Why You Should Turn “Stupid Questions” Into Blog Posts


I love the internet.

One of the many reasons WHY I love it so much is because it can answer ALL of my stupid questions.

“What's the difference between the sheriff and police?”

“How do you make a pom pom?”

“What do you call a one-month anniversary?”

Every day, I ask the internet a question. Every day. I'm not kidding. And truthfully, the questions get more and more random as time moves on.

What does this have to do with blogging? Well, for every stupid question there is a search for it. Someone is asking a stupid question somewhere.

And just maybe… what you consider a stupid question, isn't really all that stupid.

“What's the difference between plaid and tartan?”

“Why can't you wear white after Labor Day?”

“Can you really break your ankle wearing platform shoes?”

All of the above questions can be turned into blog posts. They can be good fodder for unexplored topics on your blog. Stupid questions, both random and universal, open the mind to all kinds of things we know we don't know. The possibilities are endless!

So why not get to the bottom of it and start posting the answers to the dumbest questions you can think of… ones that you were too afraid to ask a person, so you Googled them instead.

Maybe that's how your next reader will find you.

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12 Responses

  1. illysia from MadlyChic.com

    Cute idea Jennine! I’m going to try it! Especially since I know lots of random fashion facts! One other very important and not random question is: Do you have the dates for the IFB conference in Feb?

  2. Mallory Brown

    That’s a great idea! the whole white after labor day has always puzzled me.. I’ll have to look that one up and maybe post about it for my readers around Labor Day!

  3. Katie

    I just recently made a post about how to wear white eyelet dresses in the fall winter, and I addressed the whole “don’t wear white after Labor Day” rule.

    FYI: It’s partly because summer is less dirty than fall and winter, so white is more acceptable.

  4. Maggie A

    …..And that is why there is no such thing as a stupid question. Believe it or not, I’ve actually wondered about a few of these ..some more recent than others lol.

    Maggie A

  5. Ms. Kizzy Von Doll

    I wrote a post about the difference between plaid and tartan and it was a great one, many people were happy to know and now say tartan instead of plaid to be correct. I had put off writing it for the longest time as well, but it actually was a lot of fun to to 🙂 Sometimes you should answer ‘silly’ questions :))

  6. abi prentice

    Great idea! I’m the same, I’m always thinking of ‘stupid’ questions although the questions often slip out of my mouth meaning I get some ridiculous looks! haha