Beyond Mind Control: 7 Ways to Get Your Readers to Do What You Want


Do you want more readers? Do you want new visitors to follow you? How about enter your contests? Comment on your posts? Like your posts? Share your content?

Wow. That's a lot of stuff! We talked about what YOU want from your readers. Many of the com mentors expressed that they just want their readers to enjoy their content, which I believe is a given…”No I want my readers to HATE my posts!” Kidding! So, after your readers like your content, what do you want next? To build a business blogging, you'll need an engaged audience. You'll need your readers to DO something. Whether it's click on an affiliate link, view multiple pages to drive up page views, to make a purchase or to enter a contest, without engagement, your blog will not be able to generate income.

So how do you increase your engagement? Simple. You ask for it.

In the marketing world, asking for engagement is called a “Call to Action” or CTA. You've seen them around, “Click here!” “Download this!” “Subscribe now!” all of these little snippets of work by letting people know how to get to the product. It's not a new tactic, it's been around for ages… and it works. So why not use it for your blog?

Use these tips to create awesome calls to action on your blog:

Be clear

What do you want your readers to do? Do THEY know they're supposed to be doing anything? For example, if you host an event, how will your readers know that they can come to your event unless you ask them to come? Don't assume that your readers will do anything just because you talk about it, be clear you want them to take an action.

Keep it simple

How many times have you seen a contest that was too complicated?

“Like this post. Tweet about this brand. Then fill out this form and complete this survey. And give us your first born child.”

Or the instructions were so long, your eyes just glazed over?

Keep your calls to action simple. Use as few words as humanly possible. Like, three words at the most.

Make it fun

I have literally chosen a bank because their ATMs had friendly, fun language. Unfortunately that bank died the first week the economy tanked. So much for my logic! Anyway… the point. Fun can go a looooooong way! People generally like having fun… so, juice things up by making your language fun and exciting.

Position prominently

Have you ever gone to a page wanting to register, buy or do whatever and couldn't find where to make it happen on the page? Yeah, me too. That's where positioning comes in. You can make your call to action stand out so even if your readers don't read the small print (ie your post) they still know that there is a call to action. Prominent places on your blog include:

  • Your Post Title
  • After your first paragraph
  • Anywhere above the fold (the top 1000 pixels on your blog)
  • At the end of your post (if your readers read your whole post)

Use “Action” Words

It's called “Call to ACTION” for a reason. You want your readers to DO something so use verbs. You can have a link that says, “Blue Shoes” but will your readers know that you want them to buy those shoes? “SHOP This Post.” with a link to the blue shoes is better.

Create a sense of urgency

One of the ways to get people to act NOW instead of later (in which they may forget to act) is by creating a sense of urgency. How do you create that sense of urgency?

  • Offering for a limited time
  • Offering a limited amount
  • Making it exclusive


At the end of the day, most people do what's best for THEM. It's human nature. Use that to your advantage by highlighting the benefits of completing your call to action. You may want your readers to buy from your affiliate links to make YOU money, but don't use that as a reason for your readers to buy off your blog. Use benefits like: special discounts, exclusive deals, products you can't find anywhere else (another form of exclusivity). You can also incentivize by giving prizes or special offers to your readers for completing your calls to action. Either way, make your calls to action about your readers, and if it benefits you, well all the better (wink).

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20 Responses

  1. Sarah's Real Life

    Great things to think about! It almost sounds too simple – tell people what you want them to do and they’ll do it – but saying what you mean is better than hinting!

    ~Sarah of Sarah’s Real Life

  2. Filipa

    Amazing post! This is exactly what I needed 😀
    I want to my readers to show more interest when it comes to what I write and not only the picture looking (I’m not sure how I can make that happen), but I also want them to click my affiliate links, so I googled something today to help me find a way how to make that happen and none of the articles were good enough.
    Except for this one! Thank you!

    Filipa from

  3. Monika Faulkner

    Another very worthwhile read…thank you!! You’re so right, of course – there is nothing wrong with asking for what we want; and if we can grow the success of our blogs while simultaneously giving our readers something of value, then that’s certainly the way to go!!

  4. Megan @ Lush to Blush

    These are great tips! I wish I could figure out a better way to encourage commenting. Unless a reader a blogger herself, most don’t realize the value of comments.


  5. Kimberly

    These are all great and true tips! Keep it simple is sooo very true, the more complicated you make something, the less and less ppl will follow through. Even when it comes to your email list — don’t bother trying to collect their names, let alone any other info, all you need is the email address.

  6. Amanda

    So true. Simplicity at its best. Good advice. Love the content here at IFB. It is always so helpful.

  7. Monica

    So many great points that I think we overlook. I think what’s worse then not getting your readers engaged or getting them involved, is when bloggers are too pushy and they try to get you TOO involved. That drives me right away from the blog forever.

  8. Sophia

    yup if we give informative content then readers will be attract to read it and to share it with their social networks. Someone says- good and informative content is the king of successful blog.

  9. Asia Mays

    Great knowledge. So simple and very effective! *runs to make edits to the blog*

    Awesome post!

  10. Debbie

    It is so hard to get people to comment or even click like especially people from my community, they don’t even read the write up but just look at the photos. This post is so helpful, I hope this bring more reader. But thanks for all the helpful post

  11. Sydney G

    Great tips!! I love feedback from my readers!
    Fabulously written article 🙂

  12. Jovana

    You are making some good points, but I feel that in a society where everyone is telling you what to do everywhere, in a society that is saturated with statements, requests and incentives such as “Like Us,” “You Should Follow Us,” “Shop this,” “This is cool ’cause I’m writing about it, and you should buy it,” companies, blogs, and brands create the opposite (and very negative) effect, and chase readers away. My favorite fashion bloggers, brands, and magazines, are those that are non-intrusive, honest, caring, and that share their style, their inspirations, and their favorite products because they truly love them. 🙂


  13. Abhinav

    If your readers give you their valuable time, then you should try to give them the best post possible. Let your voice and passion shine through but definitely proofread.