How to Know When It’s Time to Let Go of Your Blog


Jennine wrote earlier in the week about using your own problems as inspiration for blog posts. So here's my problem: I have too many blogs, and don't have time to devote to all of them. For years, I've registered domain names, started websites, somehow managed to get a blog/site up and the ball rolling only to fizzle out over time. A few of my “other” blogs have been successful, but when push came to shove and I had to choose which sites to focus my energy on, I knew immediately which ones I'd pick.

A lot of times, deciding when to shut down a blog or even just change your blog's niche has to do with financial considerations: you simply have to devote your time and focus your energy on what either IS making you money right now or has the potential to make money in the future (given a plan and clear goals). That's the “easy” way to make the decision whether or not to continue with a blog. It's harder if you're not as concerned with the financial part.

Maybe you started a blog because you had a passion for the niche, and/or you needed a creative outlet. Maybe it's just a hobby. And maybe you're just not that into it anymore.

Still, we have to make decisions every day what to focus our attention on, and as I get older and slightly more mellow, I don't WANT to do it all anymore (as if I could…), or even try to do it all anymore. It's not a source of pride to say that I have 8 blogs, it's a burden. I know I can't do a very good job on any of my sites if I try to do ALL of them. So I've decided to shut down at least one.

I went through all of the things below on my way to accepting the reality that I HAVE TO let go of a few of my blogs. Are you going through any of them?? If so, either tweak your niche a little bit and focus more on what you love, or let go…


Emails are piling up, requests for information, backups to do…and you couldn't care less. A neglected blog is like neglected bills, ignoring it won't make it go away 😉


You hate your blog name, you hate the niche, you hate your readers…in general, you're just angry. You're probably angry at yourself because you know you're not doing what is aligned most with your passion, but when you start to feel this way about something you created, it's time to let it go.


You do a little, but you put it off. You resurrect your blog once, twice or maybe three times, but then you leave it dormant for months. You're not really ignoring your blog completely, but you are constantly coming up with reasons why you can't focus on it right now. TIME TO LET GO.


You know that nagging feeling inside that you're not doing something you're supposed to do? Even if it's the tiniest voice, it's still there, making you feel guilty for not doing that thing you should do. That thing you chose to do, but you don't want to do anymore. It's probably hard enough for you to get through your to-do list of things you NEED to do and really want to do without feeling guilty for not doing that other thing.

Feeling Uncomfortable

You know this – you know when something just “isn't right.” And you probably also know you should say no, or stop. But we (women in general) are people-pleasers, and it sometimes takes a lot for us to say “no.” It's one of the most important lessons we can learn, though, especially when our gut is telling us something is wrong. If an advertiser or potential partner is asking you to do something you feel is borderline unethical and makes you feel uncomfortable, say NO. If you feel uncomfortable, or as if something just doesn't fit anymore with your blog, either change it or shut it down. Life is too short…

Here's the thing: there are times in life we just have to suck it up and do the things we don't want to do because there's a big enough pay off. Or the RIGHT payoff. But if there's not a payoff; if you're just doing it because you're going through the motions, or you feel like you have to (but you really don't), or feel obligated to people that you REALLY aren't obligated to, then it's time to stop. There's no shame in saying “I can't do this” – it's empowering. It's leaving you open to say to other things “I CAN do this.”

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7 Responses

  1. Noëlly Sam

    This post perfectly echoes my current reality. After 5 great years of fashion blogging, building a huge community and ranking among Canada’s top fashion bloggers, the time had come to face the music and change direction.

    It wasn’t an easy decision but oh so necessary, and today as I write this comment, my blog miss SLY is undergoing a makeover. I feel great about my decision to have finally to closed it, because it was no longer fulfilling as is. A reinvention was much needed and that’s what I’m doing.

    In the mean time, this hiatus allows me to focus on @FashionUnfold a successful series of top trending fashion debates I’ve been hosting on Twitter. Turns out, less is always more, so that’s my approach to the business of blogging at the moment and it’s working.

    Thx for sharing your thoughts, hope it goes smoothly on your end too.


    • Grechen Reiter

      thank you noelly!
      you’re right – less IS more a lot of the time, because doing less allows you to be BETTER at what you DO do.

  2. Jen @ Jen Darling

    Thanks so much for sharing this Grechen! While I might only have one blog at the moment, this is also a good list to look at before starting any NEW blogs. Just because an idea is good doesn’t mean it will engage you (or your readers) in the long run. Dividing up your energies between only the things you love is the key to success!

  3. CynthiaCM

    This is my reality too. For a while, I was running three blogs: DelectablyChic!, The DelectablyChic! Closet (more personal; outfit posts) and Shorty Stories (petite-related site). I have NOT updated the latter two in a long time, and am considering merging at least two (Shorty Stories and DelectablyChic!) or even all three, since DelectablyChic! is my main site that I update at least two or three times a week. Just worried that I would mess things up!


  4. Amanda

    I couldn’t agree more. I shut down my blog, All Gussied Up after 3 years of working on it. It turned into something that wasn’t me. I was focusing more on my vintage business and designing handbags. The blog was put on the back burner and every time I’d try to post, I’d have writer’s block. It wasn’t fun. About a year ago, I developed a new concept and it inspired me to write again. I missed the real content of my blog. It is still tough to juggle all of the things I want to accomplish, but I do really enjoy writing again. I opened up from a small niche to encompass more of my interest, which will hopefully prevent permanent writer’s block!

  5. Onianwah

    I have not quite figured out how anyone can run 2 or more personal sites at the same time. One site is so much work already, lol.
    I have actually never considered it but I know people who have more than one and I really do applaud their persistence.

    Lagos, Nigeria