10 Ways to Give Back (as a Blogger) this Holiday Season


Most of the year we're thinking about the hustle: coming up with new blog posts, networking with new bloggers and brands, finding new revenue streams, nurturing our current relationships.  And in all of that, it's really easy to forget to share the gratitude!

This list is designed to show gratitude in a number of ways – to share and give back to your readers, to support your fellow bloggers, and to thank the companies who show you support.

  • Host a giveaway for your readers (even better if you actually choose and purchase the gift yourself)!
  • Donate your earnings for November and December to a non-profit that means something to you.  Alternately, let your readers choose where the donations go!
  • Focus on the greatest gift a blogger can get – comments! Spend a whole week focused on actually leaving meaningful comments on other blogs, and get a great reminder about how fun it was.
  • Tis the season… to retweet the posts of others!  Instead of re-posting your own articles over and over again, spend your time tweeting out the wonderful articles you've been reading.
  • Forget about the affiliate earnings… make all of the items in your holiday gift guides to support small businesses, independent designers, or those that give back.  Whether they're in Bangladesh or Boston, small business and indie designers are entrepreneurs – just like you.  And you remember how much a little can go when you're building your own business.
  • Support your favorite bloggers…do your holiday shopping through their affiliate links!  It's a way to payback your favorite bloggers for the energy and passion they put in their blogs.
  • Love cats and dogs? Passionate about feeding the homeless? Highlight a worthy nonprofit organization each day on your blog, to encourage others to give this season.
  • Run a blogger interview & spotlight each week, sending your blog traffic to your favorite bloggers.  They'll be flattered you reached out, and your readers will love the glimpse at the people who inspire you!
  • Send thank you notes (or emails) to the wonderful brand and PR representatives you've worked with throughout the year! Thank them for including you on X campaign or sending you Y product for review.  Sometimes the smallest manners get forgotten in our line of work, and this is a wonderful way to remind those people that you appreciate your relationship.  (If you have a physical address, a thank you card, box of candies, or sweet memento may be appreciated if you have a really wonderful relationship!)
  • Publicly thank those who've helped this past year – the bloggers, the readers, the brands.  Whether you do it in a huge post, on Facebook, or Twitter, be sure to share how much you've appreciated their support through the year.

How do you plan on showing your gratitude this holiday season for those who've supported your site over the past year?

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10 Responses

  1. maddie

    I love the idea of hosting a giveaway with an item you bought. I think that shows that there is no bias and that you care about your readers and your blog enough that you’re willing to spend your own money.

  2. sacramento

    I don´t like Giveaways. The only one I hosted was a failiure. They are as bad, to me, as competitions where you have to be voted by extranges.
    About all the rest is brilliant.
    I love parcel swapping with blogger friends for christmas.

  3. Leyanis Molina

    I will be giving away my earnings this month! I love the idea, think it is a great way to give back. Now which non profit to choose??

  4. trashtotreasured.blogspot.com.au

    I love the thank you card idea! I’ve been blogging for 6 months and couldn’t of gotten where I am without brands and magazines promoting my blog. I’ve always appreciated the support and this is a great way to communicate it!

    Tina xo