IFB Project #113: Street Style Inspiration


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One of the things I love most about fashion month is the street style pics pouring in. Yeah, some might call it a fashion circus, but who cares! I find it inspiring… and reminds me about why I love street style blogs so much, whether they're capturing strangers on the streets, or fashion insiders attending exclusive events. One of my favorites Street Peeper, for it's cheeky way of grouping photos together fancy versus casual croptops, buddies, like prints on prints… sites like this give me as much inspiration as to how to style my outfits as personal style blogs and fashion magazines. It's part of my fashion diet.

IFB Project #113: Street Style Inspiration

This week put together a post about how street style inspires your outfits or hey, even your whole wardrobe. Did you see a pair of boots on a street style photo and then purchased a similar style? Have you been taking inspiration from mixing prints, or wild prints? Maybe it was a hair cut? Lord knows I'm always looking for hair ideas, Alexa Chung and Feja Beya Ericson are always in my inspo folder, but the street style pics help to wedge me out of my rut.

ANYWAY! Back to the project…

[Image credit: Street Peeper]

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