5 Examples of Lazy Fashion Blogging & How to Fix Them

We all get busy. Sometimes working on your posts takes a back seat, and you just want to throw something up to let your readers know you're not forgetting about them. But there is a line where a quick post becomes a lazy post… so where is it? Here are 5 signs your post is lazy, and how it only takes a few minutes to make it snazzy.

Obvious Facts Not Checked


We've all been there, cranking out a post and it's late, you have to go to work, the baby starts crying. But it only takes a few seconds to look up a fact for your post. Google and Wikipedia can help you locate that factoid in a flash.

Way, Way To Obvious


You've seen the posts. “How to wear a tee shirt.” And it's like, a post where the blogger is wearing… wait for it… A TEE SHIRT! Even though I may or may not have Googled “How to boil an egg.” (I have). Some posts are just way too obvious for your readers. You know the aptitude for your readers, maybe they do need a tutorial explaining how to put their pants on… but more than likely, it's time to think a bit more out of the box. Maybe instead of “How to wear a tee shirt.” Do a post like “Day to Night: Tee Shirt” or “Tee Shirt for the Office” or “50 ways to style a tee shirt.”

No Images to Illustrate Post


Fashion is a visual art. While some posts don't need imagery… chances are, if you're talking about clothes, we're going to need to see a photo. Even if you have to get abstract, or even if you have to create your own image through making a collage, or even if you have the skills, illustrate it, be sure to include an image with your posts.

(For those of you who are not old enough… this is what the image above is referring to.)

No Text to Illustrate Images

Even though a photo is worth a thousand words, it's nice to have a few actual words to accompany your beautiful images. You get the picture.

Post Title Makes Promises Post Doesn't Keep


I know, in the efforts of going big, sometimes we run out of ideas or time. You really wanted to shoot 5 different looks, but it just didn't happen. So instead of trying to make a regular post look better by making a big promise in the post title… maybe think of a more clever way to title your post that doesn't make a promise that doesn't deliver? Save those posts for when you do have the time to deliver the goods.


[Image credit: Shutterstock.com & Chanel Image found here]

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23 Responses

  1. Nathalie

    Haha! The last one is perfect — I’ve seen so many of these it’s insane. I just hope I”m not guilty of any of them! 🙂

  2. Jeanine Marie

    This is why I am working on a having a some posts that I can use at anytime. This way if you are in a hurry, a put together post is at your fingertips.

  3. Serena Davina

    I’m planning to start doing the fashion post in the new year. I’m sure on one of those days when I’m super tired, I would make one of these mistakes. . . Now I have no excuse.
    The last one was too funny!

  4. Shannon

    Oh gosh, for a quick second I thought you were actually going to show us real life examples of lazy blogging. I paniced in fear that you might showcase a post on my blog, ha!

    Luckily that’s not the case, and luckily I have yet to make one of the above mistakes. I’ve managed to make about a zillion others though 🙂 The joys of being a newbie blogger! As always, helpful post. Thank you.


  5. Giusy @ Lulu's Sister

    I must admit now I feel a bit guilty because sometimes I tend to write very few words when posting pictures, especially if they’re speak for themselves.
    Really nice post!

  6. Monika Faulkner

    Oh dear…do some of us really try to get away with this sort of thing?! I think it might be time to re-evaluate your commitment if these examples start to look like valid options; maybe cutting back a little on posting frequency, or possibly finding a guest blogger to cover for you while you take some “personal days” would be better options!!

  7. moiminnie

    Such great advice! I agree with everything, especially unchecked “facts”! Those have to be the worst, it only makes your blog less valuable in the eyes of your readers. Also, proofreading is mandatory! Spelling mistakes can severely damage your reputation. Google is your best friend! 🙂


  8. Fashmr paul

    This is oh so true !! – have seen lots of examples of each of these.

    Would also say proof read your proof reading cause bad spelling and grammar stink.

    Additionally, be selective with pictures to be more effective – 10 shots of a new outfit where each picture is the same apart from a slight movement in one of the models arms is poor; One picture would have conveyed the message much more effectively!


  9. Donna

    Very funny! Thank God I don’t think I’ve done any of those. If I don’t have time to do what I think is good I don’t do one at all. This year that has meant not as many posts, but that’s changing.
    And yes, I knew what the picture for Where’s the Beef? was. Sadly. I am old enough!

  10. Michelle

    Oh gosh… i wonder if i am guilty of a lazy post… thanks for the heads up! x


  11. Monique

    When I started blogging I was certainly a lazy blogger, moreso because I was clueless. As I’m finding my voice, my content has definitely improved. IFB has definitely helped me to be a better blogger (shameless suck-up/plug, but it’s true I heart you guys!)

    Monique, The Flair Society

  12. Emily G

    That last one is SO FUNNY. I have seen posts like that so many time.

    I’m a fact checker at my job, and incorrect facts drive me crazy. I always point them out to the auther, which may come across as snarky, but I mean well 🙂