Could You Turn Your Blog Into a Book?


Authenticity has always been the keystone to a successful blog, but what about consistency and coherence?

It seems like every blogger who's made it big gets some kind of book deal: Man Repeller, Cupcakes & Cashmere, Beautiful Mess, What I Wore, I Spy DIY… the list goes on. Some bloggers go the self publishing route as an extension of their brand, which brings me to the thought… Could I turn my blog into a book?

IFB could make a book for those looking to start blogs, but IFB is a completely different kind of blog. When it comes to style blogs (mine included) there aren't many out there that can really be turned into compelling reading in paper form. Why is that?

Perhaps we're going about fashion blogging all wrong. Thinking of posts as articles in a magazine… instead of as chapters of a book.

Perhaps we're going about fashion blogging all wrong. Thinking of posts as articles in a magazine, when, some of the best blogs out there have such a strong narrative, they could (and have) translate into an actual book.

It all boils down to branding and niche.

Does your blog solve a problem?

Do you have a compelling story to tell about your niche? Is it useful, funny, entertaining?

How strong is your brand? Does it stand out from the rest in your niche?

Have your reader formed an emotional attachment to your content?

Could your readers tell a post is yours no matter where they see it?

Whether or not you intend to actually turn your blog into a book, it might be good to think about your as if it were going to be a book. It will help you answer questions about the feasiblity of the content, solidify your brand and your niche. After all, how many books are bunch of scraps of random bits that have no theme holding them together?

Would you buy a book that was made out of the posts on your blog?

If not…

What would you have to change to make your blog a salable book?

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12 Responses

  1. RIch Girl

    I still don’t understand why you should turn a blog into a book. The reason why famous bloggers publish their books is because they can sell anything to their fan base and it is just one more way to monetise on their popularity. I doubt that someone who doesn’t know Leandra Medine and doesn’t read her blog will buy her book. So, unless you are a world famous blogger I wouldn’t even think about turning a blog into a book.

    • Corinne

      I totally agree! I think the post is more around looking at our content in a different way to improve it, rather than turning blogs into a book, though.

      I’m not sure looking at it this way IS a great idea, mind you. I’m not a professional blogger, by any means, nor do I have tonnes of fans, but I don’t think I have seen ANY blog that could be a book, or wanted to. Otherwise I would read a book, not a blog! I prefer them to be more like articles (with a few in joke/references for the regular readers). I’ve never read a book that has come from a blog, I am not unsure of the actual layouts of the ones referenced in the original post, is it just recycled posts, or original content that links to the blog?

      Corinne x

  2. Donna

    I think only certain people can turn their blog into a good book. If their blog has a personal story to it in addition to fashion, beauty, cooking, etc., then readers become attached to the author and want to read more. That can be a great thing, but I doubt everyone can do it. But I’d like to try! Anything that makes people more interested in my reading my blog is something I should think about.

  3. New Complaint

    I think my blog could actually be turned into a book without much editing. I have a section I call “my journey” where I write about my experiencing blogging and trying to reach my goals. It’s sort of a biography. I think it’s interesting, but I don’t know if other people do! lol

  4. Liza

    Recently I saw some bloggers publishing their books, but I truly do not understand the main point. Is it going to be just a paper copy of a blog? Then why do we need it? I really want to see a good example of a blog turned into book, because so far I’ve seen none.

  5. Tiffany

    This is great advice! I recently went to the Rookie event here in Chicago and the yearbook is beautiful and a direct reflection of the site. Pretty inspiring to tell the truth.

  6. Hey There, Stylish!

    My blog into a book. Hmm…I’m sure it would be a rather short compilation of bad puns, fashions tips, cute shoes, crushes and designer interviews. If that’s what the market wants to read it guess. If I were going to turn my blog into a book I would probably get a lot of expert opinions and break the chapters down into sections that solve a problem before I released it as an e-book. Huh, it’s kind of a cute idea, but I don’t think I’d turn my blog into a book.

  7. Lesia

    Even if I don’t ever intend to make a book out of my blog, this is something to think over. As a blogger who is just starting out, I often feel confused by the fact I am drawn towards very very different topics. Maybe the way to adress the problem is to find a way to tie them all together…
    In the end it is all about making valuable material, interesting enough to read it online and offline. So thank you, this is an important issue to think over 😉

  8. Peet

    I disagree with Rich Girl and Corinne above… I completely understand the point of this post and agree with it – because that’s my ultimate goal.:) If I ever were to publish a collection of my posts, I’d be in 7th heaven. But then again, my blog’s content is word-driven, not picture-driven. I even once wrote a post about my blog NOT being a picture book, like 97,999 % of the other blogs. That’s fine, be all about the pictures, who doesn’t like to look at (quality) photographs, but how far can ONLY that get you?

    Anyhow, great post, Jennine!!

  9. Amanda

    It all depends on who the blogger is (their style of writing and how well they can expand their ‘topics’).

    I heard that a famous blogger (one that I follow and truly admired) didn’t have the greatest feedback with her book. Reviews stated that it was recycled posts that were polished more with additional photos thrown into a book.

    If a blogger has more they want to expand on, a guide, or perhaps a biography and inside look at the life of a blogger, it may be successful. Aside from that, I agree with Rich Girl, it may sadly be another way to bring in the cash.

  10. Sacha

    Anyone can get their book published with Blog Into Book ( My aunt’s business partner used them and 3 and a half weeks later she was published on Amazon and the other stores