BeauCoo: Your Resource for Diversity & Body Positivity

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The tagline for BeauCoo reads, An inspiring, non-judgmental, #BO-PO (Body Positive) community.

Isn't that what many of us want to see online and in the fashion community? More inclusion and success for bloggers of all ages, races, and sizes, and fashion that's accessible to all?  Several bloggers I admire greatly have written about BeauCoo, and I wanted to explore the site and what it could mean for the IFB Community.

The premise behind BeauCoo is simple: you share your outfit of the day, what I wore, dressing room selfies–with the opportunity to share information about how it fits your body.

Creating Your User Profile:

Unlike some sites, the user profile is simple – a profile picture, your location, and a quick bio. I made sure to link to my blogs in my bio section.  It's a simple trick that's easy to forget – but always use it as an opportunity to talk about yourself and share what you're working on!

One of the coolest features about BeauCoo is your ability to “Edit Dimensions,” aka share your measurements.  This allows other users with a similar build, proportions, or measurements to find you and what you're wearing.  Curious to know how an ASOS dress may fit someone with your measurements?  This is the tool that allows you to do so.

The Pros of BeauCoo:

  • A wonderful, genuine range of body shapes & sizes.
  • No pressure to “keep up” – visually, financially, or otherwise.

I remember a wonderful post that Vahni wrote ages ago,  “Why I'm not on Weardrobe, Chictopia, Lookbook, or Hypeed.”  Vahni said, “Hypes, likes, karma, hearts—whatever the rating system—they’re all votes and judgments doled out by other members based on appearance alone. I don’t want to be a part of that. I am more than my face, my race, my clothes, my hair. I’m not 23 and I’m not a size zero….We don’t all fit into that tiny little white box.”

The beauty of a site like BeauCoo is that you can like a photo. You can want the items in it. But your visibility isn't based on these values, and women are given time and space, regardless of age, ethnicity, or size.   Within minutes of uploading images to BeauCoo, mine were at the top of the posts page!  And by the next morning, they were still in the 20 most recent pictures.  How long you remain at the top depends on how often you update and how often others update the website with images – NOT your popularity!

Because BeauCoo operates off of mobile devices, there isn't the pressure to create compelling, high-quality images.  Most of them are camera phone selfies designed to show off a particular garment and it's fit.  That's it.  This can be wonderful if you feel at a disadvantage because of your photography skills (or lack of photographer boyfriend).  In the competitive world of blogging, sometimes simplicity is just enough.

As someone who wants to encourage fashion for all, and accessibility to great clothes, it's nice to see a site designed with that in mind. It really just operates to allow body positivity and women in fashion to shine.

The Cons of BeauCoo:

The two biggest complaints I have of BeauCoo would be:

  • The inability to upload images to BeauCoo from your computer.
  • The limited FAQ on the website.

When I first signed up, I thought, “Great! I'll upload some of my outfit of the days, so people can see how these pieces fit a plus-size blogger.”  And then found I couldn't upload them.  After reaching out to BeauCoo to find out if I was just stupid or missing it, it seems the only way to upload images is from the BeauCoo app, which is available on the Android and the iPhone.

By limiting uploads to mobile devices, it can compromise the quality of the images.  The use exclusivity towards mobile devices is a double-edged sword: while it creates a level playing field among the images, it also creates no standard.  Pictures may be dark and grainy, where it can be difficult to see the clothes and fit.

All of my frustrations regarding the site were compounded by the fact that the HELP has approximately 7 questions answered. And not one of them ACTUALLY tells you how to upload your images or how to get started on the site.  Despite leaving feedback that this was confusing and there isn't any information, it seems it hasn't actually been added or addressed, either.

Building Community:

If you're a blogger who promotes body positivity, fashion for all, and shares your own daily outfits, this could be a great site for community building.  It would allow you to reach out to other bloggers and fashion lovers, exposing your site and style to new readers regularly.  As bloggers, we're always looking for new audiences.

Bloggers are always stretched for time when it comes to social media, and I'm a big advocate of using it smartly.  The nice thing about BeauCoo is that you can easily add it into your social media day with minimal effort.  You can quickly upload images when you're trying on clothes at the store, or drop your photo into the app at the same time you're uploading it to Instagram.   It's minimal effort to get started, and like Instagram, it's easy to interact and engage with other users.

Has anyone else checked out BeauCoo and explored it in more depth? We'd love to hear your feedback on the app and site, and your experiences as using it as a blogger!  I'm still an early user (with a whooping 2 photos listed!), but hope to see more how I can make it work as a blogger.

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10 Responses

  1. Zero Style

    I reviewed BeauCoo back in July, and I think I am the only negative reviewer to date. I disagree with some of their language and I think their current policies prevent male identified and gender non-conforming folks from participating. You also cannot delete your account, which is unfortunate. I do like the concept of BeauCoo though, and I think with a few small tweaks, it could be something really wonderful and inclusive.

  2. CynthiaCM

    Trying it now. What’s with square photos only? I understand if you’re Instagram, but I want to show my entire look from head to tow, not just the top and part of the bottom!

  3. Victoria MacLean

    Thanks for the great review and feedback Ashley – sorry you had trouble finding the answers you’re looking for! We were just about clarify photo upload and we’re just working on re=prioritizing web upload because of awesome feedback like yours. We’re on it!

    As far as the FAQ – we’re always working on adding new FAQ’s as we get asked – we’ll add some answers for photo upload tonight and it should grow quickly over the next few months.

    Thanks again for the great feedback – we really do listen and try to improve BeauCoo every day.

    As a P.S – check out the video project we just launched – it’s called the Stories Project and it’s a place for women to share inspiring stories about body positivity –

  4. Kayvona

    So I signed up and so far I think its ok. Even though you can look at people who have the same measurements I still don’t relate to them. I just had a baby so I have a little bit of baby fat but when I look at my fit category, the girls are bigger than me. I’m not sure how well it will work for me when it comes to the fit part but I do like looking at outfit inspiration so I’ll keep it.