4 Elements of an Irresistible Blog Post

Writing an irresistible blog post is a lot easier said than done. Believe me, I've written posts that I thought were amazing, only to fall flat. I've also written posts that didn't take much thought that did extraordinarily well. The truth is, if creating hit after hit were that easy, we'd all be doing it.

That said, there are reoccurring elements in all great blog posts. That's something we CAN do! Once those elements are defined, it's just a matter of honing in those skills to make every post, if not a hit… one that resonates with your readers.

Easy to Understand


It's not the complexity of your topic that matters, it's how you can communicate it. Stephen Hawking isn't famous because he's smart. Or because he's paralyzed. He's famous because he can communicate extremely complex ideas to average people. Don't be afraid to take on tough topics, just make them easy for your readers to understand.



How many times have you seen people give tips to situations they would never be in? In your posts you can talk about something deep your battle with depression or something light like how you always dress up at the laundry mat because for some reason the only clean clothes left for laundry day are your dry-clean-only special occasion clothes. Write from your experiences and try to relate to your audience. That not only helps you establish a connection, but it also attracts new readers who are looking for something they can relate to online.



I pretty much use the internet to help me not be an idiot. It may not be the bet tool in the world for that, but at least I can learn things like what the best mascaras are or how to knit a hat for my bald baby. Chances are, your readers are looking for something that makes their lives better, so the more helpful posts you have… the better!

Great Timing


A friend of mine, Wendy Brandes likes to say… “It's just as bad to be too early, as it is too late.” And to that I say… it's probably why we don't see holiday shopping tips in April.  It's also why calling a trend years before it actually happens can be just as bad as calling a trend after everyone else does. The former because people aren't ready for it, the latter because everyone already knows. Understanding when your readers are ready for information is an art. One that takes lots of practice to perfect!

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18 Responses

  1. Andra Dorolti

    Great tips!
    Like you said, I’m the same! Sometimes I get so excited about my new post which turns out to be not very interesting for the readers.
    And then, here I am, writing about an ordinary thing (in my opinion) and suddenly everyone loves it.
    I personally think the last tip is extremely important. Being on time is a must..



  2. Emily

    Great article! All very good points and as much as I do try to resonate with my readers and create helpful posts, I think my timing and way of communicating could do with a little more work.

    Thanks for this! 🙂

    Emily x


  3. Style Context

    The helpful part is a crucial one. I tweeted this quote from the Blog Maven the other day: “For your blog to be successful, you need to be helping someone…Making someone’s life better.” http://bit.ly/1bpsu8U via @theblogmaven

    Which made me think, a lot of the times we’re posting about ourselves, such as our OOTD or what beauty products we love, etc. and lose sight of whether we’re helping readers. How can we make their lives better? Is it as simple as just providing inspiration and entertainment? Or maybe trying something more challenging like promoting positive self-image? Would love to know what people think.


    • moiminnie

      Agreed with Style Context above! I have few star posts that are doing very well, but one is definitely standing out from the crowd! It’s my step-by-step guide on How to bleach hair. Many people have been asking me for years how I dye my hair and I decided I should write a complete post with a lot of useful info and share my experience.
      It was #1 on Google for weeks! Currently the post it’s ranked #3 and still gets 1000+ views every day. I’m so happy when I see people commenting and messaging me about how much it helped them!
      So yes, I would say that helping people is rewarding in more than one way.

      Great tips, as always!


      • Style Context

        Tutorials are very popular, especially on Pinterest AND they’re SEO-friendly so congrats on that successful post! That’s exactly the kind of help I’m talking about. I have a similar post on how to get Cara Delevingne’s eyebrows that gets a lot of hits and fluctuates between #1 and #3 in search results. I would love to read your DIY bleach hair post, btw, even though my hair is still recovering from damage caused by past bleach jobs.

  4. Maggie A

    This is definitely very helpful. I remember there was a time when I thought quantity was more important when it comes to posting. …I’ve learned better though 😀

    Maggie A

  5. Monika Faulkner

    Certainly some food for thought here!! I totally understand the idea of “helping” readers in some way; but “help” can take many different forms. There’s always room for how-to posts, of course…but how about providing the simple pleasure of seeing great clothes put together in unique or beautiful ways?! I could spend literally HOURS browsing well-styled looks online; I find it inspiring (ie. helpful!) and just plain fun!! Here’s to personal style bloggers who are all about a new OOTD…sometimes, you are all the “help” I need!!

  6. Jeanine Marie

    It would be nice to have a home run post every week. When I do come up with a hit, I try to learn from it and apply it to the next one. My best posts have been about worthy causes and interviewing interesting fashion personalities.

    Right now my brain is on selling but I realize people can be turned off by that so I am looking for a balance.

    Good article and tips. I found it to be very helpful and informative.


  7. Liz McGee

    Hey Jennine,

    It’s hard to get all points spot on every time. I think that’s where practice comes in though. But a big part of the puzzle is connecting with your readers in a way that resonates with them. Everyone is different but who can turn down content that’s easy to understand, relatable, helpful and current?

    A little bit of eye candy helps to. Your photos really make the post 🙂