IFB Project Roundup #121: Skirting Around

Skirts have always been my favorite thing to wear. Even when I was a toddler, I fashioned my pillowcase to be a skirt (because my mom was a tomboy and she didn't think I would like to wear dresses). Skirts take the best of dresses (the girly part) and the best of separates (wear any top you want) and are probably the simplest type of clothing you can imagine. Which is why this week's IFB Project roundup was such a joy! Seeing all the wonderful skirts and how everyone styled them. From down to earth to edgy, there is no one way to make a skirt suit your personality.

IFB Project Roundup: Skirting Around



Friends are Fashion


Cranberry Tantrumscranberrytantrums


Not So Nakednotsonaked

Barefoot Dutchessbarefootdutchess

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7 Responses

  1. friendsarefashion

    Ohh such honor indeed to be a part of the list!!!! Thank youuuuuuuu IFB ..xoxo

  2. Monika Faulkner

    All of them are so pretty…but I think the simple chic-ness of the striped top with the black, beaded and lace trimmed skirt makes it my favourite!! Bonus points for the cobalt shoes!!