5 Ways to Discover New Fashion Blogs


Having lunch with the first friend I made in the blogosphere, we were talking about how things had changed. One of the big things that have changed is the absence of blogrolls (a list of the blogger's favorite blogs on their side bar). Granted, I don't like blog rolls anymore, they're hard to maintain, they get political, and they take up real estate on your home page.

That said, it's so nice to find new blogs, and I miss falling down the rabbit hole of blogs through blogrolls. I also kind of miss lurking around on MySpace… it was amazing who I discovered exploring everyone's friends. Anywhoo… it's entirely possible to find new blogs, you just have to think a bit out of the box.

Go to sites like Bloglovin', Lookbook.nu, IFB (Links a la Mode, IFB Project…), Pinterest

The best way to find other bloggers is to go to where they promote their blogs. Bloglovin' is a great site for finding blogs in order of popularity, rising popularity, and recommended. Lookbook.nu is a place where you can promote outfits, and link to your blog. Browse around there, and look for people whose style you like and see if they have a blog. Easy peasy!

Explore commentors on blogs

Even if you're a lurker (which I tend to do…) If you find a blog you really like, chances are the people who comment on their blog are a.) bloggers and b.) like the same blog you like. You probably have something in common, so it's worth a peek! What's more is visiting the blogs that comment on YOUR blog, could lead you to a new friendship!

Find blogs that feature other bloggers

I like to go to street style blogs like Vanessa Jackman, who often takes street style photos of amazing bloggers. I've found some amazing blogs from her keen eye for style.


The very first fashion blog I found was through Google. In 2006, out of curiosity, I Googled, “Fashion” and “Blog” and Style Bubble came up. Nowadays, you can get more in depth with your keywords to find bloggers who blog on a certain topic, feature products you like, or just use image searches to find new blogs.

Twitter lists, and follows

Bloggers might have taken their blogrolls off their sites, but they still follow their favorites on Twitter. Definitely find a few bloggers you like and see who they're following. Even better if the blogger has public lists for you to explore. You can literally get lost for hours, and find some cool new people to follow to.

These are just a few ways to find blogs (and just the tip of the iceberg) How do you find new blogs?

[Image credit, found from a blog I had never seen before using a combination of these techniques: Always Judging]

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  1. Ashley

    You know, while blog rolls have gone out of vogue, I still receive quite a bit of traffic from those that do still use them!

    It kind of goes back to the idea that not all of your readers are necessarily bloggers, so what’s the easiest way for the non-blogger to find them.

    But it does get so political, long, and overwhelming. Plus hard to keep up with!

    • moiminnie

      Agreed! I see blogs that have me in their blog roll popping up in my stats all the time! But personally, I never liked it for two reasons:

      1. People get mad if you don’t put them in your blog roll in return; and
      2. People tend to compare you to bloggers that you follow all the time.

      My ways of finding new blogs to follow are a mix of everything Jeanine mentioned haha – sometimes I read through comments on my blog and find great people with similar style, sometimes I find them in comments on other blogs. I ALWAYS discover some new, fresh blogs from retweets from people I follow on Twitter! Articles in online magazines can also have some great features on interesting bloggers, so pay attention!

      Minnie from http://moiminnie.blogspot.com

  2. andreea

    The best fashion blogs I know, were discovered through blog rolls. It might not be a trend anymore but if you like a certain blogger, you might like the ones he follow as well, especially if you are looking for bloggers from a certain region or country. Comments can be a good source as well and the fashion websites.


  3. Traveling Cats

    One of my favorite ways to discover new blogs in my niche is StumbleUpon. Seeking out blog commenters is good in the beginning, but you’ll notice very soon that it’s always the same blogs who comment.

  4. Eva Tornado

    Usually I use Bloglovin, but Pinterst’s pictures help me find new interesting bloggers to read =)

  5. Helene

    Sadly on this site, you never promote or review any blogs other than the usual suspects, Fashion Toast, Garance Doré etc. You should be discovering new blogs out there and bring the to attention.

    • Jennine Jacob

      We don’t “review” blogs on IFB. Our mission is to help people learn how to blog, not to promote their blogs. We do have a few features to help bloggers engage and gain traffic, but we prefer focusing on giving you the tools to learn how to grow your own blog.

      • Bike Pretty

        Of course IFB doesn’t review blogs, but a lot of these (extremely helpful!) articles do mention the usual suspects.
        Case in point, the Style Bubble reference above.

      • Helene

        And when you describe or recommend these tools you always use the sam examples of Susie Bubbles, The Sartorialist etc. Why not scout for new blogs, and even if you don’t want to promote them you can state why you think they’ll be big or why they’re doing a great job. Just for some variation, you know?

  6. Laura C.

    Funnily enough I find plain old Facebook the best place to find new blogs, If I see an interesting post that a blogger has liked in my homepage I’ll click through to that persons FB page and then click through to their blog. I love bloglovin (LOVE it!) but I find the blog suggestions are blogs which already have thousands of followers and I prefer reading blogs which are newer and smaller like mine.
    Laura. xx


    • carly tai

      funny, I never thought of checking facebook for new blogs, but it’s a great idea. Perhaps since we are all so occupied with blogging, commenting, pinning, tweeting and instagramming, we forget to check around on fb occasionally!
      cheers and happy blogging

      I think blogroll is super effective. I always check the blogrolls on blogs I like and find that I generally like those blogs too. Something to consider.

      Cheers and happy blogging

  7. Sophia

    I’m always in search for new great blogs for Blog and The City (http://blogandthecity.net). I’m using the same techniques described here as well. Another great blog where maaany bloggers are being featured (well-known ones, but less known ones as well) is Blue is in Fashion This Year. I’m getting to know a lot of new blogs there.

    Instagram is the social media which I find most effective in finding new blogs. The same as the twitter technique; looking into the following list of the bloggers you like.

    xx Sophia (blogging personal at http://taoofsophia.com)

  8. Dosta Radnjanska

    Most of the bloggers I follow I discovered by blogroll, but that was in 2011 i think. Now I found them mostly on Lookbook. Blogloving is also a good place to find the most famous ones (since they are ordered by popularity).
    Comments are a good way also, I’ve found some very interesting bloggers that way. Mostly up and comers, but worthy.
    I am A Love Addict


    Great post! Recently, I set up my own street style blog and I find this information very useful. If you have a chance please visit my blog: http://way2dress.blogspot.com/. As I said I am a new blogger, so I appreciate any comment. Many thanks!

  10. Kenneth Jacobs

    I find most of my new blogs through Lookbook and reading other peoples’ comments too. You’ll find some cool blogs. I love discovering new blogs

  11. Daura

    I personally still have a blogroll! I actually haven’t checked if the bloggers I’ve added to my list have added me on their own blogrolls. I’ve added them because we always communicate through twitter and constantly receive support from them on my blog through comments or on social media, so I decided to give back!

    I definitely use IFB and lookbook.nu to find other bloggers, however there are so many of them out there with great style that sometimes I get a bit overwhelmed. It’s tough to decide who I will follow on a regular basis and who I’m just visiting for that one time. Blogging for myself already takes up a lot of my time, so it’s hard to dedicate time to others’ blogs. Also, I tend to compare myself to those I find through lookbook.nu and it leads to discouragement when I see how engaged their readers are…

  12. Melissa

    I just made a pinterest and bloglovin account… I was trying to avoid it but maybe I’ll eventually find some inspiration


  13. Em K

    I discover a lot of new blogs through Instagram. When ever I hash tag a photo I always look up who else has hash tagged their pics and I have found some really cool bloggers from doing that, and not just fashion bloggers!

  14. The Redhead

    I have a blogroll :p I know it’s outdated and everything but there are some blogs I really like and support in there that just don’t get the attention they deserve. I know only a few read them but I don’t care. I have some RL friends and a really awesome blogger who helped me understand the blogosphere when I was starting out! I don’t mind that they don’t have me (or they don’t have a blogroll at all).

  15. Stacey

    This is so interesting. I’m a new blogger and was just thinking about adding a blog roll. I didn’t know it was out of fashion:)

  16. Noemi

    I usually find new blogs through Bloglovin’, the comments left in my blog and also through the blog rolls of some of my favorite bloggers. I usually follow blogs which can inspire me, so I hardly search personal style blogs, I only like few. Sometimes I simply search for info on google and then I find new blogs (most of all about beauty and makeup).

  17. Bike Pretty

    I still use an old-fashioned blog roll too!
    For me it serves two functions:
    1) Since I have a niche blog (in a really small niche!), my roll shows that I am well-informed about the other blogs in my field.
    2) I’ve also been hugely influenced by blogs outside of my niche. Adding them to my blog roll is a way of thanking them for years of inspiration with the greatest gift of all: pageviews.

  18. Sarah-Louise

    I’ve been reading fashion/lifestyle blogs for nearly two years now and have found lately that I need to refresh my ‘list’ of go-to blogs – those I follow on Bloglovin and Twitter. I think the reasoning is a mix of getting a little bored and my changing tastes as I am ‘growing up’ as such.

    I definitely agree that Bloglovin always suggests the bigger more well-known blogs out there whereas I’m finding myself gravitating towards the less-known ones this past while. Although I’m more of a lurker and need to start engaging more with the blogs I read! And I’m definitely going to try twitter lists!

    @Sarah from Çafe Couture I checked out your blog – well done for taking the plunge! Creating my own blog has been on my mind for a while now but I just can’t seem to write my first post – I think ‘the fear’ has gotten to me! haha

  19. Monique

    I have a blog roll. I think it encourages community among fashion bloggers. It does take up space, but I think that, especially when you’re just starting out, it’s a good way to build relationships with other bloggers.


  20. Nita-karoliina

    I actually miss blogrolls and that community feeling we had few years ago. Missing the old good days 🙂

  21. Vince Samson

    With today’s outrageous social media growing like mushrooms everywhere, it would be a shame if you cant find any decent fashion blogs on the internet but a few tips here and there is much appreciated. Nice post!

  22. Wafaa Abo El Ela

    Thanks for this amazing post, but as a new blogger I don’t know what I need exactly to get more people to read my posts as most of other bloggers mentioned that Bloglovin only recommend popular bloggers, but I’ll keep updating my posts and hopefully I’ll get more readers 🙂