5 Mistakes I Made in Naming My Blog


Right now I'm considering starting a new blog. It's very much in the idea phase, but after years of experience, I think it's time to try something new. Instead of just jumping into it and starting (like I did pretty much every time) I'm going through a very deliberate process using everything that I've learned, and all the mistakes that I made… guess what, it's time to put those mistakes into trusted knowledge.

For all my blogs, I just threw on a name without much of a plan. Whatever sounded good at the time. “Independent Fashion Bloggers” has a lot of keywords, but it's super long, and making it into a URL is just wayyyy too long. “The Coveted” was short and sweet, but no keywords, and I didn't buy the .com. So here are the lessons I've learned the hard way…

Keyword Rich

Never underestimate how many people find your blog from Google. In August I had a feature in Nylon Magazine for Eat, Sleep, Denim. Do you know how the journalist found my blog? By Googling, “Denim Blog.” If you have keywords in your blog name, it makes it easier for people searching your niche to find you. It's probably the easiest way to build a following.

Short & Sweet

Definitely pick a name that doesn't take forever to say, or require an explanation. Like your actual name, you will have to say your blog name, type your blog name, put your blog name on business cards, spell out your URL, give out your email address and the list goes on…. is it making you tired? Well, if you have a long blog name it's more tiring. Keep it short and sweet to save yourself the time.


If your blog is in English, and you want to hit the international audience (not so important if you have more the local markets in mind) go with .com. Period. I went with .net, and another blogger took .com and ended up in a headache and a lawsuit. It's ok, I won, but still… not a cool experience to go through.

Be sure your blog name matches your URL with no dashes or underscores. I cannot tell you the headaches I've had from trying to say “heartifb.com” (explaining why the website is not called “Heart IFB)  or “the-coveted.com” (the dash coveted dot com).

Easy to Say

Like the short and sweet tip, if it's not easy to say, or it's confusing to to other people (sounds like other words for instance) you will have to spell it out. People get confused easily, so you want to make it easy for them to remember your blog.


Sometimes I think I would made fun more of a priority if my blog had a fun name. People like to have fun on the internet, and if your blog's name is fun they'll be more apt to stop by when they have a minute to spare.

What mistakes have you made naming your blog?

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76 Responses

  1. Alexandria Adair

    When I first started I made the same exact mistake. My blog was called “For The Love Of Sweetie Bear.”

    1 – That’s super super long! and

    2 – “Sweetie Bear” is my nickname between really close friends, so it was exhausting to have to explain what it meant all the time

    I had to sit down and think about what I wanted people to take away from the site. I brainstormed a huge list of related words and then mixed and matched until I got “Glitter Brains.” Much easier to say, and more reflective of my content.

  2. Clothes But Not Quite

    I regret nothing about my blog’s name. Yes it’s long but people seem to truly enjoy the play on words. And the best part? It was super easy getting .com and my blog’s name everywhere on social media.

  3. mickysantos

    I’ve been looking for a good name for a beauty blog in English for AGES, the only reason why I haven’t started it yet is because I can’t think of a name!

  4. Katie

    My blog’s name is katielikeme.com. I don’t think that it’s a bad name, but when you see just the URL or the name, it doesn’t look like a personal style blog. But I think it makes sense with the kind of blog the I am.


    Mi blog name is in Spanish : MIS PAPELICOS ( my little cutouts) but most of the English speaking world have found a way around it and call it MIs P when they need to which I would never have thought of.
    Great post as ever Jennine.

  6. Jen @ Jen Darling

    Totally agree with all of this. I agonized over my blog name. I know that one of my goals as a writer is to publish and I know I’ll use J.K.H. Nelson, so that URL was easy. But coming up with a name for my blog was a total pain. I’m still not in love with Jen Darling a year later, but its easy to change if my content changes and it doesn’t fit anymore. Right now it’s just there taking up space on the internet! sigh…..

    Thanks for posting Jennie!

  7. Jen @ Jen Darling

    Totally agree with all of this. I agonized over my blog name. I know that one of my goals as a writer is to publish and I know I’ll use J.K.H. Nelson, so that URL was easy. But coming up with a name for my blog was a total pain. I’m still not in love with Jen Darling a year later, but its easy to change if my content changes and it doesn’t fit anymore. Right now it’s just there taking up space on the internet! sigh…..

    Thanks for posting Jennine!

  8. Rebecca Pollard

    My blog is sooo hard to say… event when I say it, people can’t understand me or they don’t know how to spell it.

    Can Ya Heel Me?

    Once they get it – they really get it and LOVE the name, but definitely difficult to finally get it across. I feel like I should just always be wearing a button or something so that they get it right away.

  9. CynthiaCM

    DelectablyChic!’s predecessor was called Prospere Magazine. It was supposed to be a fashion/dining/business site. However, after having difficulty getting enough diversity when it came to women and business ownership (one can only have so many “lifestyle coaches”), I had to change the name. DelectablyChic! was what I came up with as one can find both style and food “delectable” and “chic”! I have had much more success with PR contacts as DelectablyChic!, but I don’t get nearly as many offers (for money/sponsorship) as true fashion bloggers who feature themselves. Some people say that they still don’t really quite “get” my site by its name, but frankly, it’s a bit too late to make another change. I think I’ll basically have to start over, considering my relationship with various PR companies.


  10. The Internet and The Unicorn

    oooooooooooo! I totally agree whole heartedly with this post. I had gone through, AND brainstormed sooooooo many blog names. So many seemed so brilliant until it ended up being a pain in the ass. Anyways, I ended up with


    because I felt that it was unique and kind of hit spot on the concept. It’s kinda long and typing that handle into instagram is a bitch, but that’s a con I am willing to live with.

  11. Ashley Robison

    Oof! Definitely going with the “hard to say/hard to spell” angle. Dramatis Personae – that’s a helluva lot to say. I’d also add: it’s on a different URL (mischiefmydear.com) and together they’re just…. what they are.

    Nowadays, it’s hard to get the URL, Twitter, Instagram, etc. handle for Dramatis Personae, too. So I’m a mixture of names all over the internet.

  12. Alicia {River City Chic}

    I named my blog when I transferred to a college in Richmond, Virginia. It’s called River City Chic, River City being a nickname for Richmond. I didn’t really think in the long-term, and the fact that Richmond was a temporary living situation.

    I moved out of Richmond in July, but my blog had built up a decent following that changing the name would take away years of hard work. So I’m just sticking to it. I would advise against regional names unless its broad (aka. “The South,” “The Mid-West” etc) and/or you KNOW you want to live there for a very long time.

    xo, Alicia
    River City Chic

  13. Eva Tornado

    I think I’ve done all correct =) Yes, I used dash, but it can be spelled out pretty easy – ko-te.com. Also is funny – “kote” in Russian means funny name of a cat =)

  14. Kristian

    My blog is named Never Fully Dressed (Without a Style). And I’ve definitely thought about changing it. It’s a looong name plus there are several others quite similar to it that are either also blogs (mostly defunct) or stores. I couldn’t get the just Never Fully Dressed URL either, so we chose to go with “www.withoutastyle.com” which is quick and pretty easy. Plus, I was able to make my handles on Twitter and Instagram @withoutastyle.

    So, I’ve considered shortening it to just Without a Style, but still get occasional emails or comments saying people like the pun (since the original phrase is You’re never fully dressed without a smile). So.. who knows…

    • CynthiaCM

      You know, the first thing I thought of was that song from Annie!!! Love your blog’s name!

  15. Style Context

    Interesting article. It took me weeks (months?) to settle on a name for my blog. I kept putting off writing a blog because I couldn’t decide on a name. I researched names and found a site that suggested taking cues from established blog names like “cupcakes and cashmere.” so for a while I played with the idea of naming my blog “leopard and mint” since I really love leopard and mint. I even registered a wordpress account and twitter account with that name, but thankfully I decided against it. And I say thankfully because there are sooo many blogs with names that copy the “cupcakes and cashmere” or “stripes and sequins” format. One speaker at Luckyfabb last weekend even poked fun at those names saying they were unoriginal.
    I think that when considering a name you should have a tagline in mind and a story to tell that expounds on the name. Your blog is a brand after all.

  16. Daniel Dunt

    I’ve ceased blogging about fashion to focus on other projects now, but when I first started I called my blog “That’s so New York”, despite being based in the UK and completely ignoring how many other sites had “New York” in their titles or pages, meaning there was no way I was ever going to receive huge amounts of traffic through search engines. I then renamed my blog to simply my name, “Daniel Dunt”, and everything was much simpler, as it meant when I was interviewed or featured anywhere, that would show up by just searching my name – as well as all of my social feeds, which proved outstanding for traffic and growing my social following. At one point I was at over 14,000 on my Facebook fan page and had an accompanying 4,000 Twitter followers which have continued to aid the development of my new projects. Short, sweet and simple is definitely the way to go! I find that using your name is helpful as it can prove handy if you ever decide to move away from blogging, which I eventually did. I didn’t think I would when I first started almost 3 years before, but now I’m glad I decided to make that name change when I did.

  17. Natalie Salinas

    I wish I’ve would read this before!
    I don’t think my blog has a bad name: Pretty on Heels, but I don’t feel related to the name, I think that doesn’t identify me anymore. Also, I have a problem with the Google research: there’s a tumblr and a facebook page (which aren’t publishing, currently) but they appear way up on the first page and mine (I publish every week) appears at the bottom of the same page.

  18. Taylor

    my blog is called For Sure J’Adore. I started my blog nearly three years ago and I kind of regret calling it that because it’s so hard to say and I have to explain it to everyone…. I was actually thinking of starting a new blog too…The hardest part about starting a blog for me is coming up with the name.

    Question: My blog is hosted by WordPress, and I noticed that since I switched over from Blogger, my images that I post don’t show up on Google images…Obviously Blogger is a Google site, but it just seems like it is too difficult to get my images on google from wordpress…does anyone know how I can change this/why? All insights welcome! Thanks!! 🙂


    • Bike Pretty

      Hi Taylor, are you adding alt tags to your images in WordPress? I add about twenty keywords to my images (including the name of my blog and keywords related to my niche) and find that my images show up high in the list on Google images.

  19. ReciRich

    My name is Reci Rich and my blog is ReciRich.com even though I have pondered on changing it to something more phrasy (is that a word? LOL) But with all this talk about personal branding I figured it would be perfect even though if you google ReciRich all my social media and website content fills the first 2 pages on google but Reci Rich with a space pulls up my Facebook and stuff about RECIpes SMH

  20. Tiffany Wood

    My blog is called TorontoBlonde.com. I love the name because they’re the two things that I indentify with most, being blonde and living in the best city in the world. Sometimes I feel that my blog name has kept me confined to a specific type of person, a Toronto blonde. I have thousands of international views but I’m always wondering if I would have more had my blog name been different!
    Thanks for posting xo

  21. Lauren

    I made the mistake of naming my fashion blog after myself when I first made it (I couldn’t think of any cute names that weren’t already taken). About 2 months after I started blogging, I decided that redesign was the best option because I never really liked a self-titled blog. Now I’ve decided on Sugar & Shine and I love it!

  22. Jenny

    My blog, Cao Bella, is about me and all that I find beautiful, which is fashion and living in Hawaii. The problem is people don’t know how to pronounce my last name (story of my life!), so often times they pronounce it “cow” rather than “ciao” which is a more accurate pronunciation. I don’t regret it though–my blog is about me and as much as I wish I had a name everyone could pronounce, I embrace that I’m different!
    <3 Jenn from Cao Bella

  23. Cristiane Santos

    Imagine a brazilian blog with an italian name: il piccolo mondo di cri. It’s my blog! I tried to make a sweet header, writing piccolo (= small) in lowercase. The visual is fine, but everytime I used to say my blog’s name I had to spell! Now, not too much, because I say the name giving a card at the same time! hahahahhaha I’m really thinking in change the name, but I don’t know how much this can prejudice my blog!

    Nice article that made me think!


  24. Skye Vaillancourt

    My URL/blog name is kind of long, but I loved it so much I had to keep it. It’s Journey to The Center of Fashion (www.journeytothecenteroffashion.com), which is a play on Journey to The Center of The Earth.

  25. fay

    My blog was originally called fuyume as it was entirely about japan but as time went on i wanted to expand the content so it no longer suited. It is now fashion beauty etc which suits it perfectly.

  26. Morgan @ Hyacinth Girl

    I definitely thought hard about naming my blog before I started it. Coming up with names for anything is hard but especially so when it’s going to be your blog for a while!

    I am happy with Hyacinth Girl because it is unique, although it can be challenging to use hyacinthgirl as a username on some social media. Luckily I can amend it to make hyacinthgirlbeauty! My url is http://www.hyacinthgirl.com and there is someone blogging at THEhyacinthgirl.com but not about beauty. I have to admit that did trip me up but there’s no risk of brand confusion so I went ahead and bought hyacinthgirl.com. I am so glad I spent the money on a .com url right away. It definitely lends credibility!

  27. TheGirlAtFirstAvenue

    It’s SO hard picking a blog name that you love and is available! I came up with hundreds of names before finalizing on this one – thegirlatfirstavenue.com Currently I am into fashion blogging but I know I would slowly diversify into other topics so I wanted a name that would be suitable for all. I thought of going with the words ‘fashion’ or ‘style’ in the blog name ‘coz its easier to appear in searches… but they are soooo common and I wanted something unique and general that would be about ‘me and my lifestyle’ and not just fashion. It was easy to get a .com, instagram, facebook and everything else for this. I love the name but sometimes I do feel its a tad bit long.. what do you guys think? Would love a different perspective.

  28. TlvBirdie

    Well, I named my blog TLV Birdie and feel so good with this name at the beginning. It started with window display and fashion visual merchandising observations over Tel Aviv (TLV), and has grown up into personal fashion and lifestyle blog. Core themes of the blog expanded a little but name remained the same. Sometimes I wish I could rename my blog for something less personal, but at the end of the day, probably that is my type of a name – not keyword reach, but expresses the personality “behind the scene”

    Olya from TLV Birdie

  29. Amanda

    Until I finally settled on my current blog name, it was named ‘Love is Everything’ and ‘City Spirit’, until I realized that what I was really blogging about were the things that I loved. ‘Panda’ is my nickname and so it was really that simple. It was about 2 years after I started blogging that I came to the realization, but these tips are SO on point!


  30. Daisy-Fashion Memos

    Nice post:) I think I spent weeks researching on a name for my blog.. asking friends about names that could be potentially attractive for them to open and read… a lot of work but of course it also comes from my business education:)

    Anyways, in the end my blogs name is FASHION MEMOS…I wanted it to be about famous and unfamous people that has given something to the fashion industry and a part of that to write about things that I am passionate about:)

  31. Liza

    I’ve spent just one or two days thinking about my blog name, because the main idea was just obvious. You know, my region says it all – I live in Siberia. And once I say this to any person, it’s becoming a huge surprise (and also a reason of MANY cold weather-bears-GULAGs-vodka jokes lol). But this is totally something specific and unique in some way and that’s why I wanted to use the word “Siberia” in my blog. All in all I came to “That Siberian Girl” which is not super long, easy to pronounce and quite good for searching engines.

  32. Kristin

    Hi there! I dont think independentfashionbloggers.com is too long. Judging from just the amount of comments already on your post, you’ve built a very valuable brand. Maybe another option would be indyfashionbloggers.com?

    I also went through a similar name change with my blog (before i had one called Here Nor There — a bit too generic.)

    I just launched my new one (a travel blog with my sisters) at callhomedear.com

    I do feel your pain, and will keep reading your content no matter what you decide! Best of luck!

  33. Rebecca for TRENDENEUR.com

    My blog name is definitely good when it comes to the search engines and it’s definitely not easy to say. But I still love it cause it represents me and who I am.
    But definitely see your point!

  34. Xina

    when i started mine january 2012 i NEVER thought i would continue or take it seriously. life is crazy, and time has FLOWN by as i complete project after project. The RENEGADE Fashion Writer doesnt just do fashion, it does art, photography, and pop culture, my life, and the geographic areas of st. pete, tampa, and miami. so i have considered renaming, starting a new blog, or developing my .com (currently a blogspot). but i REALLY enjoy seeing a large number of statistics. if i change it will be low for awhile :-/ but i could start selling my art pieces, images, and merch if i chose. that would be effing awesome! http://www.therenegadefw.blogspot.com

  35. Vain and Simple

    I just recently started my blog, Vain and Simple. Like many of the comments above it took me months before I came up with a name I liked and reflected my style that wasn’t taken. I’m still debating a bit. Mostly because of the point that it doesn’t include a keyword rich word. I’m considering making it Vain and Simple Style but I think that takes away from the word play and short and sweetness of it. I appreciate any thoughts anyone has!

  36. Clara B

    Great tips! I really like my blog’s name (That Girl Magazine) but it isn’t really keyword rich or even indicative of what my blog is about (college life haha)
    I do love my URL though – thatgirlmag.com. It rolls off the tongue 🙂

  37. carried away

    Hi! My blog at first was named The book of faces, since it was the best that I could come up with at that time. But I always felt like the name is not me so I decided to change it. And now is Stylish Dreams. I love it, it’s easy to remember and to find.

  38. Anna Burrows

    My blog’s name is Anna In Venture. I chose it because it has my name “Anna” in it, and the “In Venture” bit reminds me of “Alice In Wonderland”. Plus, the definition of “venture” is “an undertaking that is dangerous, daring, or of uncertain outcome” and I liked how that described my journey into blogging – I was uncertain how it was going to go! (and still am 😛 ). However, I do regret the dashes… Sometimes I wish I had the word “fashion” or “style” in it, but I think my blog name is unique 🙂


    Anna x

  39. Shira

    I originally started off as “sequins and polka dots” but it was a blogspot.com so when I realized I needed a .com, it would’ve cost me over $1,000 to keep the name….So I changed it to asequinloveaffair.com and I actually like it better!:)

  40. Jessica Nichole

    It took me a few blogs and a (long) while to come up with a name I am very satisfied with.


    I feel like it can take a few different meanings, so I feel good if I ever want to expand it.


    I made my husband name my blog -Chic from hair 2 toe- I wanted “effortlessly chic”, but he said we had to put hair in there because I love hair. Sometimes I think about changing it, but because he picked out the name I cannot do it. I respect his opinion too much:-)

  42. T. S. Swedish

    I totally get this! I named my blog The Poppie because my family call me Poppie what how the hell did I think that would make me google friendly I do not know. I guess I did just pick something and didn’t think of how people would find it outside of social media. I sometimes think of starting fresh and over but I don’t know. I guess I’m sorta attached to what I’ve got going…even if it isn’t much.


  43. Lyn

    Can you make a post with how many names do you actually have? For example, my blog name could be XYZ, but when it comes to YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc. I’d have different “names” (ABC, LMN), etc. If that makes sense. Is it okay to have a distinct name for my blog, and my own actual names or different names for other sites. Touch on this, please!

  44. Newyorkcitysteez


    Another HELPFUL TIP – The number of characters.
    If you plan on being connected on all platforms you should consider a name with few characters- LESS IS MORE. Twitter and Pinterest allow a maximum of 15 characters. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way.

    web: http://www.Newyorkcitysteez.com
    instagram: @Newyorkcitysteez
    twitter: @NYCsteez

  45. Elisa B

    That’s a tricky issue for everyone starting a blog!
    I called my first blog something that can be translated in English as “Style Pills”, but the actual name was in italian, therefore useless.
    I think I came up with a thousand names before settling on styleBizarre , and I love writing it this way, with the capital B and with no spaces. Like iPhone XD
    It’s not really SEO friendly, because my blog focuses on other keywords, like “alternative fashion” . I can’t afford that domain anyway!
    I love it even if lots of people spells it wrong with two b . I wanted to use a word that described something weird, quirky, funny, sometimes grotesque, so bizarre was the perfect word.
    I’m never gonna change it cause I love the sound of it! (even if I thought about changing it when I realized that people were mistaking me for being somehow part of the magazine Bizarre which I don’t really like ><)
    Thank you for your insightful posts <3

  46. Kylie

    I can’t even remember what made me think of mine nearly 3 years ago (Memoir Mode). Its not overly clever or exiting but I think its pretty self explanatory. I think I originally liked the two M sounds. I don’t hate it yet, so that is a bonus.

  47. April F

    I loved coming up with the name for my blog- it felt so powerful to be able to name something ( it was kinda a similar feeling when naming my child)
    and I think its a perfect name- unique, and to the point and has a keyword…now I have to get my own URL


  48. Tana

    My blog name was actually created by my friends – they used to introduce me to others as their marketing bff…and so it stuck! It suits me/my personality, it stands for who I am and what I do, plus it’s really easy to remember – and spell!

    Stuck and don’t know what to name your blog? Ask others what they say about you or how they best describe you/your biz.

  49. Polly

    I struggled for ages to think of a name for my blog, and I eventualy settled on Polway as it was a nickname my best friend gave me at University! It doesn’t actually mean anything but it’s short and easy to remember! The only problem is that it isn’t really reflective of my fashion content but I still like it!


  50. Gissi Jimenez

    I did a lot of brainstorming before picking out my URL & name… I settled with
    The Architect of Style… as it fits me perfectly I’m an architect that styles. sometimes I feel is a little long but it seems to be catchy and people remember it


  51. The Fashionist

    I love my blog name! I looked up what it meant in the dictionary and it seemed to fit what I was trying to convey. Plus it’s easy to say! I had a little trouble finding a .com. I wanted “construct.com” but it was already commandeered. ConStructStyle.com works really well though! I’m hoping to keep it for a long time. 🙂

  52. Paige

    I agree with some of the things said here, but sometimes you just have to go with your gut. My blog is called Punkrockparti, and while it is a little long and some people don’t know what a ‘parti’ is, I enjoy explaining it to them because it relates to the content of my blog. And for those who do catch the play on words, it is very fun!

    By the way, a parti is an architectural term meaning the basic form of a building. So its a play on words of punk rock party 🙂

    x. Paige

  53. Nicole

    I thought about what to name my blog for so long, that it was delaying actually starting my blog! I wanted to start it already so I just named it after myself (nicole jennifer), since my twitter and instagram handles were self titled as well..I dont love the name and if I think of something better i may change it, since I am just starting out..we’ll see!


  54. Sahra

    Oooh blog naming. I named my Blog EffortlessCool in 2009 an was wordpress based…after years of battling and fighting over fees to earn The dot com, I gave up and went to re-brand as QueSeraSahra, a fun play on my name and over all effortless attitude. 2 weeks after re-launching with my new name, my boyfriend informed me it was hard to google and there was another blog, QueSeraSarah, that google would auto correct and link to.

    Overall, I wish I had done more research. Now I just need to hold out hope that my name becomes memorable and people can spell it!

    Xo Sahra

  55. Madison Reiner

    I, like most of you, struggled to name my blog. It took me about a year and a half to finally pick a name that I liked and that I could actually get a URL for. All of the names that I picked felt forced and like they weren’t really me. I finally decided on ‘A Moment of Madness’ and I love it! It incorporates my nickname, Mad, and also is open ended enough that anything I want to blog about fits with the name. This was a great post and definitely very relatable. Thanks!


  56. Monica

    I named by blog based on a statement my daughter made to me. People get that it’s a fashion blog but what I didn’t consider was a possible change in my own interest. I still love fashion but would love to add some other things like recipes, decorating, and crafts. I’m reluctant because my name is so fashion focused and I want to give my readers what they came for.

    • Sabrina

      I can totally see a blog called Get Dressed Mommy also writing about decoration, crafts and recipes! I think it’s the ‘Mommy’ part that gets the association across. And if your readers also want to read about these things – why not write about it?
      I wish you all the best with your blog!


  57. Ashley Taylor

    Sometimes I think my blog name is too long. Sometimes I think I should’ve used my name in it. But all in all, I like my brand. I like the little smile people get when I tell them the name of my blog, so it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Also, I’ve changed identities before. It’s not worth losing the people I’ve connected with.

    xo Ashley

  58. Onianwah

    My initial blog name was “barbsiessmusings”. It worked for that point in time and people even started calling me Barbsies (some still do) and that is fine with me. For a brand though, it just wasn’t strong or unique enough and so I re-branded it to Barbara & 1923 as soon as I had the chance. It gives people a chance to know my name and stops them dead in their tracks with the question “Why 1923?”
    I love the new name and I even sign my name with just Barbara these days, lol.

    Lagos, Nigeria

  59. Maggie A

    Prior to officially owning http://www.lovemavin.com, My blog was called Love Scrapbook, which I believe embodies exactly what my blog is about. Well the time came for me to finally purchase the link and to my surprise, lovescrapbook.com was already owned by someone or something who doesn’t even use it!! I was so bummed but here I am today making the most of it. 🙂 … Turning myself into the Love Mavin 😀

    Maggie A

  60. Stephanie Nwaiwu

    I have no idea if my blog name is good or not. At first it was The Fashion Freshie, which really culminated exactly what I was, a Freshman to the World of Fashion. But then (this week acutally) changed it to Lust For Leather. Hopefully its better!


    Oh… If I only had checked how many names started with ‘fash..’ I would have NEVER picked this name! But it actually resembles what I want to do, be a journalist and write fashion… i was actually surprised it wasn’t taken yet…but then again, hard to spell, difficult to explain…grmbl…

    The Fashiournalist


  62. Erick

    I still haven’t decided what name I should use for me blog. I came up with highonblog.com, blogolicio.us, urbanpunch.com and thats about it. somehow they don’t really seem to fit with me.

  63. Darrian

    I am in the same predicament right now! It all started because of a spat I had with trying to fit my blog title into a Twitter handle. Now I’m really thinking about starting all over again! It’s definitely stressful. Thanks for the great post!