IFB Project #119: Pump it up

Shoe trends come and go, but one kind of shoe is consistently my favorite. The classic pump. With a pointy toe. Yeah, sure, they're not that great for your feet, but that's what orthopedic surgery is for right? Kidding! Sort of. Anyway! After years of sky high platform shoes that can also be considered works of art both in form and in being able to walk in them, the classic pump has made a comeback. Sleek, chic and understated, a pair of pumps can make any outfit work. Even jeans and a tee shirt!

IFB Project #119: Create a look with pumps

This week share your favorite pair of pumps, are they new or something you’ve had in your wardrobe for a long time? Do they have a special story? Share it with us!

[Image credit: Style Scrapbook]

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  1. Jennifer

    I love this project! I have a pair of mint green pumps I’ve been dying to try with black and white. Who knows what direction I’ll go, but this is an awesome challenge.