10 Ways to Celebrate Your Blog Anniversary


We naturally find ourselves, in the last month of any given year, reflecting on our accomplishments, our trials and how often we hit the marks of personal and professional success and happiness. Whether you have been blogging for years or weeks, take a moment to acknowledge just how much happened this year, and the fact that it all happened because you created a space online to share your ideas, inspiration and advice with others.

For me, 2013 was a particularly big year because I successfully made the transition from working on PR Couture in and around my director-level agency job, to making a comparable living through blog revenue, consulting and special events. This year marked the first Fashion PR Confidential, a two-day entry-level fashion PR workshop, and then it's second and third iteration. I introduced Brand Elixirs – my full-day strategy sessions, hired a business coach, and either spoke at or attended events in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Florida, Portland, Seattle, Chicago and New York. Of course, this didn't happen overnight – this month marks seven years since I pressed publish on my very first blog post.

Taking time to celebrate your blog anniversary is a great excuse to do something fun – here are 10 blog anniversary party ideas:

1. Invite your readers to create Happy Blogaversary posts on Instagram with a photo/word app like Word Swag. Chose your favorites and do a post that features all your love notes.

2. Work with your fashion PR contacts to coordinate a giveaway. Last year, I worked with an author and gave away copies of her book, and a publicist friend to put together a Fashion PR Essentials bundle.

3. Host a little party at your favorite local haunt, or partner with a local restaurant or boutique. Invite local designers, boutique owners, friends and other bloggers in your city and cheers to an amazing year.

4. Introduce something new – maybe it's time to start doing a weekly video, or sell an ebook, launch a store, or start a new interview series. Use your anniversary as the impetus to announce whatever it is that's up your sleeve.

5. Host a Spreecast to virtually celebrate with your readers. You can ask and answer questions, building that loyalty and rapport to see you through the next year.

6. Did somebody say redesign? Big blog anniversary? Big new blog design. Use the anniversary to introduce a new color palette, header image or an entirely new blog theme.

7. Create a goodie bag filled with your favorite products, auction it off and donate the proceeds to charity.

8.  Make a Blog Anniversary playlist of your favorite songs to listen to while you write, put it together on Spotify and easily share it on your site.

9.  New headshots! Mark the occasion with a new set of head shots that you can use for the inevitable press headed your way this next year.

10.  Take the week off! Sometimes the best way to celebrate is by going off the grid. Whether you choose to go full digital detox or simply not have to write any content the week of your blog anniversary, think about scheduling posts for this week or inviting blogger friends to contribute posts for the week that you are gone.

I hope this sparked some fun ways to celebrate the anniversary of your site. It's definitely worth celebrating!


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17 Responses

  1. Ana

    Too bad i never wrote down when i started blogging! But the tips are great, i think this kind of celebrations are a way to be thankful to the readers for stay with us. I guess I need to google when i started, lol.


  2. Ria Cagampang

    I’m right in the middle of my blog’s 3rd birthday celebrations ^_^ I’m doing a run of daily posts and a giveaway, but I love all of these ideas too! xoxo


    Nice tips. I redesign my site way to often, haha. Im trying to stop, but I will probably redesign my blog again since my blog excist for 2 years now.

  4. Clary

    These ideas are great. I will be celebrating my birthday and first blog anniversary these November 19th. I have decided to redesign, get a new head shot, and create a Blog Anniversary playlist. Thank you so much! 🙂

  5. 2hilarious

    I love those tips. I think I’ll pick some of those ideas to celebrate my blog anniversary. Also I intend to write the blog in another language: the language of Shakespear 🙂
    blog anniversary coming up: march the 30th