Do You Dress Like a “Blogger”?

Last week's post on Bloggers: What is the Message We’re Giving to the Next Generation? was just the tip of the iceberg, as I've been increasingly thinking about stereotypes, impressions, and expectations that I have about bloggers, how other bloggers tend to feel, and what those who don't blog think about dress, identity, and blogging, particularly in a fashion realm. What does it all mean, and what's the bigger picture at work?

Thinking back about comments that I have made, said to me, or overheard, I remember one that hit home, being told that I “look like such a blogger today!” What does that even mean?! How is it observed, immediately tagged, and noted? What signifier am I giving off and is being picked up upon that I am not only into fashion, and a writer, but at that, a blogger?

julia new york fashion week

Julia at New York Fashion Week

This past New York Fashion Week, I further observed and exercised the idea that within the high saturation of the stylish set of show goers, I could identify who the bloggers were, based on a scale of homogenous style, in which within the realm of the fashionable uniqueness, there was still a visible uniformity to the mixing and matching of trends and products, interpreted slightly differently on each person, of course.

So how does “unique” actually become actually “uniform” enough to peg down? With any cultural group, be it a popular one or a subculture, there are ways to visually identify people into a certain class or group, and you can also use these discernible semiotics to identify “one of your own;” in this instance, fellow bloggers (p.s. if you are interested in this subject, read the all-time classic text “Subculture: The Meaning of Style”  by Dick Hebdige).

I don't necessarily think it's a bad thing to be identified as possessing “blogger style,” and if we were to consider bloggers as its own group, looking back years from now (or even today!), there is sure to be a definition as to the modus operandi and style associated.

Perhaps taking a stab at it now, we can say that the “signature blogger style evolved out of the freedom born through the nonrestrictive, self ownership environment of the internet,  enabling bloggers to act on and publicly display a freedom of individual style, in many cases documented through their own images and made freely available to the masses view, comment, and share.”  As definitions go, this is just a generalization, and there are exceptions within the niche of what each blogger does and writes about, but I do find it striking that somehow a harmony in style can be acutely found across such a multitude of individuals sharing the same profession and/or hobby.

How would you define “blogger style”?

[Top image credit: Shit Bloggers Wear]

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Blogging at her site Fashion Pulse Daily since 2008 and working on fashion's editorial side since 2003 has lent Julia the acumen to think creatively and endure in the colliding worlds of blogging, fashion and beauty. New York City is her backdrop for inspiration (and many a outfit photo), where she is often found on her couch, feverishly typing away at her latest post, with her trusty feline at her side. Follow her on Instagram , Twitter, and Pinterest.

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  1. Alicia {River City Chic}

    I think there are definitely pieces that so many bloggers have (the Zara origami skirt, the thin ankle strap sandal) that gives me clues that someone is a fashion blogger! I own some of these pieces, but I try not to go overboard with them to maintain my own personal sense of style!

    xo, Alicia
    River City Chic

  2. Reci Rich

    I have definitely noticed a similarities in blogger style worldwide! It seems like one inspiration is trickling around instead of many bloggers sharing what makes them unique. You can look at 5 style blogger’s sites and they all shop the same e-tailers and giveaway the same products… A little research on new or local brands/designers/retailers will change that easily…

  3. Reci Rich

    I have definitely noticed similarities in blogger style worldwide! It seems like one inspiration is trickling around instead of many bloggers sharing what makes them unique. You can look at 5 style blogger’s sites and they all shop the same e-tailers and giveaway the same products… A little research on new or local brands/designers/retailers will change that easily…

    • Lorna

      Agreed, we all love the high street but as i consider myself an independent , surely it makes sense to seek and promote ( as I do) new labels.

      I try my best to champion new brands as well as what’s out there already. ( yup I love a bit of Zara like the next girl) After all fashion is about embracing the new , why look like everyone else?

      It was this year at London fashion week I really noticed the blogger uniform… I hope it’s a one season trend.

  4. Andra Dorolti

    Honestly, I think I don’t look like a blogger at all!
    I also recognise some girls, from their style, usually dressed by the latest fashion.

    However, I’m not like that at all. I do not shop that much and I do not spend too much on clothes. But most readers are more interested in trends, in the latest fashion. Posts where I’m wearing a new garment are always more popular than when wearing something more basic, or casual and probably 2 years old. I don’t mind that, I’ll keep my personal style. But I believe that most popular bloggers do have a signature… it’s also their attitude and their style, everything.


  5. lei ann

    i was just talking with a blogger friend the other day about the jeffrey campbell litas…which to me is the epitome of fashion blogger style. i personally love the shoe (i have quite a few pairs) & that’s soooo me personal style-wise. she had gotten rid of hers & i still wear mine, but now wonder if that “dates” me as a blogger…like everyone used to wear them & now no one does 🙁

    • Jordan Chapman

      I agree with you completely, and if I could get my hands on a pair, so many of my posts would feature those Litas! It was one of those things small pockets of bloggers love, and now they’ve gone out, but I can see them coming back soon!!

      • Epp

        I just bought Lita boots a couple of months ago but not because they were in but because they are truly comfortable and amazing to wear! I think bloggers should come out of their comfort zone and instead of wearing something that is “trendy” wear something they legitimately enjoy and love 😉


  6. Onianwah

    I do agree with Andra that it is way more than the outfit itself but is more about the style. Like you said Juia, there does seem to be a certain freedom about bloggers and how they look. They don’t look constricted even when they are trying to conform to a particular environment eg. me at work.
    I am really not surprised though that ‘bloggers’ have a uniform way we look. It spills over from one blog to the other and from one blogger to the other.

    Lagos, Nigeria

  7. TlvBirdie

    World is all about the stereotypes. And as long as we – bloggers – create them, we are able to make them upside down. The thing is to keep yourself straight and faithful, my personal taste and the way I dress not for cameras in my daily life, that is smth that brought me into blogging and make other people stay on my blog.
    I prefer people think of “blogger style” as something eclectic and with a personal touch, rather than Zara origami skirt and other “skeletons in our closets”. I’ve spotted some bloggers style on LA Fashion week and very excited to share these pictures through my blog –

    Olya from TLV Birdie Blog

  8. Asia Mays

    I do understand where your friend was coming from stating that you “look like such a blogger,” but that could’ve been in the general term. Although we each have our own niche and style, we do come together with certain elements and pieces that we as bloggers may only wear.

    Interesting, reflective piece.

  9. Clothes But Not Quite

    Blogger style for me is kind of hard to define. Maybe the blogger look is someone who looks polished and interesting. That being said, I think sometimes the blogger look is not very original. Sure some street style bloggers wear some very interesting things, but on many of the blogs I follow I keep seeing Valentino RockStud pumps, the Phillip Lim Boom sweatshirt and mustard crossbody, the Zara origami skirt, etc. Nothing very original at all. I am always captivated by someone wearing something original. I may not want that look for myself, but I always love seeing originality whether it is on a blogger or someone else.

  10. Rebecca Pollard

    I think we should also discuss the pressures that bloggers feel to look and dress the part. Just because I’m a fashion blogger doesn’t mean I have to dress like one every day. In fact, just because I’m a fashion blogger doesn’t mean that I post pictures of myself all day. There are definitely stereotypes that have become associated with the role, but it is important to break those stereotypes by voicing who we are as individuals.

    – Rebecca

  11. carried away

    It is not easy to define your style, and when you want others to see you as an inspiration, then it becomes even more difficult. I believe all fashion bloggers inspire each other and of course we may have a certain look that we give away and that might put us under the same umbrella. But what I always try to remember is that my blog is me, my past and present experiences, my life, and that is what will make it unique. Even if we share the same trend it does not necessarily mean that we send the same message. And this is the real challenge, keeping the message true to yourself, to your own style.

  12. Manon from My Style Diary

    Personally, I have been thinking about this a lot and I have come to the following conclusion: Everyone who reads other people’s fashion blogs, reads magazines, watches runway shows etc. is influenced by all of these different media’s. But, personal style is not about copying what other people wear, it’s about what you like and want to wear. If you like that Zara origami skirt or Alexander Wang Rocco bag, wear them! If you don’t like the strappy Zara sandals, don’t wear them. Just because something is on trend or other blogger’s wear them doesn’t mean you have to wear them because you are a blogger.
    So yes, there definitely are people who can be classified as ‘dressed like a blogger’ but to be honest, it really doesn’t matter if they like what they are wearing. I just think that it’s a pitty, because fashion is about expressing yourself through clothes and if everyone wears to same, there’s not much new to learn.
    On the other hand, if blogger’s wear the same pieces, you can see the different ways they style them and interpret them into their own personal style. Which I think is valuable and interesting to read. After all, we all love fashion and we can all wear whatever the we want. 🙂

  13. Candice Shaw

    This is so interesting. I waited so long to start my blog because I didn’t feel that I fit the mold of a blogger. I’m not super skinny or extremely beautiful and while I have some trendy pieces for the most part I go thrifting and shop at discount stores. Eventually I said to hell with it and I’m so glad I blog now. I don’t look like a “blogger” but I am one 🙂

  14. Lix

    I think I’m too new and unobservant to pinpoint a blogger style. Haven’t noticed that at all.

    • Naza

      Me too! BTW i love your blog! The colours are sooo distracting…makes me want to live on your page! What frames do you use for your pictures? S beautiful and eye-catching!

  15. Kiri

    I think you can tell a more known blogger by what she’s wearing because she’ll always wear the latest gear. I’d like to think I have my own style BUT I must admit that I don’t dress like a blogger because it’s hard to keep up with everything when you are self-funded!! 🙂


  16. Juliana

    I think it’s really cool how you wrote this post now because the other day, I was just noticing how all the girls at my high school dresses the same and what I wear would be considered different. But in the blogosphere, it’s not that different. It’s like we’re running in different circles or something, when in reality, it’s not that different.

  17. Q

    I have never been pointed out as a blogger, but people often ask me or rather tell me that I work in fashion. For a real working closet it is natural to wear the clothes you blog… after all its your closet right?… I have had many offers of free items too endorse… I have declined every single one…. if it is NOT what I would go out and purchase then I refuse to blog it… to take an item from a brand that you wouldn’t ordinarily purchase in my eyes is so disingenuous… I know a lot of bloggers do it… but I knew when I started my blog that I would stick to that rule. so with that said… it is natural for me to be seen out wearing the items in my post. I agree with the post above about the Zara origami skort…. hence why I stayed as far away from it as possible. individual style for me, is what blogging is all about.

  18. Chelsey

    I totally get this. My best friend commented on my Instagram and said that I “take pics like one of those fashion bloggers” before. I take it as a compliment, because I love the style of blogger fashion and photography. It’s hard to specifically define “blogger style”, but I think of it as a certain confidence to wear the trendier pieces of the season as everyday wear.

  19. Lara

    Perhaps “blogger style” is just a confident way of dressing? Bloggers look at fashion and trends all day, and are confident enough to try them, mix them up even – for their “individual” take on style.

  20. Sarah G.

    I honestly don’t believe I dress like a fashion blogger. I guess it also affects how I perceive what kind of blog I have since even if I do post outfit posts, I feel like they are so different from the fashion bloggers I see online that sometimes I don’t feel like a fashion blogger!

    But at the end of the day I always have to remind myself that I’m not that girl I see on popular fashion blogs and so I don’t always have to dress like them because then I wouldn’t be showing my own sense of style and I’d just be copying them.


  21. Laptop Lookbook

    I think bloggers do follow the latest trends, but as bloggers they should. It doesn’t mean it reflects their own personal style. I enjoy seeing bloggers comment on trends and then talk bout whether or not it works for their body type. Trends are not made for all, style is personal. So even if you see a blogger in an outfit, let it inspire you to make it your own.

  22. Arielle Berze

    Dressing like a “blogger” is time consuming and expensive. I’m a personal style blogger, but I don’t think I dress like the main bloggers out there. Sure, they influence me – I wore one outfit and felt very Liz Cherkasova, but hey, I liked the outfit.
    I think that the big name bloggers do tend to have a few of the same pieces – those Isabel Marant boots for instance – and despite the fact that I love them, I simply can’t afford them. Same with the Giuseppe Zanotti lace up sandals. Love them, but not the price tag. So while I agree, there are certain pieces that bloggers gravitate towards, I don’t know if wearing those same pieces means you dress like a blogger or not.

    Arielle from Tangled Musings

  23. Olya Y

    Interesting topic to discuss! At some points I have been feeling that I need to buy some item just because several bloggers featured it. It created a sort of pressure: because I like and respect them I felt that I “need” to have something they have. But it’s important to not lose yourself as you get inspiration from other bloggers! Fashion bloggers should do their best to maintain their individual styles, otherwise it would be boring.


  24. Pinksole

    Ok so recently they renovated the J.Crew factory by me and had a big re-opening. I woke early that day dressed in shorts and a t-shirt to check it out (I was in full on shopping mode) as I knew they had a big sale and that the store would get crazy. As I was picking a few of my favorite items including a houndstooth pencil skirt, a field jacket and a statement necklace a lady at the store stopped me to tell me that she loved my picks and she felt like those are things that A fashion blogger would choose. I was stunned, then I replied that I was actually a blogger. Come to find out she was the district manager for J.Crew. Til this day I can’t tell what made her say that, I’ve only been a blogger for 1 year and a half so those are things I would have picked out whether I was a blogger or not. weird…

  25. Budziak

    I generalize “blogger style” as anything trending under fashion on Pinterest. I’m not that stylish, except when it comes to work/office outfits and that’s only because my boyfriend called me frumpy once and I try to look better to spite him. On a basic level, I think blogger style is anything that gives you confidence, for me, that’s a cute, simple, classy, polished look. It’s different for everyone.
    Confession: I still dress like a beachy teenager on weekends.

  26. Antionette Blake

    A blogger style of dressing…interesting, I guess he or she would always want to look their best each and every time they leave the house, despite the clothing they chose to wear.

  27. Lisa

    Thank you for this post!! I really don’t have that ”look” at all and found myself pondering my creativity/credibility . I guess its not so bad being considered either or. Thanks again for discussing one of the many fascinating prospects of being a fb/blogger.