IFB Project: Skirting Around


When I first started fashion blogging, it was all about the dress. Dresses were it. Then, pants came back, and now well word on the street is… skirts are hot. Not just any skirt, but full, midi, practically statement skirts are wooing us. Like Christian Dior from the 50's. It's pretty, feminine, and classic.

As much as I would love to get in on this trend, I do have to interpret it in my own way because as a petite, with not so much a defined waist, this particular trend is tough. Not undoable, as I have quite a few full midi skirts in my closet. But, it's not a one-to-one copy of the trend that's happening now. And for the stylish, interpreting trends is where it's at. So this week, how do you incorporate the skirt trend in your wardrobe?

IFB Project #121:

This week share your favorite skirt look, is it on-trend? Do you have your own interpretation? Are you coveting an entirely different look when it comes to skirts? Does it have a special story? Share it with us!

[Image credit: Stockholm Street Style]

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8 Responses

  1. sacramento

    I wear nothing but skirts.
    They are the love of my life and I am petite and plump, so no excuse, LOL
    I will join you all tomorrow.
    Happy Sunday.

  2. Zunera

    Skirts are definately THE trend and while I have my own submission (4/Fall Floral) in there I do believe that women should wear what suits there bodies and gives them the confidence to stand out. I think as fashion bloggers when we religously start to follow a new trend then we are really not helping our audience look at fashion/clothes from a diffrent perspective. So, personally I wear what suits me & my body and what I like (Trendy or not).
    Also,all the skirts are beautiful in this project. Kudos and good luck to every one who has submitted there post 🙂

  3. Jessica

    So many great looks. I’ve really enjoyed reading these posts and admiring the creativity shared here. 🙂