6 WordPress Plugins That Make Managing Multiple Blog Writers a Breeze


As you continue to build your blog's brand and audience, you will likely consider adding contributors to your site. Whether you plan to invite the occasional guest writer or a number of new voices to your blog, it's important to do so with a clear plan in mind. You may want to create a monthly brainstorm call to solicit article ideas, you may decide to have each writers only write about a certain topic, you may assign posts or invite contributors to pitch you new ideas. On the backend, you'll want to consider how to make sure that the execution of multiple writers is manageable, perhaps with the help of the following plugins.

Confidently give new writers access to your blog

Opening up your blog to more people (even if you provide them with limited access) does increase the changes of something getting messed up. With Audit Trail you will be able to see a record of changes made to your site, and have the ability to instantly revert a post to an earlier version.

Make it easy to see what posts are to be published and when

As a solo blogger you no doubt know how effective a calendar that lists out the publishing dates of upcoming posts can be. When you have multiple writers, it becomes even more important to be able to know exactly who is writing what, and when. While it is possible to use a shared Google calendar or spreadsheet, the Editorial Calendar plugin has a drag and drop functionality that makes it easy to move posts around, finding the right cadence for various author posts.

Improve SEO and build awareness through contributors

Have your impressive author's images show up in search results next to the posts that they write for your blog. Author Sure makes it easy for your writers to claim Google Authorship which will link posts, archives, authors pages, Google Plus profiles and Google Plus pages.

Encourage collaborative article writing

Occasionally, a blog post is a team effort. Perhaps your intern did a bit of research, and you want to credit her in your post. Or, you've brought on the co-founders of a company and they want to combine efforts. With Co-Authors Plus, you can link to multiple author bios in a single post.

Provide all writers with a handy checklist

If you choose to give contributors the ability to publish their own posts (and even if you don't), having a handy checklist of necessary steps is really smart. From checking that links are working to ensure the featured image is the right size, the Pre-Publish Reminder will ensure that the proper styles are being applied and reduce your need to check these things yourself.

Get notified when a post is ready for review

Assuming the checklist is being followed, here's the final step. Instead of requiring your contributors to notify you when a post is ready for your review, rely on the  WP Status Notifier instead. This handy plugin will send you an automatic email (or another editor) when you need to attend to a new piece of content.

This topic is on my mind as I'm introducing several new writers to PR Couture in the next month. If you already have multiple writers on your blog, I'd love to know how you manage, serve and benefit from expanding your blog to include contributors.

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3 Responses

  1. Jeanine Marie

    I will definitely use these tools if I ever bring someone else aboard. I did go and grab the calendar and the Author Sure plug-in. I especially love the calendar being within my WP dashboard.

    Jeanine Marie

  2. Gemma Savage

    I am still trying to choose between wordpress.com and wordpress.org or whether to just switch to blogger. What are peoples expereiences of these platforms? And why does it work for you. I choose wordpress.com and I felt it was a great platform to set up with as the theme’s are very stylish but I find having to pay for everything very limiting. Especially having to pay to remove adverts and not even being able to see how they appear on your blog. Although the blog theme’s are very stylish I find it limiting that you can’t personalize them.

    Also if you have switched how has it effect you? Are you glad you made the choice.