Hey, Lovely! 6 Ways to Make Your Personality Shine Online


You know how some blogs read like you're chatting with an old friend, and others cold and robotic? Are you friendly in real life, but for some reason people don't get it online? Do people take your writing the wrong way? Well, fortunately there is something that can be done about that!

Write like you talk

Writing is idealized speech. Many people think they “can't write” because they think of writing for school, or compare themselves to literature's greats. If you can tell a friend a story, you can write. If you can talk, you can write. The only difference is, when you write you can edit out the mistakes, or the unnecessary text. Other than that, just write things the same way you would say them.

Write like you're talking to your friend

Imagine you are talking to your friend when you write. What would you say? What would you talk about? Not just about the topics, but the candor, the humor, everything about you that makes you likeable. What quirks make your friends laugh? Let your freak flag fly, after all, your blog is your creative outlet.

Be polite

Nothing is worse than dealing with rude internet people. Ok, there are worse things– cancer is definitely worse. Everyone should know the basics in being polite, but it's amazing how many people don't know.  Sometimes people don't know they're being rude,  just “please” and “thank you” is enough. Brownie points for being extra polite, ask nicely, practice tolerance and be helpful.

Be useful

Usefulness is not just polite, being useful makes you a friendlier person. People want to be friends with useful people. Not just that a bonus for being useful is that it makes creating content for your blog.

Think before you criticize

I've inappropriately fired off my mouth more times than I care to admit. So take it from me, it's not always necessary to share your “opinion” especially when it is about a perceived mistake. Even the slightest and well-intentioned corrections and criticisms can rub people the wrong way, and unless you know someone VERY well you risk burning that bridge. Before criticizing, tread carefully, evaluate why it's necessary and do so with a lot of love.

Don't fake it

It's possible to be friendly without being all cupcakes and glitter. You can be nice in a sassy way. Your MO might be more tough love. Whoever you are, be that person. No one wants to be friends with a phony. Some people may think being rude is just being honest or real, but that's not true. We all can be nice and be honest, some days it may take more work than others.

How else have you communicated friendliness online?

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9 Responses

  1. Q

    I totally agree!…. I decided very early on to write as me…. bad grammar included…. injection of real personality is so important. ‘write like your talking to a friend’… I like that, its the best way to sum it up.


  2. Melissa Varela

    Wow! Nice post! I’ll definitely try the “Write like you’re talking to your friend” point… My blog is based in images but words are as well reeeaaaaally important. I try my best but I think I sound kind of cold in my posts, definitely have to work on that!! Thanks for the advices! 🙂 xx

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