What’s on Your Blogger Bucket List?


What do you want to do with your blog?

Everyone starts their blog with an idea of what they would like to see happen with it. Whether it be writing improvement, sticking to a project, or changing a career, everyone starts their blog hoping to achieve something.

Having a “bucket list” for your blog is a great way to get at the heart of what you really want to experience.  Be as outrageous as you can imagine or as practical as you need. I personally like the outrageous ones! Too often we get caught up in the day-to-day that we forget we can actually do some amazing things if we just put our minds to it. It never hurts to be outrageous, and if it goes to show, I had some pretty outrageous things on my bucket list that actually came true! Like once, I met Anna Wintour, which was totally crazy, but it actually happened!

Here are some examples of what could be on your list:

  • Travel the world with my blog
  • Make a great friend through blogging
  • Getting a Front Row seat at a Fashion Week Show
  • Getting back stage at a fashion show
  • Meet Anna Wintour
  • Meet Anna Dello Russo
  • Meet Susie Bubble
  • To ask Freja Beja Erichson who does her hair (I know… weird…it's my thing, love her hair)
  • Make a living with my blog
  • Get featured in the New York Times
  • Getting a feature in Vogue
  • Creating a well-respected blog
  • Getting nominated for a Webby
  • Create something new in the blogosphere
  • Become a valuable resource within my community
  • Do a cross country blog trip
  • Do a cross Europe blog trip
  • Predict a new movement in fashion (and have people believe me)
  • Go to all of the big fashion trade shows: Bread & Butter, Project, Magic, etc.
  • Go to all of the big fashion weeks: London, Paris, Milan, NYC
  • Attend a fashion festival like Hyéres
  • Achieve a blog/life balance
  • Have a fun career

What would you put on your blogging bucket list? Do share!!

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30 Responses

  1. sacramento

    I WOULD DEFINITELY WANT to travel the world with my blog.
    Getting to Fashion shows would be grand ( never mind the front or back row)

  2. choolee

    Getting a Front Row seat at a Fashion Week Show
    Getting a feature in Vogue
    Make a living with my blog
    Have a great carreer

    🙂 well these goals are the highest i can set ha? :/

  3. Anita

    Hmm, connect it better with my small bussines and so get more people aware of my cool handmade goodies – make a living with it this way.
    Inspire people to express themselves.

  4. Eva Tornado

    I want to turn my blog in a blogazine, such higher level of blogging. Also I want to become a fashion expert or/and a stylist. =)

  5. Serena Davina

    Travel the World with my blog
    Meet Susie Bubble – cause she is amazing
    Make a living with my blog/or be able to work on my blog part time while I’m in a job I love
    Get a feature in Vogue/ Marie Claire
    Create a blog that people really enjoy and may get people sewing
    Find and go to blog fashion trade shows in London
    Attend the Major Fashion Weeks, just being there would be amazing

    I better stop there, this list could go on for a long time. Will start a Blog Bucket List tomorrow.
    great post!!!

  6. Alice

    Traveling the world with my blog would be amazing
    Meeting Anna Wintour as well she is just so inspiring such an icon
    Creating a well respected blog

  7. Juliana

    I think that it’s really important that each and every blogger makes one of these lists and posts them somewhere they see often because I find that it’s your dreams and goals that really motivate you when you’re feeling uninspired.

    As for what I would have on MY list, and I should warn you, they are quite outrageous, but that’s you wanted Jennine, so here are a few!

    – Interview a blogger (or ex-blogger) such as you, Tavi, or Elsie & Emma from ABW
    – Have a Twitter chat with my readers/do a Q&A type post with questions from my readers
    – Get a ticket to see a Chanel fashion show in Paris

    Thanks for a lovely post, Jennine!

  8. Candice

    My goal is to get better. I want to be better at writing, better at photography and better at designing my blog.

    At this point I’m not focused on making money but if it came that would be great.

    I have made some awesome blogging friends that I keep up with through email and twitter. They are awesome girls who I’ll probably meet in real life one day which has been awesome.

  9. Stephanie Dawn Sjoberg

    Your bucket is is fabulous, however… even though my blog encompasses everything I’ve spent years doing… fashion, cosmetics, decor…. one of my greatest passions is also “relationship psychology” and I have two books I am working on and hope to self publish. This would then cause me to have to travel the world for book signings, so be it! My site has a sort of “relationship article” vein called PURE SPECULATION , which is me sort of getting my feet wet in this genre, and covers different aspects of relationships mistakes and dating. I use the personal lives of friends (fortunately most of them do not read) so nobody gets their feelings hurt! This is a long term goal, with many other goals along the way!

  10. Simply Stylist - Sarah Boyd

    SO many things!! A Simply Stylist TV Show, feature in Vogue (of course), travelling the world…..

  11. Courtney

    I thought I wanted to travel the US with my blog, but it turned out that once I started traveling, I just kind of wanted the experience to be for myself.

  12. Shannon

    My bucket list is pretty short but very meaningful.

    1. Most importantly, I want to meet a new friend or two 🙂
    2. I’d like to partner with one of my favorite brands
    3. I’d like to get to know myself better. This is already starting to happen and it’s pretty amazing.


  13. Liza

    That’s an amazing list! I haven’t thought of my own one yet, but I guess I will totally bring some of your points there. And add some our Russian-related things for sure 🙂

  14. Noemi

    Most of the things in this list are in my bucket list! Basically I would like to be a professional blogger, making a (beautiful) living with my blog an have the chance to meet interesting people around the world. Is it too much?

  15. CynthiaCM

    Big, likely unreachable dreams:

    Attend Fashion Month at all four fashion cities, all expenses paid!
    Food Tour of Europe

    More reachable dreams:

    Features in the major Canadian fashion/lifestyle publications like Flare, Fashion, LOULOU and Toronto Life
    Brand ambassadorship for brands I’m already in contact with
    Attend Canadian Fashion Weeks beyond Toronto (Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver, especially. Montreal SS shows would be difficult, since overlaps TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival))
    Get to more TIFF media events
    Review more restaurants courtesy of PR companies rather than my own wallet

  16. Asia Mays

    My bucket list consists of:

    -Traveling the world
    -attending all the major FWs
    -speaking at Fashion Conferences
    -getting an editorial spot in Harper’s, ELLE, Vogue
    -become a fashion and or beauty ambassador for my DREAM companies

    …I could go on for a while but I want to make my dreams of editorial coverage come true and make a living off of writing.

    This post was such an inspiration, I tell ya.

  17. Senewa

    Travel the world with my blog and make a living with it and get nominated for a webby.Thanks for the post.

  18. La Gamine

    Never really thought about putting together a blogging bucket list but def getting on it and posting it above my desk so I can see it everyday to keep me motivated. Amazing post!

  19. Joy

    well, since you asked!!! I am still working on it but i know i def want to travel!!!

  20. Chérie S.

    Travel the world with my blog and make a living with it
    Make great friends through blogging
    Getting a Front Row seat at a big Fashion Week Shows
    Get featured in all fashion / watch magazine
    Being brand ambassadors
    Have my own brand!


    This post makes me rethink about what I am as a blogger 🙂

  21. Dani Cloutier

    What a great question! I never thought about writing a bucket list for my blog. I’m not involved in the fashion world at all, but this question really caught my attention! I love it.
    So here goes – with my blog, I want to:
    *make a good living
    *blog while travelling everywhere! (mobile blogging – YES!)
    *share my experiences
    *interact with as many different people and cultures as I can
    *help others do the same with their blogs
    Thanks for this post, it was really inspirational to me this morning. danicloutier.com

  22. Amrose

    Among the big list of them:

    -Receive an invitation to a show at NYC Fashion Week
    -Meet Emily from Cupcakes & Cashmere
    -Reach the $30k/year mark from blogging
    -Build relationships with handmade fashion brands
    -Become a go-to blogger for new designers
    -Get a mention in Vogue
    -Use my blog to inspire other mothers to embrace fashion (ongoing!)

  23. Naza

    I would like to have a fun career and win awards for it…Also become a world known stylist..and maybe later have my own clothing line or magazine…:)
    The opportunities are endless…