Take Advantage of the Holidays and Pitch Local Media


While we often focus on getting coverage in national magazines for featured blogger spotlights and such, there is ample opportunity to take advantage of media opportunities closer to home. While monthly publications have long since closed their holiday issues (and are likely already stacked up on your coffee table), you can still pitch local morning show for holiday-relation coverage, by positioning yourself as a local style expert.

…you can still pitch local morning show for holiday-relation coverage, by positioning yourself as a local style expert.

First, do some research on your local TV stations and identify the morning shows. Watch each one to get a sense for the type of people they feature and the length of each story. These morning shows are often a mix of local news and lifestyle segments. Your next goal is to find the contact information for the local morning show producer, which you can do by calling the general news hotline or checking the news station website.

When you write your email pitching television, it's important to focus on the expertise, access and visuals you can offer. For example, if you were to pitch a segment about holiday work party looks, explain quickly why this is relevant for viewers, as well as how you would present your tips on-air. Perhaps you would invite friends to wear different looks that you styled, or you would dress the morning show hosts themselves. Local morning shows are all about highlighting local businesses, so working with a few local boutiques to source the outfits will strengthen your pitch. No matter what, keep the concept light – an entertaining, holiday-related segment featuring a local style blogger.

If you aren't sure what ideas will resonate with the producer you pitch, focus on a segment angle that is most relevant to the program viewers and use this in your email subject line. This could be “Holiday Gifts from Local Boutiques for under $100,” or “Holiday Gift Ideas that Give Back,” or even “Winter Fashion Trends for Seattle (insert your location here) Viewers.” Finally, the more prep work you can do to provide a segment producer with an entire segment featuring strong visuals, experts and simple, easy messages, the better. Spell out exactly what you viewers will see, what local businesses you would feature, and what information you will share with viewers. Bullet points are great here because it will make the pitch easy to scan and help the producer figure out if the pitch is a fit for the show.

If you get a bite, make sure that you are fully prepared to stay on message during your segment, check out these media training tips. Best of luck raising your local profile!

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3 Responses

  1. Jennifer

    I’m a newspaper reporter in New England and I would advise bloggers to give their hometown or regional newspapers a pitch. The holiday season is often the slowest news time of the year–I always say people are too busy eating, shopping or celebrating to make news. This means that soft feature stories often are welcomed.
    I know tv is more exciting for most fashion bloggers but all forms of media provide a boost. Plus, our newspaper, and many other now have video components.

  2. Punit Kumar

    Yes I have same theory that sparking local profile enable me to direct interact with local people which help to connect them easily