IFB Project #114: Soldier Chic


My dad has kind of an interesting story. In 1969 at the age of 17, he says he got tired of being told to mow the lawn for his parents so he got them to sign a permission slip so he could join the Army. Forgetting there was a, you know, war going on. After the war he came back home which happened to be the hotbed of the fledgling computer industry, worked with “computers” in Silicon Valley in the '70s, got bored and joined the Navy, after a few years got bored of that and decided to become a lawyer, which he is still today. Now you know everything about my dad.

Why talk about my dad being in both the Army and the Navy? As a young teenager, that meant I had both Army shirts and Navy Pea Coats to steal from my dad. Sure they were massive on me (more the Navy stuff because he was much skinnier as a 17-year-old boy) but I absolutely loved wearing them. I'm not sure if it's because of my dad, but I always have  an Army-style jacket (though my days of the surplus store are indeed, over) and a pea coat for the cold days. I love military style clothing, and thank goodness so does the fashion industry. Camouflage, army green, navy blue, bomber jackets, cargo skinny jeans, they're abound everywhere.

IFB Project #114: Soldier Chic

This week, break out your military-inspired style. Army jackets, bomber jackets, nautical stripes, cargo pants, epaulets, whether you got it from the surplus store, from serving (we haven't seen anyone actually in the military submit!) or even from Zara… how the military has inspired your style. Bonus points if you have a personal story behind your piece!


[Image Credit: Pinterest... though I am doubting the "original" source... any idea who it is? Antlantic Pacific?]

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  1. Melissa

    I’d be lying if I didn’t say I am camouflaged out ! If I see one more camo anything, I’m gonna stab my eyes out lol… Idk, maybe it’s because I’m in the army so wearing ACU’s all day and then coming home and seeing camo shirts, skirts, shorts, shoes, HAIR! AHHHH :O


  2. Stephanie Dawn Sjoberg

    I LOVE camo, I know that Military Personnel hate when “civilians” wear it, HOWEVER….I wear it as a sign of respect for our troops and mean no disrespect! It’s cool, sexy, glam, American and a classic!