How to Craft the Perfect Blog Post

How to Craft the Perfect Post

Well, “perfect” is subjective… but when I first started blogging, finding my groove as to how to consistently write blog posts took a while. In fact, crafting successful posts is a job that never gets one. However, I will share my formula for creating blog posts for now!

Write a snappy post title

I always write a post title first. Even if it's not the “final” post title, any title reflecting the finished post is a good place to start. Even if the “title” is one word, usually the keyword/subject I want to focus on. Writing a post title in the beginning helps to set an intention for the post. It helps keep the post focused on the particular topic.

Post titles can do a lot more than introduce your post. They are the first impression for readers that come in from search engines. If you have a snappy post title, more people will be prone to click on your link. Don't know how to write post titles? Don't fret! There are tried and true tricks to help!

  • Keep your post title short and sweet
  • Use “power words” like “easy” “fast” “free” “quick” “simple”
  • Use numbers (for list posts)
  • Make a promise, for example: “How to get rid of muffin top forever!”
  • Include verbs in your post title

Check out this post on writing great post titles.

Write in a way your post gets read

Do you have a feeling your readers aren't reading your posts? There's a couple of ways to fix that. Maybe you don't have enough images, or maybe you have too many images. Maybe your text is hard to read. Maybe you aren't getting to the point until half way down the post.

  • Use bullets & numbered lists to make your post scanable
  • Use blockquotes to highlight important quotes/text in your post
  • Be careful your paragraphs aren't too long

For more tips to give your post more read appeal, click here.

Add a image to illustrate your post

You can have a post without images. That said, without images your written content has to be excellent. Not to say your written content isn't excellent… but the internet generation, especially the fashion focused one, loves pictures. An image will give your reader enough information to decide whether or not they want to read the post. Especially in fashion, great imagery… that's what the industry is built off of!

Add in links

Whether you use affiliate links or not (if you don't know which affiliate companies to use, click here), even if you don't link out off your site, you should be linking to other posts within your blog. Linking to other posts helps your readers stay on your blog, it also helps improve your SEO. It's a total win/win. Be sure you have links in your posts!

Optimize for search

Don't go too crazy with SEO, but it is the one form of blog promotion that works when you're not working on it. You can approach SEO like a human.  Create original content. Make sure your blog posts have keywords, think about how YOU use search engines and work your posts to be found through search. Include ALT tags on your images. Link to other posts in your blog. See, nothing too crazy!

Promote Your Post

Ah, the final bit… Promoting your post. Whatever you do DO NOT go to a million blogs commenting “Visit my blog… here's my post!” There ARE many different ways to promote your blog, here are a few:

  • Social media: Promote to your networks on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn
  • Build an email newsletter list, and promote to your subscribers
  • Make social media “follow” buttons easy to find
  • Pitch your post to the press
  • Create an infographic
  • Create a download or a  printable
  • Pitch your post to other bloggers

For more ideas to promote your posts: Click here.

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  1. James Schiller

    Excellent Tips! Adding smart and relevant images to your post will spark interest to your readers. As a real estate agent servicing Charleston SC real estate, I incorporate images and even video tour of the neighborhood I serve for my readers to appreciate the area. Using keywords and providing quality content focusing on the keywords is also a good practice in writing blogs.

  2. Monika Faulkner

    Another very helpful article!! Because I’m still just starting out, I am anxious to learn everything I can to improve my blog…and to reassure myself that even though I may have a way to go yet, I am at least “on the right track!!” Thank you!!

  3. Ajay Mathew

    Another great way to engage users is to let them know of products that go on sale. We built a site that allows you to watch prices of products and notifies you when prices drop. Give it a spin at

    If you write about products from online stores you can use pricify to keep track of its price and alert your readers when they go on sale.

  4. Noemi

    Sorry, can you explain how to create a download or a printable post? I, honestly, don’t know how to pitch my posts to other bloggers… if they’re friends I fear that it may seem that I’m taking advantage of our friendship, if I don’t know them I fear they can find me very “cheeky”.
    And I don’t know what an infographic is, sorry, I’m not american so I don’t know some specific terms.

  5. Asha

    Thanks for the tips. Great job! I’m a designer/stylist and a fashion blogger. Check it out Thanks fro the support!

  6. Nicole K Newton

    Fantastic advice. The most challenging thing to do is create content but once you get that central idea for a blog post, it tends to write itself. Another thing I think is critical is utilizing social media to pitch your blog posts. I tend to you use Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest more for that.

    Thanks again for the tips!

    Nicole of