IFB Project Roundup #114: Sodier Chic


I had this idea to write this post in Drill Instructor speak, but it's all too dirty and un-correct to post. None-the-less, this week's military inspired project, Soldier Chic would make a Drill Instructor cry, tears of pride? Who knows? But it made me proud. With all the olive drab and camo, it looks like everyone had a great time saluting to those to protect and serve. So check out the links from this week in full, as there are some amazing ones (I wish I could have them all in the roundup!). Anyway, enough of the sappiness…

Onward, march!

IFB Project Roundup: Soldier Chic

The Fashionate Fotobug:



Style Operator:styleoperator

The Ruby Zipper:rubyzipper

Not So Naked:


Couture Co: courtureco

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