IFB Project #118: Sweater Girls


Sweaters. I love the cozy warmth, but have always had an issue finding the perfect sweater that doesn't bring out the frump. Maybe it's just me. Anyway, it makes for some pretty dramatic searches for the perfect sweater every year. One that requires looking how other people style for inspiration. So this week, let's inspire each other!

IFB Project #118: Share your sweaters!

This week share your favorite sweater, is it new or something you’ve had in your wardrobe for a long time? Is it new? Does it have a special story? Share it with us!

[Image credit: The Locals]

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  1. mary-katherine

    how do i actually do the link-up? i included a link in my post and linked to this page but do not see my post in the group so that must not be the right way to do it haha.
    i am clearly so new to blogging but would love to take part in these awesome link-ups!