Blogging With Purpose: Working with Non-Profits


Fall has definitely arrived, and with it comes all of our usual favorites – layers, scarves, boots, pumpkin-flavored everything, and so on. Fall is also the start of “the giving season” for many people. Everywhere you look, there's a fundraising drive, book sale, food donation bins and galas for every non-profit you can think of. Today I gave a talk for the local chapter of the PRSA (Public Relations Society of America) focused on non-profits working with media, representing as a blogger. Having written about, collaborated and worked with various non-profits through my blog, it got me thinking a lot about why it's been such a fulfilling thing for me. We talk a lot about how to make money from blogging here on IFB. Reaching out to non-profits is a lot like reaching out to brands, only there's rarely any money involved. We also talk a lot about fostering community – mostly with other bloggers, but today I'm thinking of community in the traditional sense. This season is as perfect a time as any to give back to your community in another way.

Why should fashion bloggers partner with non-profits, you ask?

There are so many reasons why collaborating with a non-profit is awesome.

For starters, if you've ever muttered “I wish I could volunteer for a non-profit, but I don't have time,” devoting some time for a blog post or project that helps promote the non-profit is a fabulous alternative to volunteering. You're already blogging, so why not? Non-profits are always looking for ways to help spread the word about their cause, and many times their stories (while compelling) are just not timely or newsworthy enough for traditional media to cover. Non-profits love working with bloggers, and bloggers like me don't mind “donating our time” via a blog post.

Working with non-profits is a great way to add some diversity to your editorial calendar too. Take a different spin on your outfit photos by featuring all pieces from a thrift shop that benefits a particular non-profit. Help style a few mannequins for a local non-profit's upcoming sale, then write about it. Again, it's all about ways to give back aside from traditional volunteering!

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What kind of non-profits should you work with?

I believe you should only write about (and thus support) the things you are passionate about, and that also rings true for approaching non-profits to work with. Without steering you too far towards specific ones, there are a few non-profits with a bit of a lean towards fashion. Dress for Success is a national group that helps low-income women get a leg up in their careers by supplying them with the clothes and essentials they need for job interviews. Goodwill owns several thrift shops throughout the nation, whose proceeds help provide job and education training for underprivileged communities. You probably already have a local non-profit or two in mind, but if you don't, it's just one Google search of “(your city) non-profits” away!

Do you support non-profits through your blog? Leave us an example in a comment below!

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  1. Asia Mays

    Such a cool and worth it concept! I am apart of a sorority, Sigma Gamma Rho, and alot of what I do, whether it be for speaking to the youth, or simply working on our service projects and events…it is always beneficial for both yourself as well as the organization.

    GREAT post.

  2. b m

    Really glad to see this post on ifb! Big believer in gratitude and giving–it’s what I write about–and I think there are so many creative ways people can go about tying in their passions with the act of giving.

  3. Stephanie Watanabe | The Girl Who Knows

    Absolutely! I’m so glad you wrote about this and I think it’s something that all bloggers (fashion or otherwise) could benefit from doing. It feels so good to give back and do it from the heart (not just during the holiday season – but year round)!
    I work with a non-profit that supports arts education in under served schools in Southern California. I’ve written a post about them already and attend their events and show up for them whenever and however I can.
    You’ve definitely given me more to brainstorm in terms of how we can work together though – so great. Thanks!

  4. Lisa Carnochan

    Yes. I’ve never never monetized anything – so I’m kicking off ads and affiliate links with all proceeds going to to Dress For Success. Feels right.

  5. Lix

    I’ve been busy being my own charity (still am, a little) so giving back isn’t something that’s been at the front of my thoughts before, but now that I’ve dipped my toes in crowdfunding and blogging, I’m thinking more and more that I should educate myself and find some non-profits for my causes and do my bit to spread the word. This post is quite encouraging, so thank you.

  6. Tiffany Elam

    This is an awesome concept. I’ve wanted to volunteer at the Dress fit Success chapter in my city, but simply don’t have the time. This is the perfect way for me to get involved. Thanks!


  7. Enya Morrisroe

    Thats a fabulous post!
    Myself through the past four years has been blogging without making any profit. Yet I’ve still attended fashion weeks, worked with brands such as Jack Wills to Alice Temperley to stores such as Harrods. So being a fashion bloggers you have to always make money from what you are doing.

  8. The Curatorial

    I’m actually starting a non-profit if you guys get the time please complete this quick survey, and there be a winner to win a bag of fashion jewellery. Would Really appreciate it. /

  9. Zhenya Hutson

    I have just started guest posting for Goodwill, and am working on building a relationship with another non-profit in the area! Definitely worth it!
    Zhenya from

  10. CynthiaCM

    I have interviewed people involved with nonprofits and have covered galas and other fundraising events, including ones by the Junior League of Toronto (which I have been a member of for 10 years).


  11. Lubka Christova

    Great post!

    I was already preparing my post for a good cause this month, when I found this article.

    You’ve shared some great ideas which inspired me to write another post on my blog to urge my followers to do something as well.

    I believe that the bloggers community can be very powerful!


  12. Stuart

    Hi Jess,

    I came across your article and found it insightful. I work for a company called Gutanga in Los Angeles and was wondering if you or any other bloggers at IFB would be interested in partnering with us or doing a write up about fashion giving back. Our company takes fashions and styles from around the world and helps those areas out with the proceeds from the inspired item from that area. Right now we are selling African inspired Gutanga pants and help support education for youth in Rwanda. You can check out our website and see if it is something that anyone you might know of would be interested in partnering with.



  13. Sandra Hannen

    Hi Jess,

    I really enjoyed reading this article. It’s so heart-warming to read that so many fashion peeps truly care about helping others. Our organisation is called amor. and we help vulnerable women in the indigenous communities of Guatemala have a voice and a sustainable livelihood through weaving and clothes/bag design. So many women and children don’t have a voice and suffer as a consequence…thank you for helping to give them one!

    Sandra, amor.