Get Snappy! 9 Awesome Photo Tutorials for Fashion Bloggers


We talk a lot about photography here on IFB, but the truth is, we're not professional photographers. Sure, I took photography in college, because it was required for my degree. That was a long time ago and before digital photography came around. The great thing about the internet and photography, is that there is a lot of great information out there written by photographers who are passionate about the craft. So if you're struggling to make your photos look amazing awesome, struggle no more, these photo tutorials will help you get out of your photo funk and push you to the next level.

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    I am an amateur photographer but having a blog and seeing all these amazing pictures just makes you want to get better.
    I will be in London for the next two weeks and I registered to Nikon school for a seminar. It sounds like a good place to start if you have a Nikon camera.

  2. Arielle

    Really helpful for people starting out! I have been back to photography for some time now and after awhile these things become second nature. You see an image and automatically think of the rule of thirds to really boost composition. Knowing which ISO to set your camera to when you switch from direct sunlight to shade. And when aperture vs. shutter priority is your main concern. Thanks for the tips!

  3. Nwa Lo

    Perfect! Thanks for the tips! I am getting into street style photography in my city and this was really helpful!

  4. Sarah-Louise

    ALWAYS timely with your posts Jennine I just bought a DSLR and have been looking for some good tutorials! Have also enrolled in a wee short photography course.

    @loma thanks for sharing that link also -I’ll be checking it out 🙂