Procrastination Rules! 10 Reasons Why You Need to Waste MORE Time


All work and no play makes Jane a dull girl.

Productivity sucks. It's always on a high horse, laser focused, and completely stressed out. Like, all the time. Who needs that, right?

Right. Well, we all need to get some stuff done. Even if it is just Instagramming a latte. The fact is every Yin needs a Yang, and even the most productive people need to waste time, else they will go bonkers. I'm writing this as I've become a mom but three months ago. Every ounce of free time is like solid gold. You'd think that as soon as that little butter ball started snoozing that I would file my taxes, vacuum the apartment, write a post, make a to-do list, whatever productive thing productive people do… but no. I waste time.

I stare off into space. I close my eyes. I flip through a magazine. Watch an embarrassingly dumb TV show. I let my mind wander.

It wasn't until I started having to use my free time wisely and precisely that I realized the importance of wasting time.

Here's why, wasting time can lead to:


You wouldn't believe the things I've found wasting time on the internet. The kind of rabbit holes that you can fall down by asking a silly question.

But even if you do learn a bunch of useless stuff on the internet, you might even learn a few useful things that you never knew existed!

Recharging your mind

In this day and age, being “on” 24/7 is a reality. Social media never sleeps, smart phones, emails expect you to reply back immediately. It's a lot of pressure and your mind needs to recharge. Wasting time may sound indulgent, but it's important to recharging your mind.


Whether it be goofing off with friends or looking at internet kittens, it may seem like you're doing nothing, but that “nothing” can bring a smile to your face, and a sense of joy. You need that because it's easy to get wrapped up in seriousness. Unless you have a really funny job. Or your job is snuggling kittens all day. Then you're getting joy from being productive, which is another story.

Learning about unrelated things

There was a time when I was a graphic designer, and wasted my time reading fashion blogs all day… that unrelated thing turned out to be my next career, and a much better career at that. So, you never know where your time-wasting musings will lead you!


Everyone needs to have fun. Hopefully we don't get that one angry commenter who says not everyone needs fun.

Discovering what's really important to you

If you're procrastinating things that never get done, those things are probably not important to you. Dang, I never get around to organizing my closet. Maybe that means my closet is organized enough, and should stop telling myself to do it.


When you're cramped for time, the last thing you want to try is a new way to get things done faster. The great thing about wasting time, is when you  have enough time to waste, you are more open to experimenting with new things, like trying new outfits (I always do that when I have spare time to get dressed).

Developing new relationships

Whether you're hanging out on Twitter or chillin' at the beach, when you're doing nothing is also a great time to meet new people. You are more receptive, and probably looking to connect with another person when you're doing “nothing.” You also have time to develop relationships you've already established when you're not under pressure.


Letting your mind wander also unleashes your creative thought. While I believe you should be creative on a regular basis, I also believe you should waste time on a regular basis, because brilliant ideas often come when you're not trying so hard.

The desire to enjoy being productive

If you are productive all the time, you probably hate it after a while. Everyone needs to live a balanced life. If we wasted all of our time, we'd get nothing done. If we worked all the time we'd have a nervous breakdown. Goofing off helps you enjoy the satisfaction of getting something done even more.

So in a way… wasting time is probably the most productive thing you can do!

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9 Responses

  1. Bike Pretty

    This is such a great reminder.
    In college, I learned that procrastination was a key to productivity. If I started working on a project too early, then I would spend twice as much time nit-picking all the details, but any improvements would be marginal.
    But if I procrastinated and pursued other interests (like browsing cooking blogs) then I got to learn something new and get my work done.
    Procrastination is the only thing that keeps my perfectionism under control!

  2. marina miouprincess

    this is so interesting! I consider procrastination to be one of my biggest flaws…most people think it’s counter-productive and I always feel guilty because I leave everything until the last minute;mysteriously enough I always get things done! well,at least the important ones! I never get round to organizing my closet too and after reading this I will finally stop feeling guilty about it! 🙂

  3. KimmyG.

    Being a sophomore in college, this is definitely a great reminder not to stress out so often. I feel as if I have been torturing myself and telling myself that I need to be more headstrong when it comes down to work, but I love how your post states otherwise. Thank you for this! 🙂

    Fashion Blogger

  4. Onianwah

    the last one Jennine – “The desire to enjoy being productive”
    They are all so true and recently I have come to appreciate time away from everything doing nothing (does that make sense? lol) more than ever.
    Thanks for this reminder cos in the hustle and bustle, we do forget to just be still and appreciate just being.

    Lagos, Nigeria

  5. Izzy

    this article came at the right time! I usually try to be as productive as possible, and lately my motivation has been lacking and I’ve been kicking myself for it. turns out I needed a bit of downtime for myself, de-stress, and then I can recharge 🙂

    balance is key! 🙂

  6. Zamri

    I have to say i do a lot of ‘time wasting’ too – browsing the web, the blogs, and all the stuff – but it’s all good coz it’s some kind of reseach. Though people might see it as ‘wasting’, that’s the way to get creative, find inspiration, expanding vision, getting new direction. 🙂


    This post is so true…makes me feel less
    guilty about my lazy days at Being
    A mom of three & a wife there is never a dull moment or a minute to spare. When
    the kids are out the house for a few hours I
    am giddy with glee! One of my favorite thing to do is wonder aimlessly through the
    mall like a lost soul without a care in the