Level Up: 3 Advanced Blogs About Blogging You Should Be Reading


When you've been blogging for awhile, the typical blogging advice starts to sound a bit, well, typical. While we can all use reminders about the basics, once you've reached a certain point in your blogging journey, it's natural to want advice on more advanced topics…like A/B split testing, conversion rates, and ad campaigns.

A couple of years ago, I stopped reading most of the big blogs about blogging because I felt like they were all saying the exact same thing…just slightly reworded depending on which website you visited. Once you've gotten past that basic or intermediate level, it's important to seek out new sources of knowledge to stay on top of your blogging game. Otherwise, you run the risk of stagnating…and that's one of the ways good blogs turn bad.

Though I still don't read very many blogs about blogging now, the three listed below are all on that very small list of blogs I'm both subscribed to and recommend to others. Not only are they regularly publishing new and interesting content, the archives of these respective blogs are veritable treasure chests of rich information. If you ever start to think you know all there is to know about blogging, visit one of these sites. I promise you'll learn something new.


Founded by Neil Patel, who's worked with brands like NBC, GM, Amazon, TechCrunch, Viacom, and Microsoft, QuickSprout is my go-to resource for most topics about blogging. Whether it's increasing traffic, tweaking my SEO, getting better backlinks, or just feeling inspired, I've gotten so much good information from this blog, it's insane. I'm honestly surprised it's still free. This blog also has a forum where Neil Patel himself answers questions from readers and a really great e-mail course on increasing traffic (and I hardly ever subscribe to “free” email courses).

Young, Fabulous, and Self-Employed (YSE)

If you're making money with your blog or if you have plans to make money with your blog in the future…then congrats, you're an entrepreneur! The self-employed mindset is a hard one to learn, especially if you've come (like most of us) from a background of working for other people. YSE is the site I visit when I'm wanting tips on how to think like an entrepreneur. The founder, Erica Nicole, publishes tons of articles on start-up culture, growing your business, and protecting your brand. When I'm feeling stuck about the hows of managing my site, I go here to get unstuck.


Tracking and measuring goals is one of the most important things any blogger can learn to do for their site. Knowing what works and what doesn't (and having the quantitative data to back it up) is what separates bloggers with a strategic plan from bloggers who are just trying everything and hoping something works. But if you're new to all this, it's hard to know the what, how, why, and when of measuring and data collection. That's where Unbounce comes in. I'll be honest…some of their articles are pretty advanced for me, but I love that because it means I still have so much to learn and so many more options for making my site better.

If you've been blogging for a few years, what are your fave “advanced” resources? Please share your recommendations, and let's get a conversation going in the comments!

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  1. Style Context

    Very helpful! I’ve never heard of any of these sites so I’m glad you wrote this post. I’ve only been blogging for about 5 months but I’ve written some articles about blogging tips. There’s a lot you can learn as a beginner that can be useful to experts in your field. I hate to do the shameless self-promotion thing but if anyone is interested in my social media tips for bloggers here they are:

    Twitter: http://stylecontext.com/2013/07/22/5-twitter-dos-and-donts-for-bloggers/

    Pinterest: http://stylecontext.com/2013/08/29/five-pinterest-strategies-for-your-blog/

  2. andreea

    Thank you for sharing this. I am not new to the blogging world, but until recently I did not gave myself enough credit to do this very seriously. Now, I have a pretty good idea of what my blog is and can become, so getting precious information like the one you just shared is pretty great. Usually, I just do a google search on the topic that I am interested in, like SEO, affiliated links etc. I have gotten great tips from the Blog Maven, (www.theblogmaven.com).


  3. Jacqueline Jax

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  4. Sabina Styleblog Only in Frankfurt

    error message when I click on YSE:( But great advice as usual. Having worked in communications and media I think I have a pretty good idea of it BUT its like coaching, when you are in the middle of it you need someone to pull you along so you dont get lost. and thats what IFB is doing for me, so thanks! Sabina Styleblog Only in Frankfurt

    • Cora Harrington

      Re: the YSE link, I wonder if the issue may be where people are clicking from? I’ve clicked the link in this post several times and it’s worked each time. Which is really weird.

  5. Alexandria Adair

    I’ve been blogging on and off for a few months shy of a year, and I can’t wait to check out these sites!


    These are great, I had never heard of them before. YFS is such a fun resource, and it’s inspiring – it makes me want to focus on starting my own business in the next few years.

    Thanks for the links!