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shopcadeThere are a lot of options out there when it comes to affiliates, especially when it comes to tools to help your readers shop. Choosing one really depends on which platform really makes the most sense to you, and of course, which one offers the highest returns as well as having the products you really talk about on your blog.

Shopcade (disclaimer, they also advertise on IFB) is a social shopping site that offers a widget for publishers to earn money from affiliates. Bloggers can insert the widget within each post, giving readers a chance to browse your picks, shop from your selection, and even create wishlists (on Shopcade).

Highlights about the widget include:

  • Two ways to decide how to display your featured products-1) auto-generates (pulls relevant top products based on your page's content 2) feature your product picks directly from your Shopcade lists
  • Higher payout – earn 75% of Shopcade's sales commission on every sale
  • No minimum threshold to meet so you can start earning immediately
  • Gain extra exposure through featured placements on Shopcade to drive traffic to your content and your storefront on Shopcade
  • Fully customizable, can be a 1 image or a carousel

Joining was relatively easy, I signed up using my Facebook account which took a second. Figuring out how to find the widget was easy as well, it was found within a minute of poking around. I tested out on Eat, Sleep, Denim, and and sure enough it was extremely easy to insert the widget code and have products show up. However, I had selected the “auto generate” first and a bunch of random and unrelated products showed up. The PR team says they are working on refining that, so I personally would recommend going with the second option of hand selecting your product picks. For the Eat, Sleep, Denim post, I searched for “boyfriend jeans” and up came a decent selection of boyfriend jeans to include in my widget, including the jeans actually reviewed in the post. It didn't take long to do, but it is certainly not automated as of now.

shopcade shopping widget

I couldn't find analytics in the options, perhaps because I just signed up. However, one nice thing is they do have a section where you can track your payout as well as having a option to donate to the Salvation Army, if you're feeling generous.

Either way, if you're looking for affiliate options, Shopcade is certainly something to check out. All in all, I found it easy to implement and it looked great on my blog post, best of all, it can be used in both the US and UK (sorry rest of the world, I'm sure they're working on hitting more countries soon).


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  1. Loma Sernaiotto

    OMG this post got me so excited, I imagined a lot of opportunities to share products in my content… and it’s US and UK only! Please, Shopcade, consider worldwide soon! 😉

    Thanks for sharing the tip and reviewing the service, Jennine! ~

  2. Benjamien

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