IFB Project Roundup #123: Blazers of Glory

Okay, so every week I say how hard it is to pick the highlights. This week I really mean it more than the rest.  Just my opinion, but dang… the entries of this week's IFB Project are SHARP!

It just goes to say, blazers are a wardrobe staple, perhaps one that is overlooked, one that isn't necessarily ESSENTIAL ie. leave the house without a blazer, nothing terrible will happen, leave the house without a top, and you may get some crazy looks on the street. However, that said, blazers really do make every outfit look polished. Just take a look at the entries below!

IFB Project Roundup: Blazer of Glory

Dentelle et Fleurs


Playful & Snazzy:


Barefoot Duchess: barefootduchess

Fashion and Cookies: fashionandcoockies


ModaVracha's Spot: modavracha

Fashion Tweaker: thefashiontweaker


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3 Responses

  1. Anne the SpyGirl

    Thank you so much for choosing images with people wearing their blazers WITH THEIR ARMS IN THE SLEEVES! I am so tired of the silly over-the-shoulder coat capes.