SELBZ Camera Accessories by The Selby Will Make Your Gear Look Cool


If there is one thing you can say about The Selby, is that the photos are incredibly cool. It's a blog that's all about the photography as well as well-chosen subjects (amazing people). Well, photography is about to get cooler…

Todd Selby, bothered by an unused part of his camera, “I haven't used a flash in nearly six years, so I wanted to create something to fit that space,” he said. “I came up with ‘Camera Jewelry,' which I developed with my friend William Eadon. He picked certain crystals and designed the hardware, and from there I decided to do an entire capsule collection.”

The line SELBZ includes camera jewelry, camera straps, kitschy lens protectors, camera bags, and even card holders. If you're sick of ugly camera gear, this is a way to make your gear more like stylish accessories. I mean, camera jewelry? Yes please!

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Photos via Bernstein & Andriulli 

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6 Responses

  1. fly won

    SOOOOO cool and inspiring! I love when people expand their passions with innovative merch. I’d also love these accessories for my dslr

  2. Sarah-Louise

    Oh wow! I love the camera strap! Having only bought my DSLR recently I’m using the big, bulky camera bag I got with it. Which is ok as I’m paranoid about bumping my camera and I know it protects (rain coat and everything!) but I have been thinking about something a little more fashionable/quirky. I will definitely check this stuff out. Shipping to Australia? 🙂

    Sarah-Louise x
    Here are some snaps from my first outing with my cam:

  3. Pearl

    Yes, camera accessories are normally just so boring, using black canvas and foam. I really love these ideas. The strap is so cool but I really love the crystal jewel for the flash thingy.