Tune into “From Closet to Career” on Twitter Today


If your dream is to become a professional fashion blogger, and you’re stuck at your day job, this is your lucky day! We are partnering with Crossroads Trading Company to bring you an evening mini-conference– it’s everything great about #IFBcon, but smaller… Tickets sold out in about 19 minutes (literally) but that doesn't mean you have to miss out. We'll be Live Tweeting using the #IFBxCrossroads hashtag. We'll start around 7:15 EST, so be sure to follow us at @_IFB and @CrossroadsStyle .

If you have any questions for us or Garance Dore be sure to submit them in the comments section below, or tweet at us during the event using the #IFBxCrossroads hashtag!

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  1. debiparna chakraborty

    i would love to attend..but i cannot..i am keenly interested in being a professional blogger and i would like to believe my approach is a good mix of personal and professional…as much as we would like to believe success in fashion/lifestyle blogging is all about the internet and location doesn’t matter, it actually does.

  2. Laptop Lookbook

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    See you on the interwebs