8 Quotes From Garance Doré About Blogging


Last night, IFB & Crossroads hosted an amazing event “From Closet to Career” which opened with a panel I moderated about monetizing your blog, basically what you need to know with three wonderful panelists, Jessie Artigue [Style & Pepper], Hilary Sloan [Shopstyle], and Brian Igel [Bellizio + Igel]. After which was a conversation with Garance Doré about her career as a blogger, or as she would put it… as a communicator.

It was great to hear how Garance shared quite candidly about her life as a blogger, starting out with a humble beginning then growing, even being offered a editorial job for a major French magazine, but always following her intuition and her heart, it's made her one of the best fashion bloggers of our time.  Of course in real life she is as charming as she is in her blog. Great at telling stories and really engaging. It was so inspiring to see her talk about blogging, so without much further ado… here are some of the things she said…








[Image credit: Kat Harris]

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  1. Onianwah

    I caught up with the chat late but totally loved the few minutes I got to partake and favourited quite a lot of Garance’s quotes. Thank you for sharing with us.

    Lagos, Nigeria