Monogram Blogger Contest Winner: Fete du Juliet

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This week we will be featuring the winners of Monogram Blogger Contest. First up on the list is Juliet Obodo of Fete du Juliet. Juliet is originally from Nigeria, grew up in New Jersey and Connecticut and now lives in Lower Manhattan. A self-described tomboy in high school, Juliet found her love of fashion through being frustrated seeing her classmates having the same clothes. This put her on the search to find unique finds to help set her apart.

Fete du Juliet started out as a travel guide, but evolved to encompass Juliet’s broad range of interests, including fashion. She features finds from indie stores and vintage shops as well as beauty and pop culture. It’s a treat to join the party at Fete du Juliet, and we hope you stop by!

See her complete feature here on Monogram, and visit her blog at

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