn’t really want to appear on my blog as much but now as my readers are growing I’ve started posting more on my outfits, beauty products and just generally showing my readers the events I attend, outfits etc.

    It also helps to have a good quality camera for reviews and outfits too as I find readers like that a lot….agree with the fact that you should write how you talk…it ones across so much nicer, natural and friendlier as you type normally and not like a robot!! 🙂

    Layla xx


  4. Oh K

    me! me! I may be doing something right because a lot of my commenters say that I’m quirky haha. But of course there is NO right or wrong way to blog – it’s all about how interesting is it? and does it represent you correctly?

    It’s all about enjoying what you do!


  5. marie

    At first I thought I’d stay relatively private on my blog, but I found that the posts where I would reveal a little about myself, whether it be a photo or a personal account, were the ones that would either get the most views or more followers. It felt a little weird to me to be too anonymous because I wasn’t sure if I could connect effectively.

  6. Donna

    Great post, this is a good thing to think about. I only post photos of myself when I do make-up tutorials, but I think I’m very visible in other ways. Everything I write is about my personal likes and experiences. I do think it helps to share bits that show there is a human writing. Last week my father died, and I haven’t been posting much lately due to that. I decided to write about why I wasn’t posting, not only as an explanation for the inactivity, but also to tell people not to put off spending time with loved ones.

  7. Tali

    Great article! Somehow I never thought about blogging in this way, but I do like blogs that have more than just a daily outfit to share. I also read some great life style blogs and find them far more interesting than again, just a daily outfit with 2 rows of text. But then it’s me and I don’t make a blog popular just by reading it:) A complete IMHO thus.
    Hangouts must be a great thing! I must overcome my shyness… I must 🙂

  8. Loma Sernaiotto

    Oh I had a crisis not long ago about exposing myself too much on my blog. It happens that I learned how blogging was with this current blog, so I made mistakes and exposed myself too much. I reached a moment I was trying my best to avoid showing myself, but in the end I got back to it.

    It happens that my blog gave me so many friends and all the readers comment about how close I am from them, how they feel like we are friends forever. I noticed this is my thing, what makes my blog different. They feel welcome and confortable. So I got back to being exactly who I am and I even learned more about myself and my blog with this small crisis. 🙂

    I am even translating my blog to english now, cause I have a few readers overseas that used to come only for the pictures! HAHA

    Great article!


  9. allison Jones

    I think finding your own voice has been the most challenging thing for me. Through repitition, in developing a daily practice of posting, I am begining to see the thread of what this creative voice looks & sounds like. I have ceased making my blog a competitive sport & relaxed into using it as a means for my creative voice. It is my space to be creative with & do as I want. This has freed me to start sharing myself a bit more through my writing with my readers. Stepping back & putting myself in the place of the viewer, has led me in the direction of creating content that I would like to read. Happy Day Everyone!

  10. April

    Just started my own style blog. These tips are great to hear. I have been thinking about what exactly I enjoy about other personal style blogs, and what you wrote definitely resonates with me. I love hearing about the person behind the style. and quirkiness really attracts me to want to read more.


  11. Onianwah

    I am known for writing how I talk mostly but I do have to start going out more often. Going out and being more visible is the lower end of it for me.
    Barbara, you have to change that you know. Yes, I do. Lol

    Lagos, Nigeria

  12. Stacey Wright

    These tips are amazingly awesome…. Quite helpful and interesting too. I have saved a few that go well with my lifestyle. Thanks!

  13. Helen Greene

    I really liked the way you presented the things. I want to follow your these amazing tips very soon. Thank you for sharing with us.