3 Things My Detox Taught Me About Blogging


Last month, I decided to take on a two-week, super strict sugar detox. I was on a very limited diet that was heavy in greens and other super foods. I'd done detoxes before, but this one was by far the longest. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have lasted that long on a juice cleanse! It was definitely one of the most grueling projects I've ever taken on, but like any major undertaking, I took great solace in accomplishing my cleanse. I lost weight and felt better than I had all summer, but I was most proud of the fact that I'd made it those two weeks.

That's a special kind of feeling. Whether you're finishing a marathon, a year of school, a detox or a big project at work, the accomplishment is that much more special because of all of the hard work, sweat, hours and tears you put into it. It's a milestone, and you have every right to be proud and relish that moment. So why not take that same approach to get that same feeling when you reach the goals you set for your blog? There are some key lessons I learned from detoxing that you can take in your approach to reaching your blog goals.

Chart your course.

We all wish we had more ______ when it comes to our blog. More time to blog. More traffic. More likes and comments. More brands who want to work with us. More $$$. When it came to detoxing, I wanted more healthiness; a solid reset to my system after a summer full of bad eating choices. I set my goals, made a plan and went on my merry detoxing way. After writing our goals down (and I'm a big advocate for writing them down. They have a funny way of coming to life when you put your goals out there!), it's crucial to plot out the steps to make them happen. When you've got plans, you'll have the momentum in the world to make those goals happen.

Persistence is everything.

First few days were difficult but not unexpected; after that came the harder battle. How do I resist all those tempting offers of happy hours with girlfriends and dining out with my boyfriend? I didn't miss the food, but I'd torture myself thinking about the ‘idea' of it – the experiences around food. Kinda like when we torture ourselves thinking about the time we don't have to blog or work on our media kit. You might have to trade in that precious happy hour time to work on that next blog post or finally update that media kit. To get what you want, you have to prioritize and commit to it above everything else.

Small steps lead to big victories.

When you're grouchy, tired and hungry in the middle of a detox, everything you have to do can seem like the biggest chore. In the midst of my detox delirium, I thought – maybe even expected – I'd notice big changes after every day and every meal. I didn't, of course. Sure enough, after it was all said and done I saw that two weeks of hard work really had paid off. When you're struggling through editing photos, reading a post draft for the millionth time, reconfiguring your ads or customizing your media kit for another potential brand sponsorship, remember that each small step will eventually lead you to where you want to be. The process may be painstaking and difficult, but it is always worth it when you're finished.

I want to hear from you! Have you detoxed or taken on a big project – and what lessons did it teach you?

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5 Responses

  1. Asia Mays

    Detox mode teaches you a heck of a lot of patience, and what to do with your hunger. You want that post, brand, placement, whatever as badly as you say you do, just as badly as you want to see a healthier you, you can have that as long as you stay focused, and keep working at it!

    Detox mode also teaches about the “less is more” approach, and how to say “no.”

    Great read.

  2. Alexia

    I know it’s not the subject of this post but could you tell me what detox you were following?

    Lately, I ve been thinking about detoxing but when you look on the internet, there are so many propositions and tips that I just don’t know which one to choose, which one is efficient, and so on, … So, what did you do?

    PS: I’m a huge fan of your blog, your posts are very helpful, great job!


  3. Joy

    great article!!! I just decided yesterday that I was going to do a fast from shopping. my goal is two months!! I tried this before and failed but I am determined to win this time. I need to get some discipline in my life.
    I wrote a personal reflection on how my day went and i would love it if u all could leave some feedback cause i’m not used to sharing anything personal.
    thank you in advance 🙂

  4. Anna Abrell

    Loved this article! I also did a detox like this – I didn’t eat any sugar for 2 weeks, only ate foods that were really low in their glycemic index and didn’t drink any alcohol – it was HARD. The first week, I was in a pretty horrible mood constantly. After that, my mood really improved and I started training for a 10k run (that I then later completed in an hour an a minute – quite good for a beginner). I agree with you that a detox can help you turn things around – even now, I hardly eat sugar anymore. Instead of using honey or normal sugar to sweeten something (and I hardly sweeten anything anymore), I use agave syrup.
    My detox paved the way for a much more healthy lifestyle and I’m so happy I did it. Where did you hear about your no sugar detox?

    Anna xx

  5. Alex

    I have been trying a lot of times to lose weight but i always sabotage myself 🙁 don’t know why I kind of feel like I have two people inside of me pulling to different directions :/ I want to reach my goal and start some projects but I cant until I reach that goal… what do you think? can you give me some advice?