Poll: Do You Love Looking at OTHER People’s Selfies?


Oxford Dictionary declared the word of 2013, “selfie.”

As of posting this, there are 57.6 MILLION images tagged #selfie on Instagram. Whoa. That's a lot of selfies.

As fashion bloggers, we all know about selfies. They often populate our Instagram feeds, either on our own, or on the bloggers we follow. The selfie culture has infiltrated not just fashion bloggers, but to the holiest of the holy.. Pope Francis to that selfie I wish I could un-see of Gerlado Rivera. (Someone should have warned me!)

We all have our reasons for taking selfies. Showing off a new haircut, or a new lipstick. To document a day out with friends. To update our social media icon. Some of us may even like to shoot selfies to share our own beauty with the world! Yes! Methinks so!

But whatever your own reason is for taking selfies… what about when you see selfies of OTHER people? Do you love it? Do you roll your eyes?  Is lurking around at selfies a guilty pleasure? Do you just scroll to the next ‘gram?

Let us know in the poll… maybe seeing how others feel about selfies will change your attitude. Maybe if you loved doing them, maybe you will do less. Or maybe if you hated doing them, you will give them a try. Either way, it's food for thought!

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20 Responses

  1. Alicia

    If it’s a selfie with a purpose, yes (ex. showing off hair, makeup, clothing). If you’re making the same duck face every day in your selfies, no.

    • Lix

      Oh yes, good point. If they’re all the same, it gets boring. But most of the time, I really love seeing people’s faces. Even if they’re not showing off anything new, it can be a new expression to me or a new angle or – if it’s someone I love, I’m just happy to see their face and I’m happy to see them show off their everyday loveliness.

  2. Jeanine Marie

    I use to take them a few years back now I take them once in a while. I like seeing people’s outfits, haircut and makeup but what I can’t stand seeing is the same pose over and over again. Less is more people.

    Jeanine Marie

  3. Faith Bowman

    I think that bloggers need to move away from the self-obsessed ‘selfies’ and start looking outward, it’s not healthy to be so narcissistic.

  4. Faith Bowman

    I think that bloggers need to move away from the self-obsessed ‘selfies’ and start looking outward, it’s not healthy to be so narcissistic.

  5. Sophie

    I especially like selfies if the person taking them has interesting hair and/or makeup but I think that ‘selfie culture’ as a whole is more about self love and taking selfies can feel good even if other people don’t like them! On the other hand, however, it can hurt if your selfies don’t get as many likes as someone else’s! I guess it’s a question of personal taste and choice xoxo


  6. Jenna Michelle

    This is a really funny topic and so relevant these days. I personally don’t mind seeing a selfie on my newsfeed from time to time, but only if it serves a purpose (ie: showing a new hair style, make up, etc). Fashion blogging can appear somewhat narcissistic as is, so I think it’s important to be mindful of that by focusing on things other than ourselves.

  7. Bike Pretty

    I resisted posting selfies for ages.
    But then I let one slip into my feed and it got a huge (positive) response.
    Ironically, selfies are now my Instagram “bread & butter”. But only if I have a cool outfit on.

  8. Nathalie

    One of those options on the poll should definitely be “depends.” I think a lot of people’s answers have told us that it really does depend! I don’t think the same pose over and over is anything innovative (but hey some people just follow others because they’re pretty and they want to see that… more power to that). If you’re showcasing something like a new lipstick, hat, etc. then sure; by all means do it!

    Or you can always ask someone to take a photo of you or use a timer app on your phone to make it more interesting. Makes for way better than just an arm’s length run-of-the-mill portrait… I know that’s what really makes a selfie a selfie but it makes for way better interesting composition.

  9. Nathalie

    Also, a lot of times people follow your feed to see more of you! I get a lot more engagement on photos of myself than photos of a venue, event, object, etc. – So if you’re looking for more engagement and interest in your blog — a selfie may just be the gateway to it! 😉

  10. ema

    you hit the nail on teh head 🙂 oh yes out/in there are many selfies 🙂