5 Female Bloggers Who Represent History in the Making


In 2013, having a successful blog can lead to a book deal, and a robust social media presence can lead to becoming the editor-in-chief of a leading fashion magazine. But not too long ago, bloggers were banned from the front row, and industry insiders risked getting fired for their blogs, even while using pseudonym. Articles from 2004-2006 are peppered with stories of bloggers getting the boot. So lets check in with a few of our favorite success stories to see – and celebrate – what is possible these days, for bloggers.

Tavi Gevinson, Actress

After making history as the eleven-year old blogger who commanded more than 30k site visits a day, Tavi went on to spark controversy among the old guard, sitting front row at Chanel, becoming BFFs with Rodarte and generally being more interesting and articulate than most fashion journalists. As founder of Rookie Magazine, Tavi spearheads the single-most Sassy-like community for teen girls around (that even grown up girls like me can enjoy). Now ready for a different kind of close-up, the girl who Lady Gaga termed “The Future of Journalism,” is a bonafide actress, and c0-stars in the upcoming movie, Enough Said. 

Geri Hirsch, DIY Investment

Aside from her blog, Because I'm Addicted, and the Because I'm addicted Forever 21 tee (one of the first brand collaborations of its kind), Geri is perhaps best known for successfully raising significant capital to launch Leaf.TV,  a venture-backed, fresh, how-to video commerce brand. Along with partner Erin Falconer of self-improvement site PickTheBrain, Leaf has partnered with big brands from Virgin America to Redbook.

Erin Loechner, Niche-Expander

As founder of Design for Mankind ( top 50 design blogs in the world by London Times) and later Design for Minikind, Erin proved that it was possible to build a thriving business through blogging (check out her Why I Blog if you are looking for some incredible inspiration and a sense of her trajectory). Then, just this month, she announced the launch of Clementine Daily, a brand new digital destination for women that creates space for her additional passions, proving that it is possible to grow beyond your niche.

Lindsay Calla, TV Star

Once brand and blogger collaborations became the norm, Lindsay Calla, aka Saucy Glossie, charted an entirely new course by signing with DBA and leaping over to television, most notably as the first blogger featured in a retail commercials as the first  “Maxxinista” in a Fall ’11 TJ Maxx ad campaign. Additional TV gigs have included appearing as a fashion and lifestyle expert on networks such as FOX, CW, NBC, and Live Well HD.

Jennine Jacob, Community Builder

In addition to the success of The Coveted, starting Independent Fashion Bloggers and the accompanying #IFBCON, Jennine also broke new ground with Eat Sleep Denim, the barely-branded denim blog funded by Bop, LLC (aka the folks behind Shopbop).

These are but a few of the inspiring stories I could tell of the amazing work, bravery and passion bloggers have demonstrated as we all navigate this evolving world of publishing, content development and brand-building. Who are your favorite blogger success stories?


[Image credit: Yenmag.net]

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  1. Asia Mays

    That is incredible! Jennine, congrats to her and the Bop funding for Eat, Sleep, Denim that is awesome. Great inspiration for things to look forward to!

    • Addison

      I was just going to commend Jeannine, as well! Last time I was able to see her was at IFBCON in February. I’m sure she’s a busy new mom with a busy 3 blogs!

      -Addie at Will Code For Clothes

  2. Likkie Xiong

    Grand list, love how Tavi is on top of the list haha!
    Very interesting list you have here, but you’re lacking Fashiontoast too? I think her blog has a huge following just as others. But I still like your list. And we’re all making history here too ppl, let’s not forget! 😀

    likkie xx.

  3. Liza

    These stories are totally amazing! So much inspiration for any person! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Maja

    Jennine , she is nice , good person , I have respect for as for blogger, woman, she is amazing .

  5. Joy

    gives me hope that I can make a name for myself cause sometime it is really discouraging when your not getting much traffic to your blog. All I want to do is share and inspire others so I am going to keep going.
    stop by the blog lovejoystyles.blogspot.com 🙂