Join Us for “From Closet to Career” a Fashion Blogging Mini-Conference with Garance Doré


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If your dream is to become a professional fashion blogger, and you’re stuck at your day job, this is your lucky day! We are partnering with Crossroads Trading Company to bring you an evening mini-conference– it’s everything great about #IFBcon, but smaller… and free!

From Closet to Career:  Everything You Need to Know About Professional Fashion Blogging

On Thursday, November 7th, 2013 at the Helen Mills Theater in Chelsea, we will have a panel discussion with fashion bloggers, an affiliate marketing expert and a media attorney to hash out what you need to know to build your brand (and career) as a fashion blogger.

Panel moderated by Jennine Jacob, Founder of IFB:

  • Brian Igel, Media, Arts and Entertainment Attorney,Bellizio & Igel
  • Hilary Sloan, Business Development, Shopstyle by POPSUGAR
  • Jessie Artigue, Fashion Blogger and Crossroads Style Council Member,Style & Pepper
  • Bonnie Barton, Fashion Blogger and Crossroads Style Council Member, Flashes of Style


A Conversation with Garance Doré

We’ll top off the event with a conversation with famed blogger and street style photographer, Garance Doré.  Led by Crossroads’ Marketing Director, Erin Wallace, this conversation will include questions directly from the IFB community. So if you have your questions ready for Garance, leave them in the comments section of this post!

The event will conclude with a wine and cheese reception, where attendees will have an opportunity to be photographed and network with all in attendance.

Space is VERY Limited, so register now. Tickets will be granted on a first come, first serve basis, and are exclusive to IFB members.

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25 Responses

    • Jennine Jacob

      Hey there… so sorry, but we will not be streaming this. Live streams are quite expensive, and this is a small event. Hope you understand!

      • The Redhead

        Can’t you record it with any camera and upload it here for the rest of us? Please???

  1. Camila Carril

    The email was sent out 30 minutes ago and it has already finished? Oh no! Unlucky me. Would love to join if there is still any free space! 🙂
    C x

  2. Usua

    Are you going to stream it online?
    I’ll be in NY next autum, please repeat this event! it sounds absolutelly amazing!

  3. Melanie Sutrathada

    I’m definitely looking forward to attending this event and would love to meet up with a few other bloggers who are coming too (:

  4. Anggraini Hapsari

    I really want to join but can’t since i’m all the way here in Indonesia

  5. Rhea

    I got the invite yesterday around 12:28pm when I tried to get a ticket I was put on the wait list. What are the chances of actually getting a ticket? I really would love to go and network with amazing bloggers!!

  6. Rebecca

    Please say you’ll record it for those of us who aren’t local! Would so love to learn and hear all the amazing insight!

  7. gemma may

    i would love to attend this – i literally arrive in new york from australia the day before – such perfect timing !!

  8. lane

    WOW, what a great evening, I wish I lived there!! You New Yorkers have quite the opportunity! ENJOY It. Cheers.

  9. Knit The Runway

    Thank you for the invite. Wish I could attend. Hope those that do attend will be kind enough to blog about some of the highlights and share some of the tips that they learned.

  10. Cay Ferg

    I think this is going to be a great event and I can’t wait to meet some of you there!! See you all tonight!

  11. Jeremy Cabral

    Dear Jennine,

    I didn’t know how to get in touch with you. So I thought the best way would be through a post with you byline. I was so found of IFB and loved the concept. But ever since I’ve joined the community mail inbox is jammed with users asking to just follow eachother. Is blogging become just number game. After reading so many worthy articles on your site. I expected some real time interactions and getting to know blogger worldwide more closely. But here being a member seems no less than spam when daily 20 people just mail you generic mails asking you to follow them on various networking sites.

    I was interested in knowing your thoughts on the same.

    Regards, Jeremy