Bloggers Give Thanks & Gratitude… for Blogging!


In the United States, we're celebrating Thanksgiving next week.  When I think about the holidays, I often think about how much we take for granted the meaning of the holidays.  Thanksgiving becomes about gorging on (delicious) food, and less about remembering the meaningful moments in our lives and the loved ones who inhabit our lives.  In short, sometimes we forget to give thanks.

As bloggers, we're so busy hustling, creating, and pushing forward, sometimes we forget to give thanks as well – to the brands who believed in us, the bloggers we love, and most importantly – the readers who have inspired and supported us.

So this holiday season, I've reached out to a handful of bloggers to find out why they're grateful to blogging & give them a chance to give thanks!

Ashley, Dramatis Personae

I am grateful for the creative outlet and that people choose to spend their time with me, on my site. I'm grateful for the support I've received over the years, those who've put their faith into me, the camaraderie from my fellow bloggers, and opportunities I've enjoyed!

Jennine, IFB/ Eat Sleep Denim

I'm grateful that blogging has allowed me to have the life I always wanted. So many aspects, from community, to being creative, and ultimately learning new things every day has opened me up to endless possibilities. It's really something special.

Julia, Fashion Pulse Daily

I'm grateful for the relationships that I've fostered and friendships that I've made with people from all over the globe, thanks to blogging! It's really proven how the world has become both easier to navigate AND more complex through the development of the online world!

Marie, The Curvy Fashionista

What am I grateful and thankful for?  My readers. My blogging buddies. My friends. My growth. My freedom to create, motivate, and inspire! I am grateful for being able to work for myself and to touch others while doing it!

Jess, Fresh Jess

I’m eternally grateful for the impact blogging has had on my life. In the last five years, blogging has opened countless doors to new opportunities, friendships and experiences. Most of all, blogging laid the groundwork & gave me the confidence I needed on the path to working for myself.

 Monique, Curves & Chaos

More than anything, I am always and forever grateful for the positive people that blogging has brought into my life. It's a bond unlike any other. These women have become my sisters who understand me and my passion for this world.

Kellie, And I Get Dressed

It's funny, you never think that starting a blog to share your personal style (with the the five people who read it in those early days) would lead to not only fantastic career opportunities but to creating a network of amazing women who you can call friend. You also can't possibly anticipate the numerous emails from girls and women who aren't just complimenting your hair, makeup or outfit but who have been changed in a positive way because they read your silly little words and look at your pictures. Whether it's about confidence, self love or simply trying something new and feeling amazing. It's for those things that I'm truly thankful!

Cora, The Lingerie Addict

This year, I'm thankful for being a columnist at IFB. I remember when I felt totally lost and clueless about blogging, and the wealth of information here felt like a revelation. IFB was so important to helping me put things together as a newbie blogger, that it really feels wonderful to have come full circle, so to speak, and write for Jennine now.

Whether you're American or not, I'd love for you to share some blogging gratitude with us this week! Help yourself, and others, remember all of the bright and beautiful things that blogging involves.

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6 Responses

  1. Surjit&Jeet

    we just glad that we got so much love and support from our fans/followers this past 2 years and help us reach 50K readers. Also we have started adding women’s fashion as well on our blog. this year thanksgiving will be awesome!! Happy Thanksgiving to all IFB writers. You’re doing great job. Cheers!!!

  2. Monika Faulkner

    I’m still so new to the blogging world that I haven’t yet had the opportunity to experience some of the wonderful things you mention…the career opportunities and the brand support. But even as a blog “sophomore,” I can already feel the great connection it’s possible to have with readers and other bloggers. I am grateful and thankful just to have the “chance” to build on this!!

    • Ashley Robison

      ” I am grateful and thankful just to have the “chance” to build on this!!”

      That’s a great thing to be grateful for, and one we take advantage of! Whether you’re a new blogger or not, we should ALL be grateful that we have the opportunity and ability to take a chance on blogging! That we’ve got the resources to start one, and the time to explore it.

  3. Dean Barnes

    I started my blog about 5 months ago now and it has completely confirmed blogging/journalism as a career choice for me. It has really allowed me to look past what I think is best to do and try something else which I enjoy.