IFB Project #115: Attidude of Plaiditude


Saying plaid is a trend is like saying “pants” are a trend. Not so much a trend as a permanent fixture in modern attire, plaid is having a particular moment this season. Maybe it's the 90's grunge revival, or the Punk: Chaos to Couture exhibition, or maybe it's just because plaid is rad.

It's that simple!

IFB Project #115: Share your favorite plaid look

Whether your digging out that old flannel from the back of your closet, or your wardrobe is full on plaidness, share your favorite plaid look this week. Gear up the grunge look by tying your flannel around your waist, or, if you're more of the polished type, pair your plaids some of the sophisticated pieces they have going this season. However your style goes, I'm sure there's a plaid that will suit your fancy.


[Image credit: Style.com]

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10 Responses

  1. Andy Z

    I am a guy, can I also participate? its just that all I see are girls in that collage?

    • Kari

      Hi Andy,
      With you, and other stylish guys in mind, you’ll notice Chicagoings.com has posted a GQ gent in gingham!
      Check out our site for more menswear inspiration.

      – Kari

  2. Rachel

    awwww shoot. i thought i had till tonight to post. i get so confused 😛 apparently it was LAST night 🙂 excited to see the roundup!