IFB Project #125: Holiday Gift Guides


It's really that time of year, when all everyone is talking about is giving gifts. Between the madness of Black Friday and January Sales it's nearly impossible to escape! With all the sales, the options, the crowds out there, your readers are more than likely happy to hear your edits of what to give their loved ones! I know I am! Gift guides are not only great posts to get into the spirit of the holidays, they're also wonderful opportunities for affiliate linkage. So before you forget to get yours up, we're going to have a special holiday edition for gift guides this IFB Project!

IFB Project #125: Post a Holiday Gift Guide

This week, share your holiday gift guide with the IFB community! With all the gift guides out there, the real test is how to make yours stand out. Do you make it for a particular loved one? Do you find things that are impossible to find? Do you solve the problem of giving gifts to impossible people? Is it a DIY love fest? No matter what your angle, uniqueness (and quality of selection) counts in this week's IFB Project!

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