Do You Have Way Too Many Fashion-Blogging-Related Items?


Six deliveries arrived today, and out of those six, five of them were unsolicited and completely unexpected.  The UPS/USPS/FedEx carrier on my route surely must think that I have a shopping addiction, while my husband grimaces at the pile of boxes and bags in the corner, which later will be just skeletons of cardboard, discarded tissue, packing peanuts, and bubble wrap once I have time to go through them all.

It's thrilling to receive packages, wondering if the item inside will meet or exceed expectations, or even, what may possibly even be within the confines of the heavily taped and stuffed package.  The trouble begins, however, after the products have been reviewed, and now need a new home.

I don't know how our 500 square foot one bedroom apartment housed these items, because our two-bedroom is now bursting at the seams with stuff, even though I've spent quite a bit of money at The Container Store buying bins, racks, and various storage solutions, as well as being extremely generous with constantly giving away or donating product.

As you become more invested in your blog and further establish yourself, joining networks, communities, or forming good relations with brands and PR firms, I can pretty much guarantee you that gifts and various items will make their way to you.  I've polled a few fellow bloggers who work in both fashion and beauty to reveal their philosophy and how they've managed to tactfully handle the situation, with organization and purging techniques that you may want to take note of:

Christina Farrell, The Makeup Blogger

“To make sure that I don't end up on an episode of “Makeup Hoarders”, I try to keep everything in organized boxes from Ikea and categorize everything. For my personal makeup stash, I organize things into 5 kits for easy and quick access; everyday makeup, evening makeup, camera ready makeup (for when I film my videos), travel makeup, and “extras”. … The same thing goes for my skincare stash (which saves my counter space and my relationship with Mike!).

I keep everything in small wicker boxes (much prettier for the bathroom) with these categories: moisturizers and oils, face masks and exfoliators, and last but not least, hair masks.  The medicine cabinet is saved for cleansers, deodorant…and everything else goes in a boxes of “extra product”. ”

Kristin Booker, Fashion.Style.Beauty

“I don't know if we're becoming hoarders through what we do as bloggers, however, I think our job comes down showing how we mix and match a great number of things. I do think that there are things we do that we as a community should show more of, which is making clothing donations and working with and promoting worthy causes like Dress for Success and WIN (Women in Need).”

Megan Zietz, TFDiaries

“When adding new items into my closet, I limit myself by using a certain amount of hangers. This forces me to have to remove garments if I'm adding something new, and keeps me from letting my closet overflow. Sometimes, I'll donate unworn or gently worn items to a charity or list them on resell sites like Poshmark or Threadflip.

 In addition, I try to limit my blogger-related/gifted items only to pieces I know I'll wear or use more than once. For me, it just seems so wasteful to wear something just for the purpose of pictures, and for it to then end up in the back of the closet or in the bottom of your dresser drawers after.”

Lianne Farbes,  The Makeup Girl

“I have taken to doing a few things to keep it all in check:

  • I unpack everything as soon as it arrives I separate items… into things that I will keep and what I will purge.  Typically I will give pieces of a makeup collection to another writer for my site, and if not, then it goes into the “donate” pile.
  • Giveaway I will give things to my mother and sister first, then I will decide if I am going to have a contest and give the rest away to my readers
  • Donate A few times per year, I give to organizations that support women in getting back on their feet.  Because I receive approx 10-15 deliveries per week, it's easy for me to set things to the side for this.
  • Storage I separate everything by category (eyes, lips, face, eye cream, cleanser, etc.), with baskets and bins that are labeled. Things get rotated, and whatever I don't keep for a backup gets saved and then moved to a “donate” labeled bin after it's been tested. “

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17 Responses

  1. Asia Mays

    Ah yes something my significant other has been dying for me to do, as our space is getting crowded. These are great (and necessary) tips.

  2. AJ Wears Clothes

    I’ve been seriously considering the hanger idea for a while now. I’ve at least thought about putting the stuff that didn’t fit on my set number in storage to see if I’d even miss it!

  3. Tosin Akande

    Great article. I am a rookie blogger and I have been focusing on decluttering (particularly clothes and shoes!). I definitely agree with Kristin.

  4. Jeanine Marie

    Too much blog related stuff? Not a problem I am familiar with. If I did have too much, I would share with friends, family and give to charity.

    Jeanine Marie

  5. Style Context

    I have to agree with the other bloggers above and say that this is a good “problem.” I like Christina’s suggestions for organizing makeup. Even though I post about fashion and beauty, I only receive beauty products from PR. I also hadn’t thought about donating the products I won’t use. Good suggestions.

  6. Kylie

    Obviously you can’t sell used beauty product, but it seems to be a whole stigma about selling samples given to you. Well here in the UK not sure about anywhere else? I treat the samples like clothes I have paid for. I feel once I have posted about them, I have basically earned them and they are mine to do as I please. I think I have included a few sample pieces in eBay clear-outs before. More likely my sisters and mother will get things I need to part with and they like. I have a spare bedroom so that has turned into my wardrobe/dumping ground

  7. Paige

    I wish I had this problem! I wanted to devote more time and invest more in my blog. I hope to built relationships with brands so I can promote their products.

  8. Monika Faulkner

    I am a brand new blogger, but I’ve been a confirmed shopaholic for many years, as well as a resident of a one-bedroom condo with a husband who works from home!! The “set number of hangers in my closet” plan has been the only way I’ve been able to keep from literally “going under” with my all purchases…when something new goes in, something else goes into my donation bag for the Salvation Army. Works like a charm; and also helps to alleviate any guilt I occasionally feel for bringing home yet another must-have item!!